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Baseus Simple Wireless charger hands-on, first impressions


Baseus is slowly becoming a go-to brand for accessories like chargers, OTG cables and cellphone cases. Today, we’ll be taking a look at one of their creations, the Simple Wireless charger.

Baseus 1 • Baseus Simple Wireless Charger Hands-On, First Impressions

First, let’s check out the contents of the box. Inside we have the thin charging pad itself, lightning charging cable, user manual and warranty card. Baseus Simple is a super thin wireless charging pad at just 5mm thick, made of Aluminum Alloy and the same tempered glass used on the iPhone X.

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Baseus 2 • Baseus Simple Wireless Charger Hands-On, First Impressions

The top of the pad is transparent, chips and circuits are visible to the naked eye. It has universal support for devices with Qi wireless charging function. For someone who is always on their phone, it wasn’t convenient for me. I admit I am one of those who use their phones while it’s charging but taking it off and on the pad isn’t the real hassle, its because the charging stops when you do that.

Realme Philippines

Baseus 3 • Baseus Simple Wireless Charger Hands-On, First Impressions

However, when it’s time for bed, you can easily just put down your phone on top of the charging pad and when the battery is fully charged the charging pad goes to sleep automatically. You can tell by the LED light which turns green when charging and turns off on its own once your phone is fully charged.

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Baseus 5 • Baseus Simple Wireless Charger Hands-On, First Impressions

It has multiple security protection which ensures your device does not overheat, overcharge, and whatnots. It also has a metal object detection function and intelligent management chip It takes over 2 hours for it to fully charge an iPhone X, it heats up the phone a little bit but that’s pretty norm for a wireless charger.

Baseus 4 • Baseus Simple Wireless Charger Hands-On, First Impressions

It’s very simple, it’s just like plug and play. The design is very forward too, it’s like something out of a fiction or whatever techy movie. Aside from the design, it has above average performance compared to the other ones I’ve tried out there. So, far it’s looking promising.

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The Baseus Simple Wireless charger is priced at Php 1,190 and is now available in Baseus Concept stores.

Baseus Simple Wireless charger specifications:

  • Charging pad for iPhone 8/8Plus/X/Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+S9/S9+/Note 8/9/other Qi-enabled smartphones
  • Input: 5V/2A; 9V/1.67A
  • Output: 10W
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy plus glass
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Bin L
Bin L
3 years ago

I wish you mentioned the price, like almost all the reviews you publish.

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