Nokia N900 gets official

Nokia N900 gets official

The Nokia N97 gets a big brother. Nokia confirms the new N900, a large-sized smartphone (internet tablet) packed with features and looking even better than previous models in the same line (such as the Nokia N850).

nokia n900


3.5 inch display (800×480 pixels) with resistive touchscreen
up to 1GB of application memory (256 MB RAM, 768 MB virtual memory)
32 GB storage
up to 16GB via microSD
HSDPA, 10Mbps, HSUPA, 2Mbps
WiFi 802.11 b/g
Bluetooth 2.1 with A2DP
5MP camera @ 2592×1944 pixels, Carl Zeiss optics, AF,
Dual LED flash with video light
ARM Cortex A8 600 MHz with PowerVR SGX graphics
Stereo FM radio and FM transmitter
GPS with A-GPS support
Digital Compass

nokia n900

The 1320mAh Li-Ion battery does seem a little low for a smartphone like this considering the earlier E71/E63/E72 already have 1500mAh. Would be pretty interesting how the Linux-based Maemo 5 OS will perform. Will be available later this year with a suggested retail price north of Php35,000.

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117 Responses

  1. Boffill says:

    Hmm. 500euros is equal to 35,000. Can’t wait for this. Whew. This one is real good.

  2. Raven says:

    I agree… But the 0s might be a pr0blem on my part. Im n0t familiar of it and d0es it supp0rt applicati0ns in .jar, .jad, .sis and .sisx f0rmat lyk symbian?

  3. madzman23 says:

    A very interesting phone from Nokia, and its nice to know that its Linux powered and not Symbian OS (old software ;)…

    I will anticipate this one…

  4. Erin says:

    @raven: java is not listed in the spec page ( but it is a linux system in essence so somebody would eventually roll out the packages for a full blown java runtime engine on it.

    for the other stuff, you can cross-compile from a desktop. or at least some will do as that is what techie people with a lot of spare time do when they start forming communities.


  5. Kimmo says:

    If you don’t mind me asking, where did you find out the N900 has a digital compass? I can’t find it mentioned anywhere else.

  6. someone you met outside says:


    It’ll support far more applications than what symbian can dream of. This thing has linux, more specifically debian linux. (nokia calls the os maemo) Having linux means there will be a lot of free applications developed for this device, as the source code of many linux applications can easily be ported.

    In fact, there is already and active community developing apps for this platform. I can only imagine it becoming bigger as the n900 and subsequent devices are released.

    Check this out.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Now this is refreshingly new. Will definitely get this phone.

  8. ron says:

    looks like nokia finally decides to do a little philandering.

    i thought nokia would never leave symbian, but with this development, it seems nokia’s seeing things the way palm saw things when it introduced WebOS.

    will it go all the way in leaving symbian? abangan… :-)

  9. Jam. says:

    AFAIK, Hindi nila yata iiwanan ang symbian. Pagsasabayin nila ang Symbian And Maemo. Well, yun yung natatandaan ko dati XD

  10. kwhengce says:

    great design! and for the os verygood decision for me, kasawa na symbian eh..

  11. Jam. says: Videos here :D

  12. P35,000?!?! Looks like I’ll have to wait for two years for N900 to get a whole lot cheaper.

  13. ron says:

    @john robert very funny comment.

    if you’d have to wait for 2 years, i can’t imagine how much longer in my case.

  14. i love the design, they could have made it thinner..

  15. Jam. says:

    BTW, does Maemo support .jar files?

  16. Anonymous says:

    @jam – for sure it will support if it has Java runtime installed.

  17. wifi phone at 35000, hmmm, il check this one out :)

  18. beadfreak says:

    actually this is under a N-Series tablet, it was not considered a phone but a tablet with a pgone funtionality ..MAEMO OS is a fun and a quick operating system and they load faster than Symbians and Java

  19. dondon cabansag says:

    ok lang this december ill get one pangporma lng pangtaob sa mga mayayabang na may cellphone

  20. dondon cabansag says:

    feeling nila sila lang ang naka n97 sa balat ng lupa can wait to have one!!!!!!!!

