Alleged Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 leaks

Alleged Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 leaks

It’s a long time since we heard from Samsung’s original Galaxy Tab line as it was overshadowed by their Note devices, and here we are with what seems to be images of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.

While the first Galaxy Tab was overly talked about because of the court battles it went through, the 2nd generation went on a lower profile. We never expected to hear of a 3rd generation of the line – until recently when SamMobile indicated that there could be more than just the 8-inch Galaxy Note in MWC.


According to the report, there are two variants of the Tab 3 line, the 7-inch and the 10.1-inch model which will be coming in 3G & WiFi only models, firstly to come in white for the first half of 2013. The report also includes a rumor of a high-end model, though it’s still unclear as of the moment.


gt3 2

Other than the indicated 5 megapixel camera, there isn’t much anything reported. All we have is the alleged leaked photos of the Galaxy Tab 3. There are two things to note here: first, the box has stock Android all over it and second, there’s no Samsung branding on the tablet itself.

For a reason, the photos could be faked, but then again, maybe the 3rd-gen Galaxy Tabs do exist; we’re just going to have to wait for MWC to find out.


Bob Freking occasionally contributes articles to the website. He is a UST Graduate of Commerce & Business Administration, Major in Marketing Management, and a full-time Sith Lord with three dragons.

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11 Responses

  1. Bob-o nga says:

    Haaaaay another nonsense freking article. Sir yuga we’re begging, pagsabihan niyo naman tong batang to. Di nakakatuwa talaga.

    Ps. Ayan nagcomment ako ha, yung iba mo kasing posts totally 0 reply(ies). Ibig sabihin lang talaga nobody cares about sa articles mo, walang kwenta kasi. Fyi lang :)

    • logical says:

      you dont speak for the yugatech readers. just because there are no replies doesn’t mean it’s not being read.

      from your name, “bob-o”, you’re just a hater. just get a life. Can’t see anything wrong with articles like this.

    • biglebowski says:

      The article seems fine. Could be a fake though but still plausible.

      Comments like yours are asinine and pointless. Assclown much?

    • belial says:

      hater yata ito ni freking, lahat yata ng post na authored nya may comment itong si bobo-nga.although sometimes may copied article si freking from other tech sites,it doesn’t mean na trash na lahat ng article nya.di ko rin maintindihan ung hate for this author.

  2. JMBalicano says:

    Looks fake to me. The packaging is too dodgy and like you said, there’s no Samsung branding. The icons in the app drawer also look to be a little too large on that box photo. More like they were taken from a WVGA screen. Probly a Chinese knockoff being sold as a Tab 3 if you ask me.

  3. mm says:

    super fake haha, Sammy has lots of money, why wud that box look like that.. the cover is nonsense the initial screen guard doesnt have printed “Galaxy tab 3”
    the UI in d photo is stock android, why would sammy ignores Touchwiz>best UI

    Bob-o nga> shunga ka din b? ang saya kaya ng ganitong articles, these make the tech world more hot bcoz of rumors

  4. edisson says:

    never a fan of galaxy tablets and never will be. except the note tablets :D

  5. samsung android user says:

    sige lang pabahain nyo tablet at new phones hanggang sa matabunan na yang lintek na mansanas na yan.

    • Monger says:

      i don’t understand where the hatred is coming from. if it’s not for the iphone, those i.e. lazy phone manufacturers would’t start to innovate (or you can say “copy”) apple’s innovative product. android started as a glitchy os until it reached the level where anybody can say that it can now compete (and that is after 10 iterations or major updates) with iphone’s UI and fluidity or maybe even better. i am also an android user (galaxy note 1) and i love it to the core but I have to admit that apple started the revolution. give credit where credit is due :)

    • Justin says:

      @Monger: Bro, correction lang po, before there was Apple (or Android, for that matter), there was already the HP Jornada and the more popular Windows Pocket PC (circa 2000). Apple was never ‘innovative’. It was Windows who popularized the PDA before the term ‘Smartphone’ came to be. If ever meron mang pinag-kopyahan, it would be from them.

  6. Monger2 says:

    Ok, let’s say na 2000 pa nagsimula ang pocket pc, but did it make an impact? In fact, the development of the said technology crawled. ang bagal ng progreso. Yun nadevelop na apps from 2000 hangang 2007, isama mo pa ang apps ng symbian at ng palm (sama mo pa ang java applications) ay fraction lang ng apps developed in 2009!

    again, it seriously goes without saying that apple put a dent in the mobile industry. Pwede mong sabihin na kinopya ang user interface pero sila pa din ang nagpasikat ng touchscreen devices. Maaring tawaging isheep or whatever ang mga apple fans, pero talaga naman maganda ang industrial design ng apple products, kaya nga sila naging second most valuable company, di ba? Just stop the hatred and buy something that you really like

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