G1 Google Android Phone Review

G1 Google Android Phone Review

After a week of playing with Google and HTC’s new Android phone, I can say that there’s a huge promise with the platform. See unboxing photos here and specs here.

Let’s break it down to two main components and focus there — hardware and operating system.

Hardware Construction and Design. Off the bat, the G1 phone is hideous — period. We’ve seen a lot of phones coming out of HTC but the HTC Dream is a really odd one. I think this model was conceptualized way back in 2003. And despite the plastic body, it still feels heavy and bulky to the hands.


A number of people asked me why the phone is angled at the bottom end. I realized the slight protrusion was done to give a better grip when handled horizontally and positioned to take pictures.

The well-spaced qwerty keyboard benefited from the wide body of the G1. Since the keypads are hidden from the slider, the individual keys are buried into the pad you don’t get much feedback when typing on them. The keyboard is also oriented heavily on the left side that your right thumb will have a hard time reaching the middle keys.


In the front panel, there are 5 buttons and a trackball that serves as main navigation and shortcuts for phone use. The trackball at they middle is very easy to use especially when running thru long lists like your Contacts or Playlist and crawling thru objects and links when browsing. It also serves as an Enter key.



At first glance, the lever that supports the slider looks like it’s made of plastic and could be a problem when it breaks off. However, the spring mechanism is constructed in metal so it may last prolonged usage. The phone makes some squeaking noise when applied with pressure or when flipped — sounds like walking over a bamboo floor.

The UI and Operating System. This is the first time I’ve used a new OS on a mobile phone. We’re already pretty familiar with the Symbian OS, Windows Mobile, Palm OS and iPhone OS. The Google Android platform performs better for a first generation OS. It’s fast, responsive and integrates really well with Google Apps.

The main interfaces works like a desktop with icons scattered across 3 homescreen. It’s like an extended desktop you can scroll across (similar to the iPhone but only limited to 3 homescreens).  There’s also a sidebar that extends across the screen which contains shortcuts to a lot functions or installed apps. What’s really nice is that alerts are non-intrusive — there’s a small one-liner ticker that slides at the top of the screen to indicate SMS and other notifications (along with a vibration and buzzing sound).


The iPhone OS of Apple works seamlessly with the iPhone because the platform was tailor-made for it. Likewise, Android was also tailor-made for the G1 and thus, you get an optimized UI and performance. The menus are intuitive and responds very well. There are some minor quirks here and there but overall, the OS performs in top shape.


Imagine having this platform on your favorite phone? The T-Mobile G1 is just a test model. Once we see more and more models go out with Android in it, the clearer it becomes to us that the platform is truly a solid contender against the iPhone OS.

HTC Dream (T-Mobile G1) specs:
3.2-inch HVGA TFT LCD @ 480×320 pixels, 180ppi
Qualcomm MSM70201A ARM11 528MHz single-core processor
256MB internal storage
up to 16GB via microSD
WiFi 802.11 b/g
Bluetooth 2.0
GPS with aGPS support
Android 1.0 OS
Li-Ion 1,150mAh battery
158 grams (weight)
117.7 x 55.7 x 17.1mm (dimensions)

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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131 Responses

  1. Horrible aesthetics, competent functionality. I wish they would’ve made it look nicer.

  2. iko says:

    so would it be possible to install Android someday on a Windows Mobile device phone? i am on WM6.1 and I hate hate it.

  3. yuga says:

    @iko – yes, Google might do one for WM devices in the future.

  4. phitski says:

    yes since open source ang g1 phone, really interesting phone ang g1.:)

  5. jan says:

    pls have a review on samsung m8800

  6. I should get me one of these babies. Is this better than the iPhone?

  7. WARSHOCK says:

    A big thankx to the Android platform, Nokia reacted with open source Symbians starting 2009. a good news for nokia symbian fans.

  8. Susi says:

    It will be much better if it doesn’t look “so plastic.” I want it to have a sleeker and shinier body.

  9. ocelus lambert says:

    it is better kung much cheaper or 30% ang baba nya kaysa sa ibang smartphones. Bibili na ako nyan. i think it is good and nice i don’t the other features.

  10. guinevere santos says:

    do any of you know where this phone can be bought in the phil? thanks!