  21. dondon cabansag says:

    kahit isanla ko na tatay at nanay ko basta mabili ko lng itong phone at any cost kahit makaaway ko pa ang mga naka n97 d2 sa amin okey lng!!!!!! hehehehehehehe!!!!!!! its the centavos that counts!!!!!!!!!

  22. dondon cabansag says:

    work hard!!!!!!!for this!!!!!!!

  23. dondon cabansag says:

    1 kalabaw + 5 baboy + 10 manok + 10 bibe + mga bakal at bote dyaryo = NOKIA N900

  24. dondon cabansag says:

    ito na ang gagamitin ko sa bukid namin pang araro at pang saka!!!!!!!!.hightech kasi may WIFI na kami sa gitna ng bukid syempre pang friendster,pang facebook,pang google map ko sa lupang sinasaka ko at syempre yung application na paborito ko sa lahat yung CALCULATOR para malaman ko kung magkano na kita ko sa pagsasaka!!!!!!

  25. Josh says:

    Yess.. I hope the OS isn’t a big let-down.

    Although I hope Nokia makes an E series phone with this design. Not a big fan of the E75 with the dual keypads. I just want one with a large screen + QWERTY keyboard. The N97 looked pretty good, too bad the insides were simply not good enough.

  26. pay says:

    i heard that this will be released in europe this october. i wish they would release it here in the philippines at about the same time. good thing i didn’t fall for n97’s crappy features. hekhek. can’t wait. ;)

  27. manong says:

    if only could nokia follow the lead of apple, sana #1 din sila sa smartphone. wag na kasi gawa ng gawa ng sangkaterbang design napapahinto at nagpapag-isip tuloy ang mga tao kung alin ang bibilhin dapat isang design na lang tulad ng iPhone.. tapos puro 30+K pa ang price

  28. edwin says:

    By hook or by crook kukuha ako neto kahit nde ako kumain ng isang bwan. 35k? Sus wala yan sa binili kong n91 dati na umabot ng 45k at niregalo lang sa ex girlfriend ko. ahehehe.

  29. Riki says:

    kelan ba lalabas to? ibubugaw ko nalang muna mga malalanding estudyante dito sa comp shop namin para may pambili ako. wahahahahaha!

  30. monja says:

    meron na b nyan sa greenhills?wahahaha cguro khit 2nd hand pwede na din….

  31. rockman says:

    got to render more ot to get this item :D

  32. eric santos says:

    n97 user here bili ako ulit neto paglabas for my second phone hehe mayabang ako eh

  33. mike roxas says:

    bitter amphota kung n97 nga nde nyo mabili n900 pa mahilig lang kayo magdahilan hahaha

  34. spam says:

    papansin mga ibang comments. parang comment na ito. tsktsk

  35. Tang in a m0o says:

    Ang yayabang ninyo. Puro hangin lang alam nyo.

  36. jazzme says:

    buti pa ang nokia 3210i may fm transmitter at stand alone gps

  37. ading iloko says:

    sna meron sa CEL Manila Live pra ako mismo ang pipindot…. nangangati na kamay ko na magkaroon nito

  38. asskicker says:

    ei guys, do u hav any idea when wud be the realease date of n900 in d philippines?..

  39. Tonying says:

    Wala pa din. Sana by December meron na nito. :)

  40. chiidorisek says:

    i think hindi sya irerelease dito this year.. i guess 1st quarter of 2010 pa sya ilalabas

  41. doc says:

    if i order this through internet sa tingin nyo magagamit ba yan dito?

  42. doc says:

    balita ko even if its unlocked hindi pa rin siya pwede.. question lang para sa mga hindi makahintay… :)

  43. Pallan says:

    Diba flagship ng nokia to.. Like n97.. Kaya malay mo dbA.. Hehe.. Kaya natin to.. Hrap maghintay eh

  44. qwerty says:

    i asked a nokia sales representative yesterday, he told me that n900 wont be released here, im not sure if it’s true, but i suggest to just wait for the updated version, the one with maemo 6, it has multi-touch support :)

  45. n900 says:

    in nokia online store usa it cost $569 and in amazon it cost $550 and after rebate its $450.

