Blackberry updates apps and keyboard features

Blackberry updates apps and keyboard features

BlackBerry is currently updating its keyboard and other application features.

One of the major applications that will be updated is the keyboard from the Canadian company, which will now have a “Quick Modes” feature. This enables users to easily switch between five different modes such as Dictation mode, Emoji mode, text selection mode, clipboard mode, autofill mode.


Aside from the keyboard features, BlackBerry will also be updating its BlackBerry Hub. The new update will be integrating notifications from Skype Lite, Zalo, and KakaoTalk. The BlackBerry launcher’s new version can now resize app icons, and the maximum number of rows and columns that are supported by the launcher have been increased to seven.

The update also includes new features and enhancements such as the Productivity Tab, Notable, and Privacy Shade. The applications can be updated through the Google Play Store or via updating the OS itself.

Source: Android Headlines

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