  11. Rochelle says:

    To those who are already using their G1s: i just bought my own G1 phone from the US and it’s been sitting in my drawer for 3 wks now coz i can’t use it. i had it unlocked already, but it can’t access to the internet and would always say i have a problem with my sim (i’m using SMART). i can’t figure out the APN settings. i think i need to set it manually but i don’t know how. if anybody knows how i can activate and finally use my G1 phone, pls be an angel and email me at [email protected]..i will very much appreciate it. thanks:)

  12. N says:

    I’m having the same problem as Rochelle…I can’t get past the activation screen. To those using the G1 with Globe, what are the APN settings?

  13. Nennette says:

    Anyone out there! can u help me how can i use my G1. I have the same PROBLEM just like N ‘n Rochelle di ko rin magamit ang G1 ko.

    Thank you for giving this matter your prompt attention and we are looking forward to your favorable response to my concern.

  14. kenshinflyer says:

    Looks like Google is on to something. Look, the USS Enterprise looks like a sink (when viewed from the top), but it can travel at light speeds. This phone, ugly or otherwise, sure delivers.

  15. equalsign says:

    is the g1 already available in the philippines? and if it is, how much will it cost me?

  16. kat says:

    i have one now …. and its great …..

  17. richard says:

    have a g1 but accidentally restored everything to factory settings now i cant get pass the activation thingy.. anyone knows APN settings for globe? i only know the smart one, for Rochelle try this..

    MMS Settings
    MMS-APN: mms
    Username: Leave it blank
    Password: Leave it /> EDGE-APN: internet
    Username: Leave it blank
    Password: Leave it blank

  18. jr says:

    saan po ba kayu nag pa open lyn ng g1 phone… nees help talga… tnx…
    email me [email protected]

  19. jr says:

    saan po ba kayu nag pa open lyn ng g1 phone… nees help talga… tnx…

  20. jr says:

    nag automatic connect sa net. magasto sa load..

  21. maria says:

    Just want to know kung pwd ba ma open ang G1 ko sa pinas? saan? Please help me @ [email protected]

  22. ram says:


    i was gifted by my brother google android phone but i am not able to access any services because i dont have internet settings could u please any one mail me i am useing idea postpaid connection

  23. ivory says:

    i can’t get my g1 to work again right after i reset it… im so stuck in setting up an account. pls someone help me pls…..

  24. ivory says:


  25. joel says:

    as posted above:
    APN settings
    MMS Settings
    MMS-APN: mms
    Username: Leave it blank
    Password: Leave it /> EDGE-APN: internet
    Username: Leave it blank
    Password: Leave it blank

    to unlock:
    – go to st francis square behind megamall they charge around 5k

  26. ela says:

    how much is this in the philippines anyway…i really want a new phone.hndi na me makapaghintay…sna mura lng

  27. silya says:

    I have this phone and it’s really awesome. I like the idea that they gave it a keyboard aside from the on-screen keyboard that it has. Almost all of the apps are free. For the gamers, the G1 has a SNES emulator, and from what I’ve heard, there will be a PSX emulator coming soon. So that means, you can download all the ROMS you want and play it using the phone. You can only get that on the iphone if it’s already been jailbroken (unlocked). Another feature I like about this phone is it has an expandable memory. Design wise, it’s okay. I’m not a big fan of the design. It looks too plain for me. and the thing that bothers me is it doesnt have an audio slot (headphones, whatever you call it). I love the desktop interface. you can add widgets, shortcut icons, folders, individual contacts, etc.

  28. Jamie Dy says:

    I just got mine from V-mall its great i love the
    voice text / search functions, i just click the mic and say what i want to google and it shows up immediately i even browse youtube using voice.. google map is also great i know exactly where i am and what st with one click…

    for globe users here is ahow to activate your g1

    APN: internet.globe.com.ph

    APN: http.globe.com.ph

    Thats it.. enjoy!

  29. MobDev says:

    Please participate in the Smart Mobile Developer Challenge by casting your votes at http://vote.smartvasnet.com/mobdev/ I will not ask you to vote for our entry but instead, whoever you think has the best idea.
    Thank you!

  30. Theresa says:

    Will the HTC Magic or G1 work only with Postpaid plans? I’m travelling to Manila next month and I have my TMobile G1 unlocked. However, I’m not sure if the email (Google) or data will work with prepaid plans. Can someone please verify? If yes, which prepaid plans should I get from the companies (Globe and Smart)

    Thank you!

