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Poll: HTC One or Samsung Galaxy S4?

Samsung and HTC have been very competitive with each other for the past years. HTC was like the king of Android back in the beginning with phones like the Nexus One & the Desire line, while Samsung is the successful challenger since they have managed to outgrow HTC in sales and volume through the highly popular Galaxy line.


The battle has always been a close one, from the Galaxy S2 and the Sensation, to the Galaxy S3 and the One X. HTC might have found its refuge with the One but in order to win the market it will have to go against the other beast – the Galaxy S4.

The Galaxy S4 has been launched and priced already, with postpaid plans from our local telcos already available. On the other hand, HTC has been facing delays with its shipments and launches, reported to be caused by shortages in UltraPixel components.


But enough of that. Our review of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is out, and we have yet to look at the HTC One in full detail after it gets released in the 3rd week of May. Also, the price tags are already available; the Galaxy S4 will be at Php30,990 while the HTC One will retail for Php32,990.


Note: The Exynos Octa variant is also available through a higher gray market price.

So, we’d like to know. Will you go for the all-aluminum, UltraPixel-packing, BoomSound-carrying HTC One? Or the feature-packed heavy-spec’d plastic Samsung Galaxy S4? Let us know in the comments below.

Bob Freking occasionally contributes articles to the website. He is a UST Graduate of Commerce & Business Administration, Major in Marketing Management, and a full-time Sith Lord with three dragons.

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89 Responses

  1. Edwin says:

    First:) Ill buy both hehe :))

  2. Potato says:

    Note 2 haha

  3. Phillip says:

    S4 for the camera and SAMOLED

  4. Jam says:

    Sony Honami. LOL. (Fanboying)

  5. Jcnjcjcnjc says:


  6. techie noob says:

    HTC One for looking good,
    and I don’t understand the rest of the specifications for both phones.

  7. Nomel says:

    HTC One!

  8. Kate says:

    HTC! go for the all aluminum body! hoorahh!

  9. Yusuf says:

    Galaxy S4. Worldwide LTE. Gorilla Glass 3. Better camera. Removable battery (which makes it future proof). MicroSD card slot. AMOLED. Bigger battery. Everything else is a tie.

  10. Charlie says:

    HTC one syempre. The Best looking android phone to date.

    • Playa says:

      I think the Nexus 4 is the best looking android phone, at least when the screen is off.

  11. Rob says:


    but let’s wait for the note 3

  12. jly says:

    S-One = (S4 specs + Htc One design)

    • ruz says:

      htc one. i have it for 2 wiks now and i have no regrets.
      Preformance is awesome! Speaker and screen are really good. Good looking phone.

  13. Levi says:

    HTC ONE!

  14. sam says:

    I will go for the S4. the only advantage of HTC is aluminum body. while S4 has added sensors, faster processor, what more with its Octa version, could even be better in graphics and also more software in built software for galaxy. cheaper. higher battery capacity and replaceable aswell. micro sd slot.

  15. Edz says:

    HTC One X. But jealous of S4’s air view, smart scroll etc

  16. Steve Jobs says:


  17. Mike says:

    Going for the S4. HTC is taking way too long to release theirs.

  18. rocketlog says:

    I think I’d go for HTC One. Hardware’s awesome. The front facing speakers seems like a really great idea. And based on reviews I’ve read, the 2-button setup doesn’t take much to get used to.

  19. Jun says:

    Note 3 hahaha..

  20. potato says:

    Quality-wise, i go for HTC One.
    Feature-wise, i go for S4

    in short, you really can have it all.

    PS: don’t buy the Snapdragon 600 variant. nag lalagg sya compare sa Octa based variant.

    • potato says:

      EDIT: in short, you really can’t* have it all.

    • sam says:

      paano mo naman nalaman na naglalag ang snapdragon 600? na try mo na? same as the octa version? have you tested it. dont say things na hindi mo naman alam.

  21. mark says:

    I’m getting the s4 tom. Then sell it when htc one arrives. I like the htc one I think due to speaker design.

