HMD Global to launch a new Nokia X smartphone

HMD Global to launch a new Nokia X smartphone

HMD Global is set for a huge event in China later this month, and the company is said to launch a new version of the Nokia X smartphone.


Released back in 2014, the Nokia X is the company’s first Android-based smartphone based on Android 4.1.2 Jellybean, with a huge UI facelift for a more seamless one-button navigation. This comes as a big surprise as HMD has just announced new phones from the Mobile World Congress back in February.

Teasers for the upcoming phone featured two phones forming an X, with an April 27 event date. With no rumored specifications in tow, it’s likely that this phone would not be an mid-level device but rather a flagship-tier phone due to the company’s current smartphone naming scheme and may follow how iPhone named the iPhone X.


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5 Responses

  1. El Gato says:

    Nokia has a Nokia X v2.0, apple has iPhone X, cherry mobile has flare X.

    What is right or wrong with this X monicker that companies have adapted it?

  2. Ejurr says:

    It (X) has been used before by Nokia, so it has nothing to do with Apple.

  3. Jude says:

    Nokia X is an android based but window type user interface. It is a lame attempt to lure some users to switch to windows OS. While nokia x is a good entry level phone, the UI makes it not worth buying. And it has no play store and 1 cant install an app of his/her choice. Cant even replace the wallpaper of choice.

  4. jethmercer says:

    I am using the nokia x2 with nokia x platform, while the ui is bit on the lame side this smartphone have performed pretty well. It only has dualcore snapdragon 200 but was able to play heavy games (low settings), even mobile legends.

    Anyway, if nokia x will be launch this year or next, i am expecting a smartphone that will be similar to that of the older nokia X.

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