  46. adrian says:

    when will it be released in the ph? i went to the nokia ph site and viewed their upcoming models there is no n900 listed there T_T

  47. hijecx says:

    hey guys…if you’re planning to buys this mobile computer..ahem..i mean mobile phone…..go 4 it..
    there’s more inside….keep in mind that it’s linux based…… visit this link and you’ll know what I’m talkin’ ’bout….the Maemo team is actually encouraging us to hack n900..if you own this, you’ll get my point..

  48. mini says:

    check out the nokia online store USA, n97 mini is more expensive than n900.

  49. xtian1986 says:

    dadating kaya to sa pinas? inaantay ko na to pangpalit ng iphone 3G ko hehe

  50. revenge says:

    hmmmm…nag dadalawang isip 2loy ako papabili ko sana n97 eh kaso nakita ko to parang mas maganda na ang os n2 kasi linux type na kaya open source na to kailang kaya lalabas to sa pinas? maghihintay na lang ako hanggang nxt year :D

  51. ... says:

    it doesnt have portrait mode and doesnt have equalisers at all. maybe in the firmwaare update it will have those.

  52. jeffrey says:

    ang panget n2..nd sya mganda gmitin sa toto0 lng nung bmili ako n2 dun sa states 2 monts ago…nung unuwi ko sya d2 sa pinas …cra agad sobrang nghahang 2ng phone n2 ….itsura lng mganda pro nd mganda quality n2 ….syang lng pera ko…!!!!!!

  53. tyki says:

    not worth the money ,.

  54. Jay says:

    will have this phone by God’s grace..:)

  55. Paula says:

    So is this on the Philippine market yet?

  56. Jerry says:

    kailan pa 2 lalabas sa pinas? tagal2 ko na nag hihintay la parin eh… nag iisip nlng aq na bibili ng n97 mini… hahai… mas cheaper… :)

  57. Filippa Askins says:

    Hey guys ! Well I just bought this in greenhills and it works amazingly ! I text much faster as well and, The camera’s exceptionally well. I love it very much. Don’t buy the N97. I bought it for 35k pero puwede ka pang tumawad sa 34k . Good luck sa inyong lahat ! Work hard ! :)

  58. Jeremy Yang says:

    Thanks so much Filippa for the comment ! I never thought it would first come out sa greenhills. Anyways, I did as you said and paid only 34k. I love it. Thanks again!

  59. Don irog says:

    Haha :D mapapabili na tuloy ako. Punta na ako greenhills. Thanks Filippa. May suggestion ka ba for phone accessories? Thanks.

  60. Filippa Askins says:

    Wow ! Bilis ng replies ! Congrats sa inyo! Sa magandahan din kayo sa phone n_n Phone accessories..Bili ka ng matibay.

  61. Don irog says:

    Ah okay :D Nabili ko na po siya !!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Grabe =)) Pagdating ko dun, isa nalang pala ang natitira ! Ang daming bumili ! Kaya siniguro ko nang ako yung makakabili. Salamat talaga !!!!

  62. MJ says:

    @ Filippa

    complete accesories po ba ung kasama? ano po ung warranty nya sa greenhills?


  63. Dee says:

    anybody interested in N900? i have one unit here… brandnew, just opened it for testing… complete with nokia warranty… txt me 09158778677

  64. Kurt says:

    san po kau sa greenhills bumili anong store? complete accesories po ba tsaka ano po ung warranty


  65. Josh Non-tech says:

    damn this fone looks so cool!! lovin it already! im a bit tired of my 5800 already, and is definitely thinking of a new cp… saw this on the inet and it really blew my mind! plays .avi and .wmv movies! what more can i ask for???

