Nokia N8, E7 gets Symbian Anna in the Philippines

Nokia N8, E7 gets Symbian Anna in the Philippines

As promised by Nokia back in June, Symbian Anna is now rolling into devices in the Philippines — specifically the Nokia N8 and the Nokia E7.

The device update, which is about 29MB in size, can be downloaded OTA straight into the handsets (just open WiFi and go to Software Updates).


We’ve got one now installed on the Nokia E7 and works pretty well.

Do let us know in the comments if you bump into some issues or have successfully updated your handsets.

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30 Responses

  1. tonydl says:

    wil try dis now! Tnx man

  2. jonas says:

    just updated my nokia n8 to anna via ota.i didn’t find it in ovi suite,works fine. symbian belle is coming soon.i hope it will be better.

  3. Culturismo says:

    Comes too little too late for me. Sold the N8 & E7 and am loving the Nexus S. Sure its nice
    that Anna is out but short of Maps there wasnt too much exciting about the UX. you can also kiss Google services integration or app dev goodbye. I’ve pretty much accepted there won’t be many relevant apps for the N9, I hope its browser is punchy enough to DO IT ALL. enjoy your dated underwhelming ‘update’

  4. tonydl says:

    done with update…i saw 2 more anna updates, did it also. Then upon start up…’contact retailer’. After 3 tries, nag OK naman. Scary event. Wag na sana umulit.

  5. e says:

    i just updated mine today and it works fine, faster and new look… I think theres just a problem in pinching the screen in zooming in and zooming out a web browser, it will work once then after few attempts it will stop from zooming in or out.. Anyone here have the same problem after the upgrade?

  6. louie6380 says:

    Quickoffice is gone after the update in my N8???
    Any idea anyone?

    • jonas says:

      go to the software update of your phone. then update it, install symbian anna 1/2 and 2/2, it will install the quickoffice and adobe pdf viewer. next week ,another update will be released for the camera settings

  7. Dredd says:

    this update solves the tint issue of the n8?

  8. caloy says:

    do you need to back-up your files before updating?

  9. e says:

    before the update my n8 only have a trial version of quickoffice, meaning i can only view office docs. But after the anna update i have a full version of quick office, i can create new office docs aswell. I think the full version of quick office is bundled with anna. It is located at application/office/quickoffice…
    For tint issue, i never had a tint issue on my n8, i think thats for samsung galaxy s2.. Right yuga?

  10. melvin says:

    Just updated my C7 yesterday after got it from nokia care :D, now waiting for Belle.
    I saw hacked Belle version but i’ve learn my lesson my C7 crash after trying to downgrade from hacked Anna to PR1.2 good thing my phone is still under warranty :D

  11. Marvin says:

    why is it d nagpapakta ung update sa N8 ng friend ko. it only shows N8-00 Device Software?? i guess this not Symbian Anna. any inputs?

    • Dan MD says:

      Here are the complete steps for updating:
      1. using your phone, go to dialler and press “*#0000#”, Options>Check for updates, download update
      2. go to Menu>SW Update and download the remaining Symbian Anna updates
      3. Alternatively, you can launch the Ovi Suite to check for updates. Make sure first that you have the latest version of the Ovi Suite.

      Here’s my review/feature on Symbian Anna:

  12. kenneth says:

    after updating my c7 with the official anna from navifirm+, i love my phone more and its very responsive. you wont love nokia if you’re really a hater of the brand. they maybe late but they’re trying their best to please us. next great thing would be the symbian belle

  13. jonas says:

    after symbian belle comes symbian cathy. puro naman pangalan ng mga girls

  14. Anonymous says:

    woohoo finally rounded icons, WOW!!!

  15. inots2pid says:

    just updated my N8 it works fine cool UI for symbian anna :p

  16. martin says:

    after upgrading to symbian anna for the first time, in the softwsre updates there’s another set of symbian anna updates 1/2 and 2/2. Any of you guys encountered problems installing those other sets of updates?

  17. RaGe says:

    does anyone plays AntSNES and gPSP on their N8 coz I need to check first if it will affect the apps when I update to Anna
    has anyone tried if it’s still working?

  18. This is nice for having Nokia E7 and N8.

  19. Welsh says:

    did anyone had problems downloading the Symbian Anna update for 2/2 part.

    how did you fixed it?

  20. gadgetaddict says:

    just updated my e7’s software yesterday. very nice icons and qwerty keyboard na cya in portrait mode. Web browser is a little polished now. Nokia rocks!!!

  21. ceasar says:

    tsk3x… i always get an error message when downloading it.. connection always gets lost… T_T

  22. Nyok says:

    Symbian Anna 2/2 doesn’t appear on my sw update what will i do?

    • Welsh says:

      Hi Nyok,

      I had the same problem. even up to a point that OVI suite had error installing Symbian Anna 2/2.

      Here’s what I did to resolve and download the Symbian Anna 2/2 for my N8.

      step 1: reinstall the OS through software update of OVI suite (it may have an error for 2/2, if so proceed to step two).

      step 2: when the error msg for Symbian Anna 2/2 appears. just go to your phone and choose the following options:
      > Menu > Applications > Tools > Phone setup > SW update. (this is where i found the Symbian Anna 2/2 download).

      if you didn’t have an error msg from OVI Suite before, maybe you can proceed to step 2 instead (just follow the options to download in step 2)

      I think C7, and E7 has the same menu options with N8.

      good luck

      let me know how it went


  23. florence says:

    wow. I heard a lot of GREAT feedbacks with nokia phones updated to Symbian Anna. I wanna have my nokia n8 very very soon! :)

  24. florence says:

    Sir Yuga! Any idea kung magkano na lang po yung Nokia N8 ngayon? :))

  25. Orio says:

    Hi Yuga,

    I have C7 and updated the software/firmware to Anna (v.022.014). However, I’m still seeing two updates for Anna ( 1/2 and 2/2). Tried doing OTA update but it says “failed”. Any workaround for this?

  26. Puta naman Nokia sucks with the fucking Symbian!!!!

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