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Verzio Duplii Review: A closer look at the dual-SIM phone

November last year, Verzio launched two dual-SIM mobile phones in the Philippines. One is the 3G capable Duplii and the other is the stylus touting Twinn. This month, I got to extensibly check out the Verzio Duplii for several weeks and here’s what I think about it.

What’s inside the box? You have the phone, the charger, a USB cable, earphones, a CD installer and 2 batteries. Phones that come with an extra/spare battery gets plus points in my book. The Verzio PC Suite is a simple program you install to manage your phone via the computer or laptop.

Unboxing the Verzio Duplii

Those of you who are used to most Nokia models will find the Duplii quite a familiar design and layout. The keypads are laid out normally in the usual grid layout except for the space key which is placed in the middle right corner — needs getting used to. The T9 Predictive Text feature is also very annoying and I couldn’t find a way to turn it off permanently.

Verzio Duplii

The sockets for the SIM cards are found at the back, just beneath the slot for the battery. The first slot on the left is designated SIM1 and the second slot on the right is SIM2. You can just insert a single SIM module for it to work but if you placed 2, you will still have the option to activated either one or both (online or offline) during boot-up or by pressing the power button halfway. This is a crucial feature for dual-sim phones, IMO. The 2MP camera works just fine but I was wondering if that plastic cover needs to be removed or is really there for protecting the tiny lens.

Dual SIM Cards

The interface is nice and appealing with animated flash-based screen wallpaper to boot. So is the navigation menu — it’s well thought out with some nifty eye-candy but remains simple. You can choose between the standard grid menu or the slide menu style. In the Settings, you can also choose which SIM you want as the primary number and will serve the the number used when calling out. When sending SMS though, you will always be prompted to select which SIM to use every time you select “Send”.

Duplii UI Interface

Though this model is 3G capable, I had a hard time configuring it with either Smart or Globe. My guess is that the telcos don’t have the settings ready OTA and you may need to bring the unit to one of their wireless centers. Likewise, the Verzio Snap Dialer that comes with the PC Tools is confusing (or I’m just totally unfamiliar with it) so I didn’t bother hooking the laptop to the phone to dial up to the internet.

It’s hard to determine how much internal memory this has but a quick glance at the settings shows you can squeeze up to 1,000 contacts. An external SD card can extend storage space though. There’s Bluetooth and an active mini USB port (which means you can charge the phone thru it too). There’s no IR port anywhere, just a dedicated volume control and a camera switch.

Despite the shortcomings, the Verzio Duplii achieved its main purpose — an affordable and very functional dual-sim phone that most multiple-phone users will surely like.

Update: Suggested retail price (SRP) for the Duplii is P14,990 while the Twinn is P11,990.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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74 Responses

  1. Spidey says:

    San to available Yugs? And how much..

    Interesting gadget huh. Samsung has its own version of the Dual Sim phone too, its the D880, kaya lang its USD 700 daw.

  2. How about other features like: infrared, bluetooth, mp3 uploading/downloading and the size of the memory card (mini/micro po ba)? and how much nga po pala yung price nya?

  3. Dexter says:

    This is good for OFW. Sonce most of us use. Roaming and International Numbers

  4. nel animo says:

    i like the 3d menus on it.

  5. LiNTEK says:

    Sana hindi MTK ang OS……

  6. Bob Reyes says:

    What’s the price range of the Verzio Duplii?

  7. akeii says:

    ^ last time i checked, it was around 14k.

    uhm, does anyone know if we can create extra sms folders, like that in nokia phones?

  8. yuga says:

    Updated my post with the SRP.

    @ akeli, nope you can’t add any more folders.

  9. ambo says:

    wow this is nice. i’d like to have one too. thanks for sharing ka yuga.

