Firefly Mobile Intense Power: 13MP Sony camera, 5,000mAh battery for Php4K

Firefly Mobile Intense Power: 13MP Sony camera, 5,000mAh battery for Php4K

Firefly Mobile has a new smartphone at its disposal which packs a 5.5-inch display, quad-core CPU, 13 megapixel Sony camera, and 5,000mAh battery with Fast Charge – the Intense Power.


Firefly Mobile Intense Power specs:
5.5-inch HD IPS OGS display, 267ppi
Dragontrail Glass
1.3GHz quad-core CPU
16GB internal storage
microSD card support
13MP Sony IMX164 rear camera w/ LED flash
8MP front BSI camera
Power Amp audio
5,000mAh battery w/ Fast Charge
Android 5.1 Lollipop

The Firefly Mobile Intense Power is priced at Php3,999.

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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49 Responses

  1. Easy E says:

    May free tempered glass pa oh. Baka may free case pa yan. Walang LTE pero pwede na.

  2. scorezingis says:

    Ok ba itong brand na to o sirain din? Ok kasi specs at price eh

    • BOB.OmO says:

      Okay talaga yan.. Sa magaan ang kamay.. Pero kung may balak kang sirain yan. Wala syang magagawa tengne.

  3. Haroro says:

    Sulit yung 4k jan ah. hahaha

  4. Dan says:

    Have this phone. cant say Im amazed, di pansin yung 5000 mah, ang bilis din mag drain ng batt eh. 3 hours uptime (abt 1 hour 30 mins of actual use) naka drain na ng massive 40% sa battery I mean wth right?

    • abuzalzal says:

      You get what you pay for. Too good to be true na kasi pag ganyan ang price

    • Easy E says:

      Weird ng performance nya ha. Sana may mag review nito officially.

    • I actually had it replaced cause I thought the unit itself was damaged. Eh yung rineplace nila is absolutely WORSE. ngayon not only does my battery drain even faster, pucha nagloloko rin audio!

    • Romy says:

      I bought this phone almost a week ago and so far I am satisfied with it. With normal usage, the battery lasts for 2 days comparing to my previous phone which lasts 1 day. With 16gb internal storage upgradable to 128gb via micro sd, 2 gig ram, quadcore, 720p resolution and comes with an extra phone, tempered glass and silicone case all for four thousand bucks, I can say that this is a good buy for me. I just hope it is durable enough to last at least a year or two.

    • BOB.OmO says:

      Lol d ka nakikinig sa mga payo pag naibigay na syo ung unit.. Syempre pag bago yan mabilis talga yan ma drain first use since out of the stock eh.. Malamnf ganun talaga resulta.. I rerecharge mo sya then dun mo na mkikita kung gaano tlaga katagal ma lwbat.. Tsk tsk

  5. hmmm says:

    ayos ah!

  6. JustMeHere says:

    Bought one yesterday 13 Mar sa SM Muntinlupa, and to answer some of the questions here:

    Removable Battery? Yes

    Dual Sim? Yes (Pero unlike the info on the box na 1 Micro and 1 Standard, nope both are micro)

    OTG Capable? Nope, tried it several times and failed.

    Expandable Storage? Yes (Tried my 64GB SD Card but it won’t read it immediately, but it does read it, while my 32GB card has no problem being identified — same speed lang yung 2)


    1 Screen Protector (Installed)
    1 TG (Can be installed on the 8th day after the 7 day replacement period)
    1 basic Phone
    1 Jelly case

    Antutu: 20K


    • This phone is heavy and bulky but fits the pocket (pants not skinny jeans :D )
    • The phone is fluid for general use but not for games (Even CoC and Candy Crush is a bit laggy)
    • Loudspeaker is a softspeaker (putting headphones on is a different story, the sound level and clarity is a very much welcome)
    • Takes 0.5 to 2 seconds to take a picture. HDR is far from looking good.
    • There is a gap on the screen, contrary to the OGS claim.
    Update: I mentioned that the battery endurance is amongst the pro last time but apparently it’s not. The battery can last over a day but for 5000mAH, I expected longer. My Note 5 can last almost the same number of hours.


    1. The available Gestures to open the screen/unlock the phone is a welcome addition (but a bit too much and there is no option to turn off some of them).
    2. Already at Android 5.1
    3. very minimal to almost no bloatware (except for the Firefly Mobile app that doesn’t work), even Google Apps are not present (which I personally like), leaving 12GB+ available space.
    In between
    • Picture and Video quality specs is decent but there are tons of other phones which has better output.
    • The unit design

  7. rush says:

    Metal case?

  8. archie says:

    5000mah pero ang software to hardware optimization ay parang 2500mah? Firefly should give yugatech a review post production unit para matesting at hindi madenggoy ang mga tao. 4k for that spec is too good to be true.

  9. Easy E says:

    Sayang naman kundi smooth ang mga simpleng games like coc and candy crush based on JUSTMEHERE’s observations. Big screens kasi is for media (and gaming) consumption. But for P4000, magrereklamo ka pa ba? Review pls.

  10. MrAliester says:

    cloudfone thrill 530qx bought back in 2013 with 4500 mah and quadcore, 5.3 inch screen buhay pa din hanggang ngayon sakin, battery is still great

  11. DBM says:

    Metal case din po ba si intense power?

  12. totoo ba hndi ma feel ang 5000 mah battery 530 qx ako ni cloudfone 4500 mah holday gamit ko nk on wifi pg uwe sa bahay nkakapanood pa ng movies ..

    • Mararamdaman mo naman, kaso for a 5000mAH battery, medyo weak yung processing nya nang charge (maraming nasasayang).

      Pero again, despite my cons, this phone is VERY MUCH a catch at the said price point (For Now). Still the most powerful phone at the said price range.

