AMOLED displays could be the standard for cheaper phones

AMOLED displays could be the standard for cheaper phones

Although AMOLED displays are commonly installed in devices leaning closer to the high-end category, we soon might be seeing these even in inexpensive phones since they are now cheaper to produce than LCD.


LTPS LCD has been the major panel usually seen in handsets due to their affordable price. The year 2015 ended with LCD costing $15.7 for a 5-inch Full HD smartphone, while AMOLED was more expensive at $17.1. As of the moment, production of LCD in 2016’s first quarter costs $14.6 compared to AMOLED which is only at $14.3.

This tip in the scale will most likely mean that there will soon come a time where not only premium devices will get this kind of display and manufacturers would be able to provide high-quality smartphones at a lower cost.


The source mentions that possible reasons behind this are high rates of operation, wider range for customers, and end of depreciation of production lines. p




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4 Responses

  1. Java says:

    Just not the old amoled types. Their color accuracy sucks big time.

  2. thecorrescode says:

    Paraphrasing the source… WTF yugatech!!!

  3. Ren says:

    The “has been” is now the next stardard thing. Consumer wins!

  4. Easy E says:

    until the next screen tech comes.

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