Globe Postpaid Plans for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

With the official announcement of the new Galaxy S23 series, Globe Telecom has also released their pre-orders for the Galaxy S23 Ultra on Globe GPlans.

Globe Plan Galaxy S23 Ultra

Globe GPlan 1799
Galaxy S23 Ultra 512GB
Php52,800 cash-out (24 months)
13GB Data
Unli All-Net

Globe GPlan 1999
Galaxy S23 Ultra 512GB
Php50,400 cash-out (24 months)
15GB Data
Unli All-Net

Globe GPlan 2499
Galaxy S23 Ultra 512GB
Php46,800 cash-out (24 months)
25GB Data
Unli All-Net

Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series

Globe GPlan 3799
Galaxy S23 Ultra 512GB
Php40,800 cash-out (24 months)
All Month Surf
Unli All-Net

Globe GPlan 4999
Galaxy S23 Ultra 512GB
Php32,400 cash-out (24 months)
All Month Surf
Unli All-Net

Globe GPlan 7999
Galaxy S23 Ultra 512GB
Php9,600 cash-out (24 months)
All Month Surf
Unli All-Net

These postpaid plans include any one or all of the following:

  • Thea the Platinum Digital Assistant
  • Unli Calls to Duo and Landline with Duo
  • GoWiFi Access
  • Double Rewards Points

You also have a choice to use an e-SIM or a physical SIM card together with your device.

For the contract period, you can choose between 24 months or 36 months with the same cash-out. Offer runs from February 2-23, 2023. Pre-Order now at

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5 Responses

  1. Avatar for mozart mozart says:

    if your cash out is 9600, then your monthly for the 36 months would only amount to 5333 as compared to 7999 for the 24 months. i hope i got it right.

  2. Avatar for jmag jmag says:

    parang mali yung cash out. Baka mas ok yung device amortization

  3. Avatar for anon anon says:

    Because the monthly amount added will be less?

  4. Avatar for Kevin Ong Kevin Ong says:

    Why on earth would you choose the 36 months contract period over the 24 months if the cash out for the device is the same?

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