  10. ChrisMo says:

    Good Review Abe… there’s some mis-spellings on the post though. “What’s inside the box? You can the phone, ” , will still have an option to activated either one or both”

  11. itot54joni says:

    that phone looks like n82!anyway, you can now withdraw funds from your paypal to your philippine bank account read the the article

  12. yuga says:

    @chrismo, thanks for pointing that out. ;)

  13. calvin says:

    one thing to look for sa mga dual sim phones is kung kayang 2 sims active at the same time. how easy would it be to switch from one sim to another when texting or calling.

    from what i heard, yung sa samsung daw you have to reset it para makapili what sim would you be using.

  14. jervi reyes says:

    ganda ng phone kaso mdami na din nglalabasan na phone na dual sim made in china din pero mganda ang 3d menu ng phone.

  15. iris says:

    this is cool, well for a non-techie person like me. thanks for the info. im actually looking for a new phone to replace my 2 cellphones which isn’t so expensive. the only worry i have is the camera.. does it take nice pictures? my N70 kasi is ok na eh, pag maganda ang ilaw i don’t have to edit my photos so much anymore.

  16. luna says:

    It is using Qualcomm/Philips NXP OS.

    Unlike the Samsung D880, this is truly a dual active, dual standby phone.

    Its camera is true value non-interpolated 2MP, unlike all, I mean ALL Chinese dual SIM phones incl. Myphone which are 30K VGA interpolated to 1.3-2MP.

  17. Rasa says:

    Thanks, nice review. When and where will it be available in Singapore? Thanks.

  18. tom says:

    can i use the duplii in japan and korea?

  19. Anton S says:

    i got one.. so far i like it.. the only thing i dont like is that if you are in a hurry to send a message sometime you send it thru the wrong sim! hehehe

  20. Dunsh says:

    How easy is it to switch between sims? do you have to reboot the phone like the one of samsung d880?

  21. Dunsh says:

    Also, does it have the same resolution and 3D menu as the twinn?

  22. jomi says:

    i have one Duplii and i found it interesting . Here’s my comment. The “ñ” is not one of the characters. In my phonebook which I place my old sim card to it. I found out that the surnames that requires ñ is blank. As well in texting, still it is not one of the characters.

    As one of the newest cellphone and brand, I found difficulty in which i cant find the application and downlable items that is compatible to my phone.

  23. MiF says:

    laging error when i try to access wap >.<
    pls help
    other than that..wala ka mairereklamo sa duplii XD

  24. Daniel says:


    The Samsung D880 does not have to reboot to select sims, you can use a button on the side to select which sim is used for outgoing voice or sms. It is really cool.

    The D880 is a great dual sim implementation, the only real limitation of the D880 is that only 1 sim slot is GSM1900 compliant for use in USA.

  25. silverlokk says:

    Dude, you owe it to yourself to learn T9 – it’s not hard at all, just switch T9 on and tap away. You have no idea how easy entering text becomes. I can’t imagine typing in this comment from my phone otherwise :)

  26. lefty211004 says:

    Verzio duplii now is 12,990 and Twin Dual sim for only 9,990 at any VERZIO CONCEPT SHOP. High street bonifacio taguig and Alabang Festival Mall. also available at any dealer

  27. THEA says:


  28. Linda says:

    hi, can i check if its supports chinese sms capability (receiving and sending) and the 3g works with any country’s 3g sim card (i’m from singapore to be specific). appreciate your reply. many thanks!

  29. monay95 says:

    Yep, it has Chinese pinyin and stroke texting capabilities.

    It has 3G, although I noticed that only SIM-1 gets the 3G signal.

    As for WAP surfing, the assigned primary SIM (whether SIM-1 or SIM-2) will be the one used for mobile browsing, so the browser profile needs to match that SIM (ex., if Globe SIM, then Globe browser profile should be used). The unit I bought had built-in browser profiles for Smart, Sun and Globe, so no need to configure MMS or WAP. :)

    One thing I can’t find — the smiley character (ü), hirap tuloy mag-txt ng mga smileys ha!