  31. Google is EVIL says:

    Do not buy their products. Say no to World Domination.

  32. hdizzy says:

    i just both my G1 phone from T-mobil. my questions are how much is to unlock my phone and where to unlock my phone. ill be going to the philippines next week and i need your help pls.

  33. rommel says:

    hey to those who cant use thier g1 because they have to register it first (google login/pass) before getting to use the phone

    follow the instructions here

    i got mine working and its awesome, got it rooted and have the cyanogen rom running. id be glad to help if your in the makati area. email me
    [email protected]

  34. klaydze says:

    Sirs, anyone who already tried Android 2.0 in there G1. Update naman po kayo kung smooth yung takbo Android 2.0 compare to 1.6. Thanks for the update. :-)

  35. rommel says:

    has anybody gotten their g1 to work with smart or globe’s 3g? mine doesnt even get a 3g signal and im in the makati area.. also in the settings just use 2g network is unchecked, anybody have any ideas?


  36. klaydze says:

    hi, i can access to the internet using gprs using globe but when i open my gmail, gtalk, market or even im i cannot access on this. the only thing i do is browse to web. anyone who can help me or us in this issue.


  37. klaydzr says:

    Hi I just fixed my problem. Thanks

  38. rommel says:

    share mo naman what u did and what are your apn settings pls.

  39. klaydze says:


    try this,

    myGlobe GPRS
    APN: http://www.globe.com.ph
    Port: 8080
    APN Type: httpproxy

    myGlobe INTERNET
    APN: http.globe.com.ph (for prepaid)
    internet.globe.com.ph (for postpaid)

    Actually EDGE ang nakukuha kong signal pero try mo yung myGlobe GPRS lalabas sa status bar mo “3G”.

    Yung configuration na yan gaing din kay sir yuga kalikutin mo lang ng onti generic kasi yung tutorial nya eh. pero OK.


  40. foo says:

    too many keys. they should have made it simpler with fewer keys like the modu phone.

  41. rommel says:

    arg! ayaw talaga lumabas “3g” or edge or whatever sa status bar ko, same with my aunts g1, and im in makati, i should be getting those. and correct me if im wrong but even if i have the APN settings wrong i should still get those signs cause it only means im getting 3g signal. apn settings is what tells the phone where to try to connect to..


  42. jamie dy says:

    The settings is correct,
    i had the same problem at first
    but it was my sim, i borrowed my friends globe sim
    and it worked.. i was able to register the phone then i downgraded it and updated using the latest cyanogen now it has the option to skip the gmail regisration or log in:)

  43. rommel says:

    so your saying my sim is the issue? i tried a globe sim, and a smart sim and no “3g” sign, i also tried a sun sim but that didnt get a signal. btw i tried two different globe sims. i have no problem logging in cause i always use wifi. but it would be nice to be able to use the google maps when im on the road lost somewhere, but it would require 3g to download the maps.

  44. jamie dy says:

    correct im sure its the sim,
    Make sure the globe sim you use had gprs access before para sure ka na gumagana yung sim, make sure it has enough credits kasi when i used my friends sim it did not work the 2nd time yun pala walang load na.

    You can also bypass the gmail activation but it depends on you frimware version
    here is the link:

    i used http.globe.com.ph for apn
    and it worked fine.

    until now my sim does not work and i dont know why, ill probably call globe soon to check whats wrong with my sim…

    once activated download the goggles application its so nice you can take pictures of things and it will google it for you:)

  45. nath says:

    pls.. where magpaopenline ng G1,,.. plss.. i nid help to anybody

  46. tocampo says:

    We used are G1 last December 2009 till last week when we were in Manila. Ok naman lahat, we were able to use it, email, data, even google maps (kaya palaging nauubos ang load ng Mr. ko dahil tuwang-tuwa siya sa google maps sa Pinas!). I bought 3 Smart Pinoy SIMs sa ebay sa US so we have SIMs pagland sa Manila kaagad.

    When we first used the phone, ang nakita kong problem was we had to search for a network. I had to do the following to all phones:

    Settings >Wireless Controls > Mobile Network > Network Operators chose the network.
    Then, I had to go to:
    Settings > Wirless Controls > Mobile Network > Access Point Names : enable Smart and then check for the settings.

    I just had to switch off the Background Data sa email at malakas mag-consume ng load. I just do refresh every hour to check my emails..or kung kelan ko trip mag-check.