  66. Josh Non-tech says:

    now if anyone can offer another phone that plays .wmv and .avi movies on the go (without the freakin hassle of conversion) then be my guest and enlighten me in my dilemna.. otherwise, ill be getting this one by june!

  67. Josh Non-tech says:

    does it have skype/ms office package?? hopefully by mid june or later (really,really.really hoping.. ;| ) i can get this one.. anyone?? can u please tell me if it has skype? ms office??

  68. hukares says:

    @Josh Non-tech
    MS Office? on GNU/Linux based mobile OS? I think not. Possibly, OpenOffice for Maemo will be out soon. As for Skype, there’s an outdated version of Skype for GNU/Linux platform — hope Maemo could run it.

  69. hukares says:

    @Josh Non-tech
    * Video playback file formats: .mp4, .avi, .wmv, .3gp; codecs: H.264, MPEG-4, Xvid, WMV, H.263

  70. hmm says:

    if nokia wont release it here and then you bought one, what if it has defect or you broke it for some reason? i dont think nokia philippines will service this even if it has a nokia warranty sticker coz its never been release it here… what you think?

  71. BobM says:

    I emailed Nokia asking if I buy an N900 from the U.S. if it could be serviced in the Philippines if it should have a problem and received a reply stating that it could be taken to a Nokia service center to be diagnosed to determine if there was a problem with the unit but that if it should require servicing the unit would need to be sent back to the country from which it was purchased. I don’t think it is worth it to me to go through the extra trouble of getting an N900 from the states and pay quite a bit extra in the process and then if something goes wrong having to send it back to the states to get it serviced and paying extra to get it fixed. If Nokia doesn’t release it in the Philippines I guess I will be on the lookout for some kind of Android device, that is disappointing to me because I really want the N900.

  72. Nikka says:

    @BobM — just wait a little more! the N900 should be available in Nokia stores really soon! =)

  73. Heven says:

    I check the nokia site and n900 is available in nokia asia. but how come it is not included in the nokia philippines… i really want this phone. sana lumabas na cya sa pinas

  74. BobM says:


    I hope you are correct and it will be available soon, after my E71 I will not ever get another cellphone without a qwerty keyboard as long as I can help it and I really like the fact that the N900 uses Linux. I wish Nokia would release their PC software for for syncing Nokia phones with Linux and have wrote them asking for that even though I know it is a long shot but it would be nice with the N900 since it uses Linux as its operating system for them to do that if for no other reason than symbolically.

    I seen on another website someone claimed to receive a response from Nokia saying that the N900 would be released in several Asian countries to include the Philippines in March and April so my hopes are high.

  75. rjmm says:

    ganda naman nito.pero nagbubug po ba ito tulad ng pesteng 5800 ko…mukang maganda nga,,hintay hintay muna bka may mas maganda pa..hahaha

  76. Quincy says:

    I bought N900 last year in September and the phone working so great and i loved it, i still have the phone and not planing to change it….


    by mistake i broke my LCD screen and went to Nokia Care Center here in Makati, but the answer came back to me saying i had to send it to the place that i purchase it from which is out of da country.

    i’ll buy the screen from US and fix it here in Green Hills.

    N900 should be released its the best by nokia ever

  77. i will buy this phone later

  78. mark matthew says:

    dudes try HTC phones it is more expensive than this but you will not regret it.. i don’t like nokia product because they easily change their unit every 2 to 3 months they are making new unit products so you are going to waist your money buying this stuff..

  79. BobM says:

    I see where the N900 is now listed on the Singapore and Malaysia websites for preorder. It is listed as being available for preorder in Singapore for around U.S. $715 and in Malaysia for around U.S. $686 and both list it as including the Extra Power DC-11, this is quite a bit more than it is selling for in the U.S.. I wonder how long before the price will drop? If a similar deal is offered in the Philippines I will get one right away and if not I will wait a little while.

  80. ron says:

    is this phone even better than those with an android OS?

