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Nokia E71i has Dual-SIM and TV Tuner

When I first saw this phone earlier, I really thought it was the real thing. The Nokia E71i is a knock-off Nokia phone that sports dual SIM and a TV tuner.

The Nokia E71i is much smaller than the E71 and instead of the qwerty keypad, it only has the usual alpha-numeric layout.

nokia e71i

The design and construction of the phone is pretty solid and it will really fool most people into thinking it’s made by Nokia. Even the menu and UI are very similar to that of the Nokia E-Series phones.

nokia e71i e71

Under the hood, the Nokia E71i has dual SIM capability and a built-in TV tuner. I tried running the auto-scan for the TV but could not get any clear reception.

nokia e71i china

At the back, there’s a camera with a label that says it’s 8-megapixel and AF.

8mp nokia

These China-made knock-offs are slowly getting better and better at copying the real thing. This one is by far the closest to the real thing I’ve ever seen.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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57 Responses

  1. misterpinoy says:

    How about the best IPhone Clone?

  2. TechPinas says:

    THAT IS DOPE!! Wow!!

    Definitely worth checking out! Had it featured wifi, it would be a total E71 killer. Hehe.

    Heck, it even looks sleeker than the real thing (well, almost).

    I have to hand it to these clone manufacturers; Their products are getting better by the day. I just featured Daxian T32 and SciPhone N12 in TechPinas.com — those two are also dope!

    Thanks for the heads up.

  3. Reel Advice says:

    if only nokia released a phone with the same features…what would be the price be? ahaha

  4. Pepe Maglutac says:

    Best iPhone clone? Meizu M8 :D

  5. igotzitsinmyface says:

    some of these “imitation” china phones may have improved in looks and features but i often hear complaints about software hangups and sudden phone restarts in these “imitation” china phones. dont know if this is true with the Nokia (or is it NOKLA) E71i

  6. Kat - Kat says:

    agree! nowadays, you can’t distinguished na kung anu yung china phone at hindi :/ I saw a china phone version of n96 and if you would look at it’s screen, aakalain mo for real siya :| and too bad nga lang, mas mukhang tinatangkilik na mga china phones.

    pero, on the other note, mura kase mga china phones eh ^^

  7. Rome says:

    magkano ba yan?? heheh! interesado kasi yung friend ko sa E71… eh low-budget sya, kaya suggest ko na lang sa kanya to! LOL!

  8. Rome says:

    at saan ba nabibili yan?

  9. Raven says:

    Yeah! D iPhone cl0ne using micr0s0ft thing and samsung pr0cess0r…als0 features better than iph0ne.

  10. Victor says:

    like what they.. its the CHINESE. :D next thing you know almost ALL tech gadgets have been ‘imitated’..

  11. ERWIN:-) says:

    like what they say…

    In the beginning, God created China…and then everything else was made in China :D

  12. ferdzlopez says:

    here in Jeddah,KSA my co-engineer owned this phones becoz of its dual-sim features. but the wap or internet functions and also wi-fi is just a hoax its not functioning!!!.. though there is an 8MP marking, its not 8MP its less tham 1MP…its really a knock-off.. but the dual-sim function is the most important reason why you will buy this “fake nokiaE71” the TV has very poor reception i dont think u will watch it.but of all knock-off nokia phones this is the best fake NOKIA that was ever made in terms of looks.. coz. it looks like a real NOKIA.. though its a real GSM phone w/ DUAL-SIM

  13. jun tariman says:

    China is killing the real business softly..

    God created the world…
    The rest are made in China… :)

  14. hublon says:

    I still prefer Nokia E71 with qwerty keyboard even though it’s a bit smaller and comes very handy.

  15. senses says:

    magkano kaya ‘to?

  16. bertsan531 says:

    here in Dubai that clone e71 cost 300dir(3900php)while the genuine nokia e 71 cost 1500dir(19,500php) looks the same on the outside but the software has problems coz my friend have it.what a waste of money hehehehe….

  17. Nikka says:

    @rome. If your friend wants the E71 but has a slightly lower budget, he/she might want to look at the Nokia E63. Specs can be found at http://www.nokia.com.ph. SRP around P13,020.

  18. actually meron ung mama ko n95, china made; ok xa, pero of course, yung mga features nya na exclusive for the real thing e wala =D

  19. Trent says:

    ok tong clone phone, may voice-masking feature pa. pede ka mag-boses bata, matanda, o lolo sa kausap mo over the phone. prefered phone ng mga mistresses, kidnappers, and anyone na ayaw magpakilala, hehe.

  20. Rome says:

    @nikka: thanks.. i’ll check that..

    @trent: voice-masking feature for real??! wow, naging interesado tuloy ako.. sarap nyan gusto ko pag-trip-an friends ko! LOL!

  21. Trent says:

    @Rome: di ko lang sure pag pareho ito dun sa na-review ni yuga. may tatak na E71i sa casing ko pero walang “Nokia” na label. 3-4k sa tiangge. wala rin wifi. pero kaya nya i-set yung voice changer option pag may kausap ka para mag-boses cartoon character ka.

  22. Richard Bonzon says:

    my sister purchased an A630 model here…so far ok p nman….