    3G sign was no problem too. Well, at least nakalagay sa top portion ng phone na 3G ang signal.

  47. jamie dy says:

    hehe yes i love my google map i use it when i have to deliver orders :)
    you can install apndroid from the market para u can control your internet usage at hindi maubus yung load mo:)

  48. ocelus lambert says:

    G1 is good and it’s looks and it’s functions no question about it. The problem are the 1. trackble itself is it last long kung mahirap mag navigate kung sira ang trackble 2. kung walang hindi touch screen pano mo magagatin yung up and down scroll 3. kung hindi handwriting recognition matagal ang pag-gawa ng message (edit and reply.

  49. nath says:

    ok na po b gumamit ng g1 d2 pinas kahit galing us ung sakin? thanks po sa reply.. I appreciate it

  50. tocampo says:


    Nagbakasyon kami last December hanggang Jan. 2 sa pinas at gamit namin ang T-Mobile G1 namin. I had it unlocked by T-Mobile dahil matagal na akong customer, pero ang nakakagulat pati yung sa 9 year old child ko na kabibili ko lang pumayag silang i-unlock!

    Sundin mo lang yung pinost ko sa taas at tignan ang APN (depende sa gamit mo Globe or Smart) kung tama.

    Ako tuwang-tuwa gamitin, ultimo pag-surf sa net kapag may kailangan ako, kagaya ng paghanap ng lyrics sa kanta ng biglaan nagawaw ko.

  51. nath says:


    Thanks po.. cguro I just nid na paunlocked muna ung G1 sa T-mobile before i used it in the Philippines.. Thanks again…

  52. arvee2 says:

    Marami ren naka G1 sa pinas grabe! Tanong lang. Alam ko na off-topic toh.. Meron ako Motorola Cliq sa T-Moblie.. Pwede ko ba gamitin sa pinas? Pano ko ma uunlock?

    Thanks! :D

  53. tocampo says:


    If you are in the US, you can ask TMobile to unlock it. Sabihin mo you’ll be travelling outside the US and will be using the SIM from that country dahil kailangan iyon. Kapag matagal ka na sa kanila, they will do it or yet, kapag naka-atleast 90 days ka na, they will unlock it.

    Make sure you do not call from your T-Mobile phone since the rep would be verifying the IMEI you need the unlock code for.

    After about 3 days, they will email you the codes and instructions to unlock the phone.

    Hope this helps, madali lang ito at mabilis wala ka pang gastos :)

  54. @nndroid says:

    Hi Rommel,

    I am able to text, and call, and internet OR MMS using this phone. Meaning, it’s working fine except for the internet and mms, which can only be done exclusively from each other. I was able to put it these settings for internet and mms APNs (2 separate APNs):

    internet: APN – internet.globe.com.ph
    MMS: APN- mms.globe.com.ph
    mms proxy-
    mms port- 8080

    when i use the internet, i can’t send MMS, and vice-versa. because when i want MMS, have to switch the APN to that of the MMS, so browsing is denied because it’s looking for the internet APN. so, if i want to browse, i have to disable the MMS APN, but what if I have incoming MMS then I would not be able to get it. Or, if I set the APN to MMS, then it would be a hassle to switch to internet APN each time I want to browse.

    I tried combining the 2 configurations into 1 APN however I would be able to get the internet to work, but not the MMS:
    APN- internet.globe.com.ph
    server- mms.globe.com.ph
    mms proxy-
    mms port- 8080

    also tried putting in proxy with (after the APN field) but this still doesn’t work for MMS.

    is it really this way? I believe it shouldn’t be, because I sought assistance from Globe and they told me for the windows version, it doesn’t work that way. Actually in any other phone, for that matter. internet and mms shouldn’t work separately. But they can’t help me out yet because they don’t have any android phone officially with globe as of the moment. Maybe u have better settings for this? Please advise. Thanks.

  55. @nndroid says:

    And one more concern, since this phone is a hand-me-down from my uncle in the US, and he was actually using this before with T-Mobile, so there’s an existing google account w/c however prompts me to sign in from time to time. I would want to change the google account that was setup with the phone. Is this possible? I can’t seem to find the option to modify that, and the email ad (google account) is grayed so i can’t change it or something. Having my own google account would enable me to download some cool stuff from the market.

    and i’d also like to check if u had trouble accessing yahoomail? i can’t access it, always returns an error message. is yahoomail blocked since this is a google phone?