  81. BobM says:

    Yes it is going to be listed soon maybe today, I just did a search for “N900” and it returns some results which it didn’t do yesterday.

  82. Quincy says:

    I’m waiting for the release of the phone here in Manila.

    The Phone will be something special and flip the market upside down, but i’m waiting for more applications for it, u may create your own applications like the Iphone but N900 its simply faster and durable.

    I had it since last year and no complne till i broke my LCD Screen……

    waiting for N900

  83. Home says:

    This Beats The iPhone3GS – definitely

  84. ... says:

    i just saw the n900 in nokia philippines website… does it means its now available here in the country?

  85. BobM says:

    Yes I purchased it from the Nokia store at SM in San Fernando over a week ago so it is available but it wasn’t displayed and I had to ask about it. Nokia seems to be taking a low key approach in the compared to other countries.

  86. Kulas says:

    Hi BobM. How much did you bought it?

  87. BobM says:

    I payed 30,000 for it but I am sure the price isn’t fixed because I hear one of the other guys there ask the one who sold it to me how much I bought it for. Also went to estation at the SM mall on Clark in Angeles City to see if they had screen protectors or a case to protect it and they said they had sold one earlier the same day for 27,000 so check around but that should give you an idea of how much you will be paying.

  88. kulas says:


    I purchased it for only 26,500. is the battery life of N900 fast? How long is your battery life?

  89. BobM says:

    Congratulations you got a much better price. I couldn’t really say much about the battery because I haven’t really pushed it hard and don’t really use it much as a phone just more to play so I couldn’t give an accurate estimate as to how the battery would last for typical use with but it does seem to me that it runs down pretty quick.

    I have seen where some people have even started over clocking it, Nokia released a great little hobbyist device with the N900.

  90. Kulas says:


    Yes! I have read about overclocking N900 but I’ll enjoy 1st of what it has before doing somthing to it. It may void the warranty of it. :) Thank you so much!

  91. wastock says:

    This looks cool

  92. ferky says:

    ang gnda nito pro parang pnglloko lng tau ng nokia evry 3 to 6 months ngppalit ng unit ang nokia maxado tau aporado s mga cell phone pnglloko lng tau ng nokia ndi s wla me pambili ng n900 naisip ko lng n syng lng kc ms mgnda pla illabas nla s ssunond n unit tpos bbili uli tau…

  93. ... says:

    i was about to buy this then i remember it has no portrait mode, only landscape and it has no mms. music player have no equalizer too…

  94. Quincy says:

    i was able to fix LCD for 4300 at MOA Nokia Center.
    and now i’m enjoying my phone again. any questions again about pls. let me know guys. i had the phone since Last Sept. 09

  95. Harold Gundran says:

    its in the store already you can buy it there are made in korea or in china so i bought the one that is made in korea bec. china not that good in making e-gadgets all the parts are from finland it was assembled in korea. well in terms of performce it is wtf! amazing can browse the net at high speed its like a computer already and the blckberry and the i phone is no match in the new n900 but it has a high price though, costing php35000 on my pocket but its worth a lot i love this phone it rocks. i recommend throw ur blackberry and i phone and switch to n900!!!

  96. Tanabs says:

    Ang ganda pero mas mahal pa sa laptop ko ang presyo


  97. jong says:

    update to latest version of maemo. dont know if its working properly.. portrait mode on web browser not working… hmmm

  98. JM says:

    I have an N900 since November. I pre-ordered it in the USA and waited for it for 2 months. Videocalls are possible by Skype thru 3G and Wifi. 3G is fast here in the USA, I have a friend that came to Manila around January with an N900. Internet is soooooo damn slow with Globe and Smart. Skype calls are almost impossible thru 3G. Surfing is great if you have wifi in the Philippines. If not, mas makupag pa kesa dial-up if you are using the cellular networks (remember, the N900 brings up the actual website, not a mobile website like the iphone).

    Battery lasts for 8 hours with minimal use if you are always connected to the internet by 3G (weather widget, skype and pidgin running on the background). I listen to internet radio by wifi for 4 hours at home one time, and the battery level never changes.