  22. johnonline says:

    i need to see both phones yet… wala pa akong nakikitang HTC One sa mall.

    pero among 2013 flagship phones na meron na sa market, S4 > Xperia Z. Sexy ang XZ pero ang hirap hawakan sa kamay. sana mas okay ang HTC One..

  23. cxian says:


  24. Quiroz says:

    Galaxy S4 sana kaso merong Screen Smearing/Smudging issue. Sana software issue lang.

  25. abuzalzal says:

    HTC – better Built quality, good ext. Speakers, better display, 32 gigs native storage

    S4 – faster hardware, better audio chip (Wolfson>Beats), expandable memory, larger/removable battery, better camera (accdng.to general concensus the Ultrapixel is nothing but marketing gimmick), most likely to get Key Lime Pie first.

    • mrHands says:

      And who’s general consensus is that if I may ask? Because from what I’ve read pretty much everywhere (more trusted sources) on the internet is that Ultrapixel is an actual technology, with actual hardware and not some baloney marketing like Smart Stay which can be easily replicated by different apps but is marketed as a revolutionary technology. Now that is marketing.

      If anything, the 4MP shooter is easily dismissed by people who are bigoted by the megapixel race.

      I would also like to point out that HTC’s direction is not to fight the hardware wars, it focuses more on the feel and ease of use (google HTC Sense 5) which Samsung is clearly lacking (I have a friend who has SGS3 and switched to use his Xperia Go (Jellybean) as a primary phone, because it’s easier to use). And more cores does not necessarily translate to better performance.

      Just so you know, I am not an HTC fanatic. I actually swore to never buy and HTC phone ever again because of their bullshit service centers. But I would be obstinate or stupid not to appreciate their work.

      Hope you got something from this.

    • sam says:

      you sound like youve been paid by HTC. though youre quite correct. it is still nice that there is competition. HTC One is the most beautiful phone on the planet. its like a jewelry itself but we are heading towards the future and innovation and samsung brough more of that. they even made the first A15 processor especially for their galaxy and no one can match that.

    • zarne says:

      @ Sam…. If there a company that maybe found guilty of paying people to bash its competitor’s product, it could be Samsung. Google this” Samsung in Taiwan”, where Samsung is in hot water for allegedly hiring students to post negative comments against HTC.
      The HTC One and Samsung S4 are excellent phones. Can’t go wrong by picking either one but my preference is the HTC One. I am not going to write 20 lines to explain my choice. The bottom line here is personal preference.

    • mrHands says:

      Hahahaha. I wasn’t really planning on posting a comment, nor was I planning to make it that long. I just felt the need for people to know more truth than marketing bull. It’s also true that Samsung had done innovation, and believe me I’m a huge fan of the exynos line. My only qualm is that the technology on the octacore isn’t exactly revolutionary, and it’s only to support their own bloat. Try to look it up.

  26. Philip says:

    Apple Products pa din. Android will always be Android.

    • Quiroz says:

      “Android will always be Android”
      that doesn’t even make sense.

    • Charliemanok says:

      “Android will always be Android”
      You can’t say that. Android isn’t exactly the same in HTC, Samsung and Sony (not to mention many more), UI for instance. Moreover, smartphone manufacturers that uses Android put their own apps and hardware features that adds to the flavor. Thus, there is an actual difference across manufacturers that uses android.

      I read an article about Apple could repeat a mistake they made when they just started. We don’t know, it is possible that Apple will not be the same in the future; they could evolve or die.

  27. Askye says:


    Sammy is king of Bloatware.. Fancy Stuff but not really necessary or usable.. and at some point those features will become apps and be used by other phones.

    But i’ll wait on the next Nexus or prolly the X phone.. the Nexus 4 still does the job for me.

  28. rikki_traballo says:

    HEHE. im waiting for Sony HONAMI. :D

  29. chinitoguy says:

    None of the above. Nokia Lumia 920 amd Apple iPhone 5 are still the best!

  30. benny says:

    I was able to have a hands-on with Galaxy S4, and it really sucks.. the feel it… Waste of money. You dont actually need to have a much powerful processing power. because you wont feel it in real life.. I suggest Buying Xperia Z would be a great choice.. Water resistant, and a fast processor, 2gb ram. for 24k only at online stores.