    Please please please help! this seems like a complex but promising phone and i kinda like the functionalities, just needs to be setup and initialised first, w/c i’m having some trouble right now until i get that google account to be changed.

  56. @nndroid says:

    oh wait finally got it for mms & internet. there shud be 2 APNs, for the internet, APN type shud be default. while for the mms, apn type is mms. the green button should be with the internet apn. with this, both can work simultaneously =)

    now i’m left with the problem on changing the google account.

    and i’m also checking with u guys if u get to access yahoomail thru the browser?

  57. tocampo says:


    Try doing the instructions given here for setting up your yahoo mail into G1. Read the threads (about 2 pages):


    Also, if you want to have the original google account removed or changed you have to do a ‘Restore to Factory Settings’. However, be aware that everything will removed, you have to put back whatever apps you have in there so take a note of those or buy an app that would back up everything you have in your phone.

  58. @nndroid says:

    Thanks for the tip. will try it also. But actually, I’m just trying to access yahoomail via the Browser only, not even the email app on the phone. each time i visit yahoomail, i get this error msg:
    error 502 – bad request. the server could not resolve your request for url: http://m.yahoo.com/w/login/user?_done=widgt%3Aygo-mail%2Fhome.bp&.tsrc=yahoo&.intl=PH&.lang=en-ph

    why is this so? help and feedback pls! tnx!

  59. My ipod 1G is our essential iPod, Personal digital assistant and a bit more, also has already been day that I found it. It also operate the newest iPod system software program, and also any app I want it to run. I’m using it to post this comment at this time. I’d personally say it truly is a much more than just an “excellent hobbyist system” — you’ll find it an excellent iPod

  60. Gian says:

    Hi, just got a nexus one from the us. Do you guys know the apn settings for this pho e? Or are they the same as the g1. Thanks

  61. tocampo says:


    Most likely the same as long as Nexxus is unlocked.

  62. junio says:

    Hi tanong ko lang sabi kc ng iba sa G1 phone di raw basta nakakapag-share ng fiLe sa bLuetooth di raw pede mag-pasa or manghingi ng images,music or video kaiLangan daw me APP ako na i-download at instaLL.. pede maLaman kung ano yun.. ???

    saLamat in advance sa sasagot sa tanong ko!

  63. jak says:

    @nndroid (or anyone for that matter) could you clarify how you were able to get the internet and MMS to work on the nexus one? I’ve only been able to get the internet to work so far. Would appreciate this greatly :)

  64. baet67 says:

    i have a android g1..maloloka na po ako sa kahahanap kung pano ko ma aactivate yun browsing?im using globe sim po..any1 here pls help

  65. vince says:

    may service center ba dito s pilipinas ang g1 sira kasi ang ribbon saan ba pwede ipagawa to, baet67 gamit ka ng globe tatoo or starter sim gamitin mo inet connection papasok yan ganon ginawa ko gawa k muna bago access point.. yong tanong ko saan po pde pagawa to? ribbon daw..

  66. vince says:

    para sa mga users ng g1 na hindi nagwowork yong network gawin nyo, pero kailangan openline na dapat,

    press menu button wireless controls>mobile networks>network operators
    mag scan yan ng available networks globe sun or smart then pili kayo..

    how to sign in gmail activation screen, pag na activate nyo na pwede na rin kayong mag surf sa net tried and tested sa globe, sa smart di ko pa natry, gamit kayo ng globe tatoo o kaya starter sim kailangan may load din na 30 pesos, at syempre may account din dapat kayo sa google mail. mas mganda gawa kayo sa pc muna para di maubos yonbg load na 30.

    gawa muna kayo ng new access point
    press menu button network settings>access point name>> menu button then new apn eto lagay nyo
    then pag ok na yon ang gawin nyong default connection

    name: any name
    apn: http.globe.com.ph
    password: blank
    server: blank
    mmsc: blank
    mms proxy: blank
    mms port:blank
    apn type:blank

    akoy may katanungan din, saan ba pde pagawa tong g1 ko? ribbon ang sira.

  67. junio says:

    tanong ko lang po… saAn po ba meron sa metro manila… (taga manila po ako) me repair center na pedeng magpa ROOT ng Google G1 ?