  23. Anti-chinese says:

    Curse the freakin’ chinese!

  24. Rich says:

    maganda kaya yung mga Chinese phones na Windows Mobile ang OS?

  25. ola says:

    How much is nokia e71i

  26. Nik says:

    Everything chinese is slowly improving. Pinapatay kasi sa China yung gumagawa ng poor quality

  27. slim says:

    does anyone know where i can get the software update and games…whats the opserating system like?

  28. lito says:

    my phone is i68+ plus. i have just see from javquisoft a upgrade kit for this. is anybody have the kit? please

  29. Sammii says:

    I just bought the E7i today and got it configured with GPRS for both Globe and Smart (so yay, I have internet — kahit hindi WiFi, pwede na rin. Basta may load ka. LOL) I got mine from Greenhills and it cost me P5000. One year warrantee. Pag may nasira daw, papalitan ko na lang. They’ll replace it with the new one and apparently all I have to pay for is the “casing”. So far so good. Maganda yung reception sa TV and the internet’s stable. It’s “quadband” although I haven’t tested that feature out yet. Kung may China phone kayo at gusto nyo mag set up ng internet:



  30. Anand says:

    Do NOT buy these china smartphone models. They may look good and even sound good with all the extra functions, but they just come with inferior software, especially the smartphone models. The OS in these models are crap compared to any legitimate brand. And support or fixes are nonexistent. Don’t expect to get lucky !!! If you are a serious smartphone user pls stay away from these and save your $100++…

  31. nikka says:

    if it’s made in china, it must be fake =P

  32. ALDEMNIR says:


  33. Mubeen says:

    I have Nokia E71i (made in China)TV is not in it, it Is restart many time eg wehen i see pictures , use camera use net, what is the problem can u help me?????????????

  34. dextoy says:

    @ SAMMII

    eeii… thanks for the gprs set up ha… question lang, how did u manage the contact bug… yung hindi lumalabas yung name kahit nka save na sa phone memory and sim card yung name… i experience that ehh number lang ang lumalabas… im using smart and sun networks…


  35. Rosanna says:

    I got a China dual sim E72 in greenhills! Yes E72! From 4,500 natawaran ko ng 3,700.

    The BAD: 1. Basag ang sounds 2. Walang folders to store messages so padami lang ng padami laman ng inbox/outbox. 3. Girl told me not to drop it kasi pag nasira na wala na makakaayos. meaning disposable na siya.4. The Nokia sign is hologram so halatang fake. The E72 sign is the wrong font and size. 5. Of course no 3g or wifi.

    The Good: 1. It really looks like the real thing 2. Cheap if you are just after looks not features– 3,700 vs original 24,000. 3. Dual Sim 4. Works with (compatible) Nokia chargers, battery and headsets. 5. camera says 9 mp but shoots like a 2mp nokia–not bad!

  36. fraz says:

    nokia E71i in china mobile is good but its speed is slow.

  37. ADMIN says:

    for the phone numbers you need to edit the numbers and replace 0 with +63 then save it. hope this works for you!

  38. lito says:

    ok sana if their product may mga piesa kung masira. mas mahal pa pagawa kng masira kaysa sa original na nokia.

  39. JAM says:

    Ito po bang Nokia E71i ay WLAN enabled phone? as Nokia E71 also haved? any comments sa mga nka bili na ng E71i?

  40. Atiq says:

    i m using Nokia E71i (China)with dual sim .i found it very best but its camera result is not good

  41. reijii says:

    hello sa mga may e7i china phone paano ba mai aactivate ung mms/gprs nya dko kc madale tnx sa inyo

  42. lito says:

    all china phone ay ganyan. hindi nalabas ang pangalan na naka lagay sa contact no. ang remedyo yan pag may nag txt save mo uli then erase the first entry. pero sa tawag talaga hindi nalabas ang pangalan.

  43. deathrow says:

    E71 China phone , meron nang wifi and java, makakapag install ka pa java games, wifi ang lupet hehehehe almost the same na as Nokia E71, maliban nlang sa 3G ala sia nun, NOTE same size na

  44. altevlaw says:

    have purchesed E71 with tv tuner and dual sim at 3,900 here in cebu. quite chip than the orig thing. it sports a feature quite like the real thing.. it has wifi already. pretty neat…

  45. horsey says:

    talking about china phones, the reason why it is cheap compared to the real ones is because the materials like pieces they are using are very cheap that’s why software results to problems of the phones. it’s chinese’ monkey business hihihihih that’s why when it comes to businesses sila ay maliit mata pero malaki kita! :-D

  46. ching chang chung says:

    always keep this in mind! IN THE END! CHINA WILL WIN!!! its terrible and sad!

  47. ching chang chung says:


  48. toptanalcom says:




  49. Sad fact that most of the products are made in China but who is to blame? The manufacturers themselves! why? because they brought their production facilities in China. At least poor people will have a chance to buy a smart phone where without clones only the rich can afford.

  50. Jamrack says:

    how can i change the theme on this fone.. are there any site that i can download from??????

  51. Alex says:

    Nokia E71i has Dual-SIM and TV Tuner
    i would like to purhase the above mobile.

  52. ikechukwu says:

    i want to get to know about this phone

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