  31. JP says:

    HTC one.

    HTC front facing camera has 28mm and 2.0 aperture, which is good for group shots, landscape and lowlight. Front facing speaker.
    Aluminum unibody for better heat dissipation.

    Though S4 has better specs and nifty features, most likely will drain the battery life faster if they are all enabled.

  32. Hayatte says:

    HTC One. Sa lahat ng comparison reviews sa mga tech sites HTC One ang pinaboran. Evolution lang ng S3 and S4. HTC One is completely new and madaming innovations. Sa Boomsound speakers pa lang naakit nako.

  33. MJ says:

    Saan mo naman to ginaya Freking? Android Police? LOL GRABE

  34. iPhone5 says:

    I’ll choose HTC. Mas good looking kasi. As per specs I think di ko rin mamamaximize yun kaya HTC ako dyan. Parehong monster specs na yan pero kung build quality at ganda ng itsura i think HTC won…

  35. Mitee says:

    HTC One… both phones already have overkill specs that would suffice for a year or two(SGS3/HTCOneX+ still works spec wise)… I go out at night due to work in the morning so HTC would be better… I like watching videos so the boom works for me… I like the HTC One design compared to the S4… I like the minimalistic design of HTC sense…

  36. Cipher says:

    HTC One, definitely! =)

  37. 9evian6 says:

    Samsung GS4

  38. James says:

    another topic that most comments will prefer to buy HTC, but at the end of the day… everyoone buying Samsung phone..:/

    and spec’d S4? the way I read the comparison, I do not see much difference.. slight diff in size and battery… only huge diff is the camera… but the internal hardware (processor,chipset etc).. I guess it’s almost the same… am I wrong?

  39. Marc says:

    HTC One!

  40. arvinsim says:

    S4 because it has a removable battery and SD card slot. Deal breaker features for me.

  41. vin says:

    HTC ONE!

  42. tech_noodles says:

    HTC One of course, im more on design so i choose HTC. I love HTC!

  43. Digest says:

    HTC One.

  44. Tecgad says:

    HTC One sana

    Kaso ang bagal maging available lalabas ang bagong LG at Iphone , tapos mahina ang OS Support for update.

  45. Marvin says:

    HTC ONE -All the way…

  46. Hello says:

    Samsung Galaxy S4! I would rather work with the mediocre design and the Nature UX of the S4 than the mediocre camera of the HTC One even if it is the most beautiful phone out there.

  47. red says:

    Xperia Z, S4 & One Sucks when you accidentally drop it

  48. Jack says:

    Looks: HTC One

    Everything else: Samsung Galaxy S4

  49. asdasda says:

    everyone’s picking HTC ONE but can u guys even afford it? it’s more expensive the than the S4. if u can afford it, can you buy it? nope u can. well u have to wait. you all want HTC because of it’s design, why? just so you could flaunt it with other people? what a waste of choice. I like both but i got S4 for free. id love HTC one too if its free :) hehehe

  50. L says:

    HTC one looks like bb z10. good design though, pero kung design lang din, dun ako sa xperia phones. :)

  51. adfadgf says:

    everyone’s picking HTC ONE but can u guys even afford it? it’s more expensive the than the S4. if u can afford it, can you buy it? nope u canNOT. well u have to wait. you all want HTC because of it’s design, why? just so you could flaunt it with other people? what a waste of choice. I like both but i got S4 for free. id love HTC one too if its free :) hehehe

    • Betsay says:

      Okay it’s more expensive pero 2k lang ang difference, Imeanseriously.
      Even if it gets delayed for three more months, I wouldn’t mind. For something this good, I’d wait. I wouldn’t just buy something that’s not doesn’t even compare to what I want just cause it’s available. That’s what you can call a waste of choice.

      I want the One because of the good design so yes partly cause I could flaunt it but who do you think is the person who gets to look at the phone all the freaking time? I’d rather look at something beautiful and pretty, not something that looks like a soap bar that has a big ass touch screen on it.

      Oh and Xperia phones? They look like multi colored remote controls. Even the branding doesn’t help.