    I listen to Crossover Manila radio while driving home from work and I live in Washington DC.

    If you don’t have a wifi network at home, don’t even bother buying this if you just plan to use Philippine cellular networks, skype/yahoo chat is soooo delayed. You have drop calls thru VOIP by 3G, you can only understand every 3rd or 4th word (believe me, I know!). Surfing by Philippine 3G is out of the question.

    Some batches of N900 came with defective USB ports (they get pulled out), some also with defective LCD screens — so better buy it somewhere with good warranty. The screen can easily get scratched more than the iphone, so get a screen protector.

    Also, the firmware updates are only for USA and Europe (Nokia knows your IP address), so if you know a workaround, then it would be great. The last update, you need to connect your phone to a computer and USB and log in to USA site.

    And yes, I watch TV Patrol Regional and TV Patrol World and ANC on my phone. Yes, I can listen to all the online Manila FM stations while I’m driving. And yes it can play DivX files up to 4000 kbps (which is DVD quality), and yes I can plug it in to my TV while doing all these things!

    What I don’t like about it, no MMS (an app has just been released by very complicated, you need to have specific parameters for your cell provider). No voice-dialling, no turn-by-turn GPS navigation (though it has a GPS and maps).

  99. ed says:


    sa mga may ari ng nokia n900 dyan sa pinas:

    talaga bang sobrang bagal ng 3g natin at di na magagamit ng maayos ang browser ng phone at pidgin?

    mabagal din ba magload ang touchsite ng facebook?

    nabasa ko na officially released na ang n900 dyan satin, so wala pa rin bang OTA updates ang firmware dyan? or kahit Nokia Software Updater man lang?

    gumagana ba lahat ng app repositories na available? at nag o-auto update pa rin ba sila? (extras, extras-devel at extras-testing)

    nasa ibang bansa pa kasi ako ngayon, at lahat ng features ng n900 ay nagagamit ko dito. gusto ko sanang malaman kung alin yung di ko na magagamit na features para makuha ko na yung apps na kelangan ko pagumuwi ako. kahit anong information tunkol dito ay makakatulong. salamat ng marami.

  100. ken says:

    is it true na walang portrait mode ang N900??? meaning kapag magtetext ka need mo two hands for fast texting???

    update po sana sa price nya… thanks!

  101. rakim says:

    i got this phone last may 2010…its 25000+…my problem is its unlock and u need to use wifi best to get applications…my first day using it…diko alam wala palang mms…luckily may free apps sa application n FMMS…same as mms…but my main problem is NO JAVA!!!most games posted on website are JAVA soft!!!and i need to download games that are compatible for n900…but hard to find free nice one..mostly premiums on net!!!and nokia ovi game apps are not so good..nakakasawa ang bounce!!!
    advantage with n900 for me is it runs like computer…will its internet tablet like ipad but most of the application u like to download are from java!!!hope some1 wud tell me how to install boot java,android,windows,mac os…i saw it on youtube and it really run…how bout meego???plss any1 help me…[email protected]…FB

  102. Dakkel says:

    I get to watch several youtube videos simultaneously (not the mobile version) on my n900 without lag via Globe 3g. If that is not fast, I must be living in Mars.

  103. Kurt says:

    Is it durable enough for everyday use??

  104. G6 says:

    Guys, help me decide what to buy… Nokia N900 or Nokia N8…what do u think??

  105. aeou says:

    Guys enge naman tips. kasi bibili ako 2nd hand nga lang nito.. any tips paa malaman ko kung maganda ung n900 na bubuy ko?

  106. Mozilla Firefox has finally gone mobile! Surprisingly, it isn’t the iPhone or Android which has the honour of being the first platform to house the browser, but Maemo for the Nokia N900.

  107. Useful info. Lucky me I found your web site accidentally, and I am shocked why this twist of fate didn’t came about earlier! I bookmarked it.

  108. Baju bayi says:

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