Color Psychology: What your phone color says about you

Color Psychology: What your phone color says about you

We have those simple dilemmas with picking the color of your phone. However, it is said that these choices are either conscious or subconscious. These little things might have a lot more meaning than you think. Let’s have a take on the things we aren’t aware of, shall we? Read on to see what your phone color might say about you.


It was phones like the iPhone that brought white into the mainstream and the Lumia that brought bright vibrant colors to the spotlight. Moreover, people are starting to become more expressive, and we are becoming less aware if the little things. Nokia Conversations posted an article on the meanings of phone colors and we confirmed it with other sources. Take a look at what these colors say about you.


  • Red is for people who enjoy taking action. These are the ones who are passionate and bear strong emotion. It could also express excitement and youth.
  • Orange symbolizes optimism and warmth. These people are friendly, warm and confident. *cough* people who like Yugatech *cough*
  • Yellow shows optimism for the most part. It’s somewhat close to orange on the spectrum, and it says that these people possess warmth.
  • Green only highlights one thing -growth. These people could be the ones who enjoy development & peace on a lot of aspects.
  • Blue gives the impression of trust, loyalty and integrity. The color goes for the people who are dependable.
  • Purple/Indigo unveils vision, idealism, creativity & imagination.
  • Pink/Magenta goes to the people of love and nurturing – no, not just women. These people could be deeply emotional or are just feminists.
  • White shows completeness, purity & perfection. However, it also shows sophistication. 
  • Ah, black, the color of most phones. Just how most people keep treat their phones, it shows that they have something hidden, secretive and unknown. They enjoy being shrouded by mystery and they really like having security.

There are a lot more colors, but we decided it wasn’t much to pay attention to. You can do your own search on this if, for example, your phone is colored gold.

Back in the days, we have black, gray, bronze and other dark colors as our choices. It was only recent that we had different bright colored choices. Even colors such as white weren’t even abundant back then. Now, if you have one of those generic looking phones, you can just go and buy yourself a case.

So, did it match for the most of you guys? What are your says on this? There’s a reason why technology is holding onto these color schemes and try not to go far beyond the horizon with rainbow-themed gadgets. Our devices become an extension of who we are, and simple things like the color could tell a lot about ourselves.

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Bob Freking occasionally contributes articles to the website. He is a UST Graduate of Commerce & Business Administration, Major in Marketing Management, and a full-time Sith Lord with three dragons.

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27 Responses

  1. Dominic Chua says:

    I lol’ed when you said, “*cough* people who like
    Yugatech *cough*” XD. Very nice article!

  2. Bongbong says:

    Not really. Not all are true.

  3. JD says:

    White is neat. Black looks classy. Others are cute.

  4. roiji says:

    like i have a choice between black and black phones.
    Nokia is enticing users with their product line color variation.
    If only Nokia had Android phones though…. :D

  5. Levi says:

    What, no clitoral pink? Even scrotal brown? This article is limited.

  6. Kelot says:

    Dati ng may choices ang consumers sa mga colors ng devices nila, back when Nokia was still on top, thendays of 5110, 3210, 3310, may mga choices na, Express on covers pa na kahit ngayon may binebenta pa din sa mga bangketa, kaya hindi ako mag aagree sa yo na recently lang nagkaroon ng bright colors. Kahit Alcatel at Ericsson may mga bright colors nadin dati. .

  7. Kelot says:

    Sana Nokia, Sony, Samsung device nalang ginawa nyong pic for the article mas kapani paniwala, Iphone ang labo kasi, black or white lang pagpipilian

  8. Dan says:

    This article is true! From my device’s case to its background it has always been white! And it’s because I want it to be perfect!

  9. Shakey says:

    yup, phone colors are limited right now, but we do have lots of colors options when it comes to cases. :)

  10. Jon2x says:

    Paid ad/article ba to ng Nokia or other phone companies na maglalabas ng colored phones? Collaboration ba? Haha jk!

  11. Jay says:

    Shucks. Secretive and mysterious pala ako.

  12. shimekops says:

    ooooooh I have a green HTC Rhyme. It’s funny it says I’m enjoying growth but sadly my phone isn’t >____< mukhang wala na balak ilabas ang ICS for HTC Rhyme

  13. otip says:

    black background – less consumption of ram

  14. jxjjx says:

    Freking, sa inyong mga Abnoy ano color niyo? Just asking ;)

  15. Iyan Sommerset says:

    Only really applies if you actively *choose* the color of your phone. Never really gave a rat’s ass about the color of my gadgets. I get ’em in whatever color they come in.

    The list missed a very common smartphone color though – silver. I’d say a great deal of smartphones and tablets have that as a major color – should’ve been included with the original list.

  16. jo says:

    I’m using a blackberry. Do I have a choice? Haha.

  17. app says:

    naku, wasn’t expecting this kind of post sa yugatech

  18. Lutz says:

    Black for melancholy! Hehe joke! Black para professional-looking! Lol

  19. Kekeksk says:

    Aha! Kaya pala color white gadget color preference ko lately. White iPad 3, ipod touch 4th gen, white BlackBerry 9220. Perfection and Sophistication. Definitely me!

  20. mother freking says:

    freking useless article. waste of my time

  21. Man,sweet web site you got here. A great deal of helpful posts combined with similar
    facts!!! Do you provide any sort of expert articles on the subject of stream movies online 4 free?

  22. Dianne says:

    pag ba black, mysterious na agad? d ba pwdeng.. yun lang ang available na phone color? :p

  23. I like black color. It looks really nice and simple.

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