  68. junio says:

    nkita ko na rin po yan site na yan.. pero nakakatakot kc gawin.. kaya naghahanap ako ng repair center na pede mag-root..anyway maraming saLamat sa pag tuLong ! =)

  69. @nndroid says:

    HTC service center is in makati yakal street (wine depo building 2nd floor). tel: 7283388. my friend who has an HTC phone was able to have it rooted there because the HTC phone he availed from Smart did not have an updated software.

    There’s supposedly another one in Unit 1002 Pearl Of The Orient Tower,1240 Roxas Boulevard,Ermita Manila, Tel. 6324000.338 t0 39 Fax No. 632 400 340. they service alcatel and i think HTC as well.

    Brightpoint service centers should also know how to service htc phones.

    sorry i’m not familiar with the settings for nexus, what i have is a g1.

  70. junio says:

    @nndroid :
    saLamat ! thanks a lot !..cge ta-try ko jan…. =)

  71. abelboy says:

    hi, im an android fan. gusto ko pong bumili ng HTC na may android. saan po pwedeng makabili? anong tindahan? st? or address?

    sino pong may alam sa mga prices ng mga phones na yan? php price po kung pwd…

    thanks a lot sa re-reply…

  72. baet67 says:

    @vince ngawa ko na,,bkit ayaw pa rin..do i need to change my globe sim to globe tatto???

  73. vince says:

    baet67 nagagamit mo na ba phone mo? i mean nakakappag txt ka na ba? kung hindi pa kung kailangan mong mo pang mag sign in sa google account mo palit ka muna ng globe tattoo sim, kailangan may 30 pesos na load, pero kung nagagamit mo na, at nakagawa ka na ng access point yong gawin mong default connection yong ginawa mo, punta ka s ginawa turn the trackball pakanan pupunta yon sa bilog tapos press mo pag nagkulay green yon na ang default.

  74. vince says:

    i just rooted my own g1, ok sya ang ganda pwede ka ng mag save ng application sa sd card. nung una kala ko na brick ko, yong pala yong mga file na nadownload ko na kailangan sa pag root currupt na, mabuti nakahanap ako ng matinong file. root at your own risk..

  75. maryl says:

    i have htc touch pro 2 and it is locked with tmobile. does anyone know here kung sa pwede magpaopenline? please help. And question, can you use wifi and surf net site like fb even without sim card?

  76. baet67 says:

    vince oo ngamit ko na nkpag txt na ko..gnawa ko na yun sinasabi mo pero ayaw pa rin..gus2 ko sana un may fb at twitter d2 sa g1 ko,pwede ba yun?

  77. vince says:

    ganon ginawa ko baet67 gumagana naman nakakapag browse din ako sa fb, kung ayaw globe tatoo subukan mong starter sim ng globe.

  78. Kristine says:

    Hi, I just got a G1 from V-Mall.

    I noticed that it’s eating up my prepaid load. I tried searching for a solution online, and maybe I need to turn off the background data to stop this from happening.

    Does anyone know how I can do this? I tried clicking on Data Synchronization under the Settings Menu, but it prompted a Google Account Login page. And since I got the phone from V-Mall, the account is not under my name.

    Please help… :(

  79. tocampo says:


    Having the Background Data on always, will eat up your load. When I was backhome and used our G1, I switched this off and also other applications, e.g., gps as they eat up the load. I just turn it on, whenever I check my email, which was often however, at least it’s not always.

    Factory data reset your phone so you could use your own google account once it asked you to enter your account info. Remember you have to have an account with google/gmail to have your phone running. Go to PRIVACY > FACTORY DATA RESET. This will however remove all your apps, etc. I think there is a setting there too to back up your data and settings to your SD card.

    Hope this helps.

  80. Kristine says:

    Thanks for replying tocampo.

    I have managed to remove the previous user’s email account and make my own google account without having to use the Factory Data reset.

    I have already turned off the background data, and even installed the APNdroid to disable all APNs. But this did not help me since I still keep getting a message saying that I do not have enough load to complete this transaction. Maybe some applications are still running despite the ‘background data off’ and ‘APNdroid.’ May I know what applications you turned off when you where here?

    I really do not know what to do with this, the phone is great and all, but since it keeps eating up my prepaid credit, I’m beginning to regret purchasing this.