  13. Maine says:

    I bought this intense power last night at waltermart.
    As per my observation, matagal yung battery nya.
    * Medyo mabigat yung phone
    * Camera is not so good especially in low light
    * Pag nag capture mejo mabagal, it takes 2-3sec. at pag sa madilim na lugar may puti sa gilid yung picture and blurred
    * Yung brightness nya biglang dumidilim then afterwards liliwanag naman

    * Mabilis mag connect sa wifi
    * mabilis yung internet
    * not laggy on games
    * more gestures to open and unlock the screen
    * removable and long lasting battery
    * konti lang yung built in apps
    * may freebies like basic phone,screen protector,tempered glass, globe/tm sim

    All in all for the price of 3999, sulit na!

  14. Wishqlang says:

    Bumili ako nito nung March 19, pwede na rin kaso nga medyo mabigat sya ok nmn ang response ng phone medyo di nga lang ganun katagal ang battery for 5000mAh. So far 4k nmn saka may freebies pa san k pa.

  15. jokab says:

    Just bought mine last saturday. 5000mAh ass! Get it? Fast Charge Fast Drain technology.

  16. Sheryan says:

    have this phone for almost a week and cant say if its a good phone or not because..

    – performance wise its fast no question about it just keep your apps updated.
    – battery last long even with wifi and bluetooth both turned on.(i always use bluetooth headset the whole day)
    just keep in mind that don’t use battery hogging apps it will really deplete the battery fast.
    – while using bluetooth and wifi at the same time. the wifi connection suddenly drops. not sure if this happens to others.
    – 13mp main camera was a bit weird sometimes tama ang color reproduction and sometimes mali . dont know if its because the software it use or the camera hardware it self. but hey they said that its using sony exmor rs maybe =).
    – 8mp bsi camera ….. wag umasa lalo na pag madilim swear.
    – it has a freaking chinese recovery haha..
    – im not sure if this happen to you guys but after running a certain benchmark app viola shut of si intense power turned it back on after the firefly logo and android black screen..SOLUTION put it to chinese test mode or recovery mode not sure what it is coz its chinese.. VOLUME UP + POWER try and try until ma access ang factory test mode/recovery mode then click VOLUME again to access the factory test run all the test then reboot phone LOWER CHINESE WORD yung option. phone will wipe all user data and problem fixed,
    – it charge super slow while using the provided charger.. try to use different charger maybe samsung or sony charge see if it charge faster.

    cpu that it use hndi ko alam kasi it said SC8830 if you use a phone identifier app but if you look it up on its build.prop it says SC7731 ,, cheers!!! for the manufacturer if this phone pinasakit niyo ulo ko..

    4K price tag for this phone SULIT if average user ka lang..
    still figuring a way to compile custom rom for it..

  17. Wow says:

    Sulit sa 4k..
    Bininta ko ung freebies phone ng 300 memory card 8gb ng 300
    So nakuha ko lang xa ng 3400 haha
    Sulit Na rin

  18. Ronald says:

    Any other feedback po?

  19. my father using this phone..mga one month na ata nya gamit.. hndi mo ramdam ang 5000 mah nya..mas tumatagal pa nga ang cherry mobile ko na flare S3 which is 1600 mah lang.. fb lang nmn ginagamit nya lagi ako nag gagames pa.. tapos ngaun namomoblema sya sa mga auto pop up.. kung ano ano ang mga nag popop up sa cp nya pinapaaus nya sakin.. kaso ang sakit sa ulo..halos di na mapindot sa dami nang pop up..balak nya ibalik kasi 1yr warranty naman.. pero di na pwede palitan nang model kasi hanggang 7days lang un..

  20. Can i ask ano pong oem nito?

  21. Nex says:

    I have almost this phone for 10 days. Nung one day palang nya. May napansin na akong di ok sa kanya, hindi accurate yung keyboard nya pati yung battery bilis lang malowbat. kaya binalik ko. apat na unit ang pinalit palit. dahil pati yung ibang unit may defect. Pati tong pinalit sa akin ganun parin walang pinag iba. Sayang ang 4K ko hindi ako convinced sa performance.

  22. Rey says:

    Patingin sa Apps “Droid Inspector” cpu info nito sa Hardware-MTK????…thnks.

  23. ghian says:

    nabootloop kagad ako. wala palang firmware na katulaf nito. hahays

  24. 12pain21 says:

    kakabili ko lang, blank screen na agad after 3 days. firefly logo then android then blank screen na. tnry ko yung volume down + power, “no commands” daw ang putek.

  25. harumeme says:

    sana may firmware na mada download nito para pag na bootloop di sayang 4k mo.

  26. Ronald says:

    may nakasubok na ba nito sa pokemon go?

  27. nikigo says:

    tangina not compatible sya. pero 5.1 ahaahahahhahahahah

  28. Naghahanapngbagongphone says:

    Natry nyo naman yung apk nung Pokemon Go? Sa iba kasi wala sa store pero pwede install thru apk.

  29. benjie says:

    Skn gmgana pokemon go ng maaus…

  30. JHON says:


  31. joy says:

    tae namemera lang yung battery nya pag mabilis malobat anung gagawin syempre bibili ulit susko

  32. gabriel says:

    ok ba battery neto

  33. yashiro says:

    ok po ba tu?? kasi bibl sana ako ehh =)

  34. Dhan says:

    Bat sakin bilis malobat puro fb lang ako walang games pero tinatagal half day lang sya

  35. roger jack says:

    san po meron ng Firefly Mobile Intense Power?

  36. Abet says:

    so bumili ako nito naka ver. 6 n at sabe 5000mah, bakit pag install ko ng kingroot app ang sabe nasa 2050mah lang ang batt nito fraud ba kayo?

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