  52. leeroyrobles says:

    HTC One

  53. HTCOneMukhangBBZ10 says:

    HTC One mukhang BBZ10 at likod ng Iphone5 LOL

  54. amazingcharlie says:

    i bought galaxy s3 before, it feels cheap nabagsak lang crack agad hnd manlang dent, crack! and after 3 months nanakad sya! and thanks to the removable microsd and battery makukuha na nila ung files ko! yung smart stay saka s voice are just gimmick, not usable in real life situation. mabilis din magmura mga samsung products eh, maybe in december 21k nalang ang s4 sayang lang sa pera, lalo na pag niresell nyo.

    i go with htc, good looking design, looks premium and you get what you paid for. and as for the camera. you dont really need a 13mp or 16mp or even 8mp ano trip billboard? pag nagprint? lol for sure you’re going to post lang naman in instagram and facebook, the lower the pixel size the lower the file size, so mas ok din sya.

  55. jp1mp says:

    To each his own! No sense in trying to sell samsung to an htc fanboy and vise versa. Each has an advantage over the other depending nadin siguro on the user..for me, aftermarket parts, accessories and service do matter also aside from the device capabilities also. I remeber when the galaxy nexus and htc one x came out before and very limited ng mga after market accessories such as protective casing and screen protectors na fit talaga for the phone.

  56. nes says:

    HTC One, it’s my phone currently and it has many things Samsung did not bother. I appreciate HTC’s innovation on this phone and it is, in my opinion, the best phone android has.

  57. Dan says:

    HTC ONE!!!

  58. alain says:

    I am for the HTC one I go for quality

  59. Michael Sy bomb2000 says:

    i’d go for both basta libre kung di wag na lang mag cherry mobile na lang ako hehehehehehehehe

  60. 6sic6 says:

    HTC One. Para sa akin mas maganda at pagkakagawa ng htc phones compared sa samsung phones. I’ve had htc desire and sensation and my phone after that WAS a Galaxy S3. WAS kasi nasira siya due to sudden death syndrome while yung sensation ko at desire buhay na buhay pa rin hanggang ngayon at di nagkaroon ng kahit anumang issue.

  61. Bob says:

    I bought an S4 from Globe earlier. I don’t mind the plastic build since I’ll use a case anyway. Though Samsung added a lot of features, I think I won’t be using it on a daily basis. They should have focused on improving the camera in low-light condition instead.

  62. DTech says:

    HTC One! Kahit mas maraming features ang S4, ahaha! Like it too but so disappointed sa look, hehe. Actually whichever u might choose this two goes neck & neck.

    But HTC One is sooo beautiful! I hope it won’t depreciate so fast, like every android phones does.

  63. Eroz18 says:

    I’ve been reviewing these two phones and based on techblogs, they dubbed the HTC One as the best Android phone for 2013. I plan to get the S4 at Globe but I keep holding on to my money because I would like to see the HTC One in person once they get to store this June. HTC has the best screen display and audio output on the market today.

  64. Jayvee says:

    I’d favor the S4 primarily for aftersales support in the country. Some features may be gimmicky but some really come very useful. Face it, the S4 will still outsell the One by so much no matter what people in this site say. Also, the slimmer profile is a big plus for me. Lastly, tell me not about durability if you’re still gonna end up buying a case for your “sturdy” HTC One. LOL

  65. xtinab says:

    kahit ano naman gawing ekk ng htc wala parin naman silang magagawa bibilhin at bilhin ng tao ang samsung. sa sales parin talaga mag kakatalo…

    • DTech says:

      Sorry pero hnd ko magets bakit paramihan ang nging factor sa pagbili o pagpili mo. Siguro dapat inaaral mo pa din kung anong feature nung isa na hnd mo nakita sa isa diba?

      Wala n mang ka wenta wenta.

    • xtinab says:

      kahit ano naman gawin ng htc eh bagsak na bagsak parin naman ang sales nila eh.. kahit na sobrang ganda pa ng design nian kahit gawin pa nlang titanium ang case kung over price naman. wala parin.. i’ll go for the best. pag dating sa support. samsung talaga.

