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Sony’s Android Nougat Update Roadmap leaked

We’ve learned of Sony’s devices being updated to the latest Android Nougat system, but one question remained — When will they roll out? A presentation slide leaked in the web containing he roadmap for the Japanese company’s planned update cycle.


The Flagship Xperia XZ will get the update first next month, followed by the Xperia X and X Performance in November. Owners of the Z5, Z5 Compact, Z5 Premium, Z4 Tablet, and Z3+ will get their Nougat patches during the Holidays.



Lastly, the XA and XA Ultra users will be the last to be seeded with the Nougat update, with the time frame being slated for Q1 2017.

This follows the announcement last month with these devices getting the Android 7.0 update. As for other phones not on the list, you might have to keep your fingers crossed as Sony’s working hard to get it across all its devices.


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3 Responses

  1. el gato says:

    i don’t really understand why smartphone makers choose the hard way: custom UI in contrast to stock android…
    stock android gets updates as soon as google releases them. all these smartphone makers should instead focus their efforts on their custom apps and vibrant customer support which give more value to their phones in the long run…

    • Yuma Asa Me says:

      Yan ang pinaka-clear na pagkakaiba ng Android at iOS.

      Dagdag mo na sa custom UIs, sa dami ng Android phones iba-iba ang configurations- ang ibang phones may physical home button, ang iba built in capacitive buttons, ang iba on-screen buttons etc.

      On one hand advantage to para sa Android users na sobrang dami ng choices pag bibili ka, on the other hand in terms of software updates, labo labo na.

  2. iKing says:

    too bad mt6753 wont have a nougat update anymore ????

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