  81. tocampo says:

    Hi, again, Kristine. Try switching off the “sync”. When we went home last year, my hubby’s load was outrageos! Reason: he had his background data on and gps on, and Layer. Try disabling, “background data” and uncheck the “auto sync” too..to be sure and GPS. If you have any other Apps that you think use Data, syncs (e.g., FB) or apps that try to connect to something, switch it off too. Just refresh your email whenever you want to check your email. Try adding some load and see what happens. However, in my experience, if I get problems with a phone, I just Factory Reset it for a clear set. Email is easy to setup and will always be available, no need for backup and Apps can be downloaded easily. However, for SMS and MMS, you may need to back them up first.

  82. Kristine says:

    Okay, I will try that.

    Thank you very much tocampo. Hope you have a good day :)

  83. iojrn says:

    try all internet settings for globe, but still i cant browse…

    pls help me…

  84. Megan says:

    how kuch is g1 here the Philippines?

  85. maze says:

    i can’t use my bluetooth on my g1…what will i do to access or use my bluetooth…hope someone will help me with this

  86. tocampo says:

    Make sure your bluetooth device to be paired is switched on.

    For G1:
    1) Go to Settings
    2) Go to Wireless and Networks
    3) Check Bluetooth
    4) Go to Bluetooth Settings (manage connection, set device name & discoverability)
    5) Check Discoverable
    6) Go to Scan for Devices

    Note: Check on manual/instructions of your other bluetooth device on how to pair with other bluetooth device.

  87. tocampo says:

    Make sure your bluetooth device to be paired is switched on.

    For G1:
    1) Go to Settings
    2) Go to Wireless and Networks
    3) Check Bluetooth
    4) Go to Bluetooth Settings (manage connection, set device name & discoverability)
    5) Check Discoverable
    6) Go to Scan for Devices
    7) You may be asked for a PIN to connect, type in the device’s PIN (if you don’t know check manufacturer’s document or try 1234 – if other device is not a headset, check the device since a PIN will also be asked for this to connect)
    8) Once paired, select the device name to connect (You can also touch and hold the name to pen the context menu, then select CONNECT)
    9) CONNECT status should appear if paired and connected.

    1) Check on manual/instructions of your other bluetooth device on how to pair with other bluetooth device.
    2) The phone supports only the headset and hands-free bluetooth profiles (e.g., gps).
    3) If pairing to a second handset while the first one is connected (or profile is still intact), the first headset will remain connected (unless you disconnect or unpaired it). To switch connection, You must SELECT this second headset again after pairing..or delete any connections before pairing for a new device.

  88. maze says:

    @tocampo…thanks for the info i will try that…

    i can’t download applications from the market…i have to sign-in in Google first…my mother-in-law gave this to me and the account that appears here is hers…is there anyway that i can change the accnt on Google…and to have my own accnt…pls someone reply…thanks and God bless

  89. tocampo says:


    Factory data reset your phone so you could use your own google account once it asked you to enter your account info. Remember you have to have an account with google/gmail to have your phone running (create on from PC). Go to PRIVACY > FACTORY DATA RESET. This will however remove all your apps, etc. I think there is a setting there too to back up your data and settings to your SD card.

  90. tocampo says:


    BTW, not sure if paid apps is now available in the Philippines. So far, I know the free ones are available.

    Also, please make sure to create your google/gmail first before factory resetting your g1 (or any android phone).

  91. maze says:

    @tocampo…thanks for the info…yes i have Google accnt…i’ll try it…but is there any other way that i can do that i don’t have to reset the data…thanks again…God bless

  92. tocampo says:

    @maze: Forgot, before you factory reset your G1..make sure to read this link:


  93. tocampo says:

    try using your google account.

    When you first boot the phone, it will ask for your gmail/google acct to activate, market will normally identify that same acct.

    Here is a link which may help you:


    If you plan to factory reset your phone, read this thread too:


  94. maze says:

    @tocampo…still i can’t access my bluetooth…it says paired but not connected, i’d try to connect but once the other mobile try to search for it or tries to share photo the other mobile says device there’e no device or failed to send…what shall i do…i need to use my bluetooth…pls help…anyone…

  95. tocampo says:

    Try unpairing:
    1) From the main screen, press the Menu button and choose Settings.
    2) Select Wireless & networks, then Bluetooth settings.
    3) Scroll down to the device you want to delete. Press and hold until a popup menu comes up.
    Choose Unpair. This will make the status change from “Paired but not connected” to “Pair with this device.”
    4) Reboot the G1.
    5) When it comes back up, the bluetooth device will be gone from the list.
    6) Rescan and connect