  66. Quiroz says:

    nakapag hands-on ako ng Galaxy S4 last Saturday. ang pangit nung plastic chrome border nya sa screen. ang cheap tignan, lalo na sa black. tapos yung design nya na parang carbon fiber, hinde maganda.Sa white, ok lang kasi hinde gano kita yung carbon fiber finish. mas ok pa yung dati na brushed metal effect sa s3 and note 2.

    ang hirap pumili between note or s4, pero mukang note 2 nalang bibilin ko.

  67. Me says:

    Let’s weigh the pros and cons of this, shall we?
    Sense and touchwiz are both known for its deep customizations to the stock android. their looks is personal preference, though sense in terms of functionality is /nothing/ compared to touchwiz. But in the end, they’re both bloatware, though touchwiz is heavier than sense but with more features.
    Design-wise, One is obviously the winner, because humans are stupid and they don’t realize that S4’s design is much more beneficial. They’re both expensive as hell, and you’ll probably put them both in a case. And even if you don’t, unless you’re /really/ careful, S4 is still better because it’s easy to fix, while Aluminum is easy to scratch and impossible to fix.
    In terms of audio, HTC one wins, but not much. I mean, in the end you understand the music or the voices of a movie.
    In terms of camera, they tie, with S4 winning in terms of normal pictures And One being better in low-light performance.
    In terms of size, S4 wins because they have the same size with S4 having a bigger screen (One needs space for the front speaker)
    Display is personal preference, but unless you hate the saturation of Amoled screens, S4 is obviously the best. It’s bigger, plus if you know how to use the Adobe RGB, you can set it to seem like an LCD screen.
    So, if you’re thinking with your brain, it’s obviously S4, unless you’re rich and can afford to just ditch One if you accidentally break it (seriously, that’s the biggest deal breaker. One’s best selling feature is apparently its worst feature too)

    • Me says:

      Oh yes, I feel stupid for forgetting this, but let’s not forget about benchmarks?
      The new Exynos 5 Octa is currently the chipset to beat (snapdragon 800 will probably beat it, but that’s months from now, not much, but still enough to make S4 cheaper than the rumored Optimus G2 that will have a snapdragon 800) and the new octa core is not only faster but its more battery efficient (if you’re doing easy tasks, the weaker and less battery-consuming chipsets work, therefore saving battery)
      And even if you don’t get the exynos version, the snapdragon 600 (the same chipset as One, clocked higher) is still better than the one inside HTC One. And even if this means less battery life, there’s enough battery to make the S4 last long enough, and it lasts longer compared to HTC One because of better stand-by time (blinkfeed consumes battery even when the phone is off)
      I guess that’s all? Web browsing is practically the same. And both being Android devices (the S4 being a newer version, thus better) it’s practically the same
      So… it’s your personal preferences in the end. Would you prefer to impress strangers and friends alike with your amazing looking phone or impress friends only with amazing (sometimes useful) tricks only your phone can do?

  68. Dan says:

    Samsung sux always always has slower sucking phones and the battery ah never mind Samsung really is a loss of money HTC is a lot better.

  69. geezzzz says:

    i have been using htc1x+ for a year now, all i can say is i just bought the right thing and its worth the money.. for me htc one still the best wen it comes to internet browsing no lag phone apps, videos and music etc.. htc1 its not just about the looks but it has the high-end specs aswell. try checking out on youtube on which is better =D htc still on the top =D

  70. Marc says:

    I have the One so i guess the answer is obvious.

  71. Ellyarne says:

    It’s a matter of preference. I have the Samsung Galaxy 4 and my workmate has the HTC One.

    I preferred the SGS4 because of the camera (good shots on daylight) removable battery, aftersales support, vivid screen, and the expandable memory.

    My workmate preferred the HTC One because of the camera (good shots on low light conditions), good speaker, nice appearance and good battery life with mobile data on.

    Both phones overheat very quickly though.

  72. Ram says:

    S4 sucks. mine only lasted for 7 months, i’ve only been using it for calls, messaging, games, emails and net. it just won’t open. very expensive for a disposable phone.

  73. mcm says:

    ang dami naman reklamo dito. if yall cant afford it then dont buy

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