Nokia N9 with Meego announced!

Probably the biggest announcement during the Nokia Connection 2011 here in Singapore is the upcoming Nokia N9. See photos and video of the demo after the jump.

The Nokia N9 will run on Meego 1.2 Harmattan with a refreshed user interface.

Nokia N9 specs:
3.9-inch AMOLED screen @ 854×480 pixels
ARM Cortex-A8 OMAP3630 1 GHz
PowerVR SGX530
16GB and 64GB internal storage
Bluetooth 2.1
WiFI 802.11 b/g/n
3G/HSDPA 14.4Mbps
8MP autofocus camera with Carl Zeiss optics
720p HD video recording @ 30fps with stereo sound
2 x LED flash
2nd front-facing camera for video calls
1450mAh battery
Meego 1.2 Harmattan

The device seems thinner than the Nokia N8, ranging from 7.6–12.1mm in thickness. This unibody design is made of of polycarbonate with inherent colors so even if you scratch it, the colors will remain.

Press release here:

Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series

Complete Nokia N9 specs sheet here:

The Nokia N9 is also the first Nokia handset to run a ARM Cortex-A8 OMAP3630 1.0 GHz PowerVR SGX530 with 1024MB of internal RAM and 64GB of storage.

Nokia also came out with a portable Bluetooth speakers with NFC support so you can easily tap and pair the N9 with it.

The handset will be released before the end of 2011. Will post more live pictures and actual demos in a few minutes.

Update: Read our first impressions review of the Nokia N9 here.

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  1. Avatar for ronald ronald says:

    I bought mine yesterday in sm city annex bldg. I got the white 64GB for P27,700.

  2. Avatar for YANNIE YANNIE says:

    wow! nice!!! i am going to buy this phone… the long wait is over… super <3 it !:)

  3. Avatar for Jalapenio Jalapenio says:

    I want it. I don’t care if meego is DOA. All the more makes it unique. Besides, What got me to like it is the immense capability to multitask. How many apps do you need in a phone anyway? Screw the apps. I want a phone that does what I really need. Not what iOS or android tells me I need.

  4. Avatar for anthony anthony says:

    This Nokia N9 is fully loaded with great features and MeeGo as plus point

  5. Avatar for KorbinDallasMultiPas KorbinDallasMultiPas says:

    Yummy!Extra rice please!

  6. Avatar for John P. John P. says:


    ang real processor po niya ay TI OMAP 3630.. then yong POWERVR SGX530 is yong GPU..para po sa games (HD Games)

  7. Avatar for ziizz ziizz says:

    Bat ganun po dalawa ba processor nya? Medyo naguluhan lang po ko tinignan ko specs nya sa gsm arena cpu nya arm cortex 8 tas gpu nya powervr sgx530 ,tas anu po yung TI omap 3630 chipset? Cpu din ba yun? Or gpu? Di ko po alam kaya ko po tinatanung

  8. Avatar for kannuchi kannuchi says:

    I want to own this phone! After watching tons of videos, I am definitely gonna buy this after months of iphone4 experience. Hope it won’t be priced that much in the Philippines. :P

  9. Avatar for Jun Jun says:

    It’s a good phone! I guess, it’s better than iPhone… another info about this phone here:

  10. Avatar for vox vox says:

    ever so late Nokia…..Dual core is in, haven’t you notice…again teaming up with Microsoft…it’s like this Fail + Fail = double Fail…

    • Avatar for vox2 vox2 says:

      Have you really used all the so called dual core smartphones? do you really own one? Baka hanggang comment ka lang, at yung windows OS mo sa pc/laptop, baka pirated copies lang yan. Before you say anything against a product be sure to own it and use it , then you will have the right to say it fails. ok?

    • Avatar for vox3 vox3 says:

      fail + fail = fail fail. bwhahahahahahahaha

    • Avatar for vox vox says:

      yes..i own a SGS2 and my laptop OS are real,and It’s not possible in this country where i work to own a pirated software…how bout u?

  11. Avatar for Sinestro Sinestro says:

    The first Nokia Windows Phone 7 devices are set to arrive later this year, while Symbian and Meego phones will be slowly abandoned over the coming months (or relegated to cheaper feature phones). It makes little sense to buy the N9, with an OS soon to be put to pastures, regardless of Nokia’s excellent craftsmanship when it comes to hardware. If you really want a Nokia phone, you are better off waiting until later this year for one of the Windows Phone 7 models.

    • Avatar for Ligrev Ligrev says:

      Plans can change too.

      Think about it: If they will [categorically] phase out Meego eventually, why produce?

      Nokia is definitely “testing the waters” with the N9.

  12. Avatar for Ken Ken says:


  13. Avatar for Lankku Lankku says:

    This would be free under a plan 1500. Mind you people, it comes with all necessary apps out of the box! Facebook, twitter, youtube, foursquare, vimeo, FREE (read free; no need to pay moolah to google for their service IN 3D) maps, etcetera, etcetera!

    NFC people!!! Eat that. No more stupid bluetooth pairings! Tap your phone and you are connected!

    iOS is no longer the king of intuitiveness! Eat that! King of joketime OS pa rin naman sha.

    Hello beautiful! Come to papa Lankku!

  14. Avatar for 1001 1001 says:

    isusuko ko ba ang nokia n8 ko para dito?

  15. Avatar for angelique angelique says:

    how much?

  16. Avatar for papao6 papao6 says:

    i think nokia is really fighting. astig niya ha. i want android kasi astig siya, thats why bumili ako ng android phone, nung nakita ko yung iOS5, sabi ko astig din, parang gusto ko na yata mag iphone. but this one, grabe, di ko na alam kung anung phone ang gusto ko…

  17. Avatar for razorous razorous says:

    This is great Nokia’s fighting its way back up but I’m more eager to know about the N950 than this..

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