  96. lynn says:

    just got my g1 yesterday. tried all the steps these people said but only vince’s post helped me get my g1 to work. thanks, man. :)

  97. kamirucorella says:

    may prob din ako sa phone ko. binigay sakin ng mom ko as a present on my 18th birthday yesterday. nilagyan ko ng unlock pattern. unfortunately, my friend made a multiple attempts. kaya kinailangan kong i-master reset. naging okay naman. pero nung nasa set up na ko, hiningi yung gmail account ko. nilagay ko naman. pero hindi daw provisioned yung simcard ko for data services. Anong gagawin ko? Pa-help naman po.

  98. kim says:

    panget amp anu bayan e 2 ba web nen 2 wla 2

  99. darie cruz says:


    sorry but read ur concern so so late….ur unit need to be reflashed…..if interested u can leave msg here or send e email, br

  100. armiel says:

    @ darie cruz,

    I have the same problem with kamirucorella. Sinubukan kong i reset dahil maraming app ayaw gumana. Nung mai reset ko di ako makapag set up. 2 sim card na ginamit ko smart at globe parehong ayaw

  101. armiel says:

    pa help naman po

  102. rachell says:

    hi, please help. don’t know what to do on my g1. i had it factory reset and now i’m stuck on welcome to t-mobile g1. touch the android to begin. :(

  103. darie cruz says:


    sorry am so so so so bad coz of this late reply….anyway, if still needing my help u can add me on your YM here: [email protected]

    let’s discuss possibility & other details in threshing out problem concerning data services….tnx

  104. Gh0sT says:

    I brought my G1 from the US to Cebu unlocked. I have a Sun sim loaded in it and every so often I get txt messages from 7210 saying “You do not have enough load to complete this transaction. Please reload immediately,” I usually get 2 or 3 at a time.

    I also have Globe and Smart sims, and what I’ve noticed is that it’s normal on Globe and I don’t get any messages, but with Smart it eats the “free txt to any network” that you get when you load it, and with Sun it’s also eating the free txt, and when it gets done eating them it starts sending the messages. Also, if I leave my phone alone and don’t touch it for an hour I won’t get any messages, but as soon as I hit my menu button to wake it up it starts up with the messages.

    Is there any way to stop this? or is my phone actively looking for a signal and using txt messages as a way to see if there’s an update available for download?

  105. Rommel says:

    Seems like most g1 initially eats up load even if apps that can eat load are disabled. Resetting to factory default very fixes this .

  106. jeff says:

    help naman po yung g1 unit ko ayos siya pag globe nakakatawag ako at di nawawala load ko. Pero when i started using smart sim lage nauubos load ko kahit naka register ako sa unli, tapos pag magdidial naman ako your call cannot be connected please please check your phone setting. Smart naman ang network operator na pinili ko dun sa settings help naman po oh PLEASE!!!!

    [email protected]


  107. Iojrn says:

    Before smart sim din gamit co but because it eats much of my load ngchange aco ng globe sim.,khit nkauncheck ung background data mo after awhile ubos n lod mo,stick to ur globe sim :-)

  108. ehly says:

    i need help. i can’t use my G1 phone. If you happen to read my message please tst me as soon as possble so I can explain it. here is my number.. 09155275308

  109. dany says:

    you goint to bjutifol in my tv i e ni but i not jor mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  110. I’m having the same problem as Rochelle…I can’t get past the activation screen. To those using the G1 with Globe, what are the APN settings?

  111. Therese says:

    i did factory reset on my phone and now I cant get past the setup screen. i have a google account pero di ko siya maaccess.. paano yun??

  112. rommel says:

    well, for you to access you google account you have to have internet connection. so you may have to set up wifi connection. there are links all over the internet on how to do it.

  113. TECHIHUNT says:

    Very good Web browser. Highly configurable. Solid call quality.

  114. Arlene says:

    may i ask someone who might be able to help me find out where can i get to fix the flex of android G1 google phone lately? any idea how much does it costs? thanks

  115. rommel says:

    g1 is so old and parts for it are so hard to find, your better off buying a new phone. But if you really want to get it fixed. most places can fix it if they can find the part. i suggest getting the part from an old broken g1 with the flex still ok. are you in Phil?

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