Smart ALL DATA promo, up to 24GB for PHP 299

Smart ALL DATA promo, up to 24GB for PHP 299

Smart has released the ALL DATA promo, offering up to 24GB of shareable data for all sites.

Smart’s newest ALL DATA promo allows users to subscribe to either 2GB, 6GB, or 24GB of shareable data for all sites. The ALL DATA 50 gives 2GB of data for 3 days, the ALL DATA 99 gives 6GB for 7 days, and the ALL DATA 299 gives 24GB for 30 days.


Note that the promo offers shareable data for all sites, without the inclusions of calls or texts.

You may check out the GigaLife app to avail of the newest promo. The GigaLife app is available for download on Android and iOS.

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40 Responses

  1. Marc Mabato says:

    Do you know specifically where can I find the ALL DATA promo in the Giga Life App? Thanks in advance.

  2. Loretta says:

    It will pop up upon opening the app

  3. Brunkhorse says:

    You need to force close the app and reopen it. You’ll be greeted by a pop up to avail.

  4. Kin says:

    How do I load ALL DATA into my second mobile number? It seems to be valid only for primary number.

    • Brunkhorse says:

      I had this issue also. You have to unbind the 2nd number from your giga life account. And then create a separate giga life account for it where it is the main line. You need to log in and log out of the two numbers if you wish to see them on giga life and sign up for promos. This is kinda annoying. Hopefully smart adds these promos to the regular promo section and not a special popup like it is now

    • Mich says:

      You can log in your secondary number.

  5. K L says:

    Dito na sila.

  6. Geraldine Babiera says:

    I can’t see the all day data at my gigialife app. How can i subcribe?

  7. gilbert says:

    how to reg this promo

  8. Anning says:

    I couldn’t find it as well. It popped up only once then I’ve tried closing the app numerous times, uninstalled and installed again ?

  9. Joshua Calo says:

    I think it is only available on that day? Haha I purchased load 299 today but I can’t somehow register to all data because it can’t be found

    • rhenz says:

      same lol. loaded 300 pesos for me to try this 299 promo but I having a hard time checking on their gigalife app ?
      so I ended up to gigavideo99 since my subscription is about to end and I wanted my remianing data to roll over HAHA

      Dear Smart, if you guys are reading this please fix your apps and promos before doing such announcements and ads.


    • K says:

      How to Register for this po? Wala naman sa gigalife app?

    • You says:

      So it’s just a one time thing then? The pop-up was the only way to access the promo but they removed it.

  10. Rhonel says:

    Talk n text hindi pwede smart lang talaga?

  11. Alldrin Geroy says:

    Angas nung offer, lumabas ulit pop-up mula kaninang 6 kaya pwede na maload.

  12. Hoki Poki says:

    may iba nanaman silang promo Magic Data 399 daw no expiry 24gb lahat

  13. Allen says:

    Yes ithink the change it at minahalan

  14. Marianne says:

    What shows now is the all data 399.:(

  15. Louis James says:

    magic data nalang lumalabas.

  16. Grace says:

    Why its not 299? Instead it is 399 na.

    • rhenz says:

      its different from 299. 399 gives you the same gb (I Think) but it has no expiry :)

      youre welcome

  17. hoki poki says:

    pag ino open ko alldata299 pinapakita pag naman i aavail ko ang alldata ang lalabas na pagpipilian is magicdata. huh? anu daw?

  18. MJ says:

    Gusy. dont get fooled. 24 gig all net 30 days. pero pg naka 1gig ka na sa isang araw. biglang babagal na ung service sayo. nkakaainis bakit nyo lilimitahan per day kung may 24gig naman na in 30days.

  19. Malice says:

    one time lng ba tong 299 na 24 gig, ang lumalabas na lng saken is 399 na 24 gig, grabe nmn. Dapat pakainin ng wire yang mga telco na yan = =

  20. Ana says:

    Ang lumalabas magic data Lang 399., Ano ba Yan smart , parang ayaw nyo talaga ng promo ah,Sana pinagpapalit palit nyo o kanya andon na sa mga pagpipilian ng mga load

  21. Josh says:

    Wala po bang code eto?

  22. Natso says:

    24 gb data but it cant open Mobile legend.

    • Natso says:

      Bakit di makapag open ng mobile legend?

      D ba kasama sa sa 24 ang maka open ng games?

  23. VJ says:

    Napansin ko lang ayaw nung Netflix at Spotify. ALL DATA pang naturingan. Ayusin naman sana nila.

  24. buti nalang nabasa ko dito na mabagal pala yung data ng 299 lumalabas pala na kapag na reach mo n yung 1g mo sa isang araw biglang babagal ….pero guys ok yung 399 no expiry na try ko n sya mabilis sya …balik nalng ako sa 399 :)

  25. Xeroxxx says:

    Scam ang promos amputa!

  26. anonymous says:

    on the first page of the app under “Favorites” > “ALL DATA” > “ALL DATA”

  27. Mike says:

    Madodoble ba yang 24gb kapag niloadan ko ulit ng 299?

  28. Zeus says:

    stop using the app if you’re trying to register your load balance in any all-data promo. Just dial *123#

  29. Wdym says:

    What do you mean by shareable data? I need specific information about it. Need to use it for my PC from pocket wifi.

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