    Also, I need help — how can I install Java apps on the Duplii? The built-in wap browser needs improvement, wanted to install Opera Mini but I always get an error… :)

    Also, anyone familiar with the Esmertec Java Box and how it works? It’s an app installed in the phone but I don’t know how it should work. Thanks!

  30. third says:

    @monay95, where did u buy ur unit? i’m planning to purchase this week but would like to have those built-in browser profiles for the 3 telcos too.

  31. third says:

    @monay95, bought mine yesterday at park square. i, too is clueless on how to install java apps or use esmertec. the manual isnt that helpful and i dont usually read manuals. after i’ve finished transferring all my contacts, i “explored” a bit– trying to find the key for phone lock (usually it’s one of the # or *)– pressed # for about 3sec and viola! all data on my phone’s memory disappeared like magic! grrrr r. then i found out it’s easier to manage everything (contacts, calendar, files, sms, etc) thru the pc suite. thank goodness!

    anyways, so far i’m happy with the fone. takes time to getting used to the new keypad layout though. =)

    btw, i got mine with preset wap/mms network profile for sun, globe and smart too.

  32. Earthcrosser says:

    Just bought mine today and this is a phone that totally needs adjusting too. Entering SMS is difficult. Can’t get it to work on my Mac that’s why i tried installing the software on my PC.

    PC Tool 1.0 is the name and it didn’t work as well! Did i miss something? Upon connecting the phone to my PC, it prompted for the drivers and i just directed it to the CD folder for drivers. No problem there. But the PC Suite na bulok can’t recognize the phone.

    I can’t get to transfer my contacts from my Ericsson to this phone. Can’t use as a dial-up modem thru Bluetooth.

    I’m disappointed.

  33. nujnuj says:

    Just wondering if this will work sa US? currently nasa US ako and I have 2 phones 1 is ung smart ofw sim and the other one is ung At&t.

    will this surely works? because if yes papabili ako right away!

  34. lefty211004 says:

    Duplii will works at US, because of 1900MHZ frequency band.

  35. rhon says:

    how to remove verzio duplii phonelock?

  36. rad says:

    may bago nabang dual sim ang verzio? (or upcomming model). anu na ang current price ng dupli at twinn ngaun? salamat po.

    ….bali itong 3 phone companies (w/c is branded and not common china phone) palang ba ang may dual sim units?

  37. Michael says:

    Does anyone know how to lock the keys of the duplii?
    Above “third” wrote that he tried to find it out. But he didn’t wrote how it works.

  38. dennism says:

    maganda lahat feedback sa verzio duplii.meron din ako alam bilihan,12K lang brand new pa.complete package na.juz email me if your interested.

  39. Neeroq says:

    I checked in the mall the other day, saw the verzio duplii priced at 9,990.00, forgot the name of the cellphone store in SM Marilao.

  40. Ferdie Aure says:

    san po ba ung service center ng versio kung saka-sakali??

  41. kim says:

    can i pair this with my jabra bluetooth headset?

  42. verzio says:

    Yes it is compatible with Jabra headset…5990 only duplii

  43. verzio says:

    Service Center Of Verzio have 3 branch

    Headoffice 521111 loc134 Leon guinto manila, Near Vito Cruz

    Bonifacio Highstreet Building3 Tel#8565447

    Festival Mall 3rd Floor Tel# 6592298

    Yan po mga Service Center ng Verzio.

    Kung Minor problem pede po sa mga mall sa Bonifacio at Festival pero kung Major problem dadalhin po sya sa Headoffice.

  44. verzio says:

    Sir michael para po ma-lock yung keypad ng duplii just press and hold lang po ng matagal yung upper left button ng duplii.

  45. emancip8 says:

    where can i buy the twinn unit? if you can be more specific with the name of the outlet/stores, it would be a great help. thanks so much!

  46. Valmar M. Valdez says:

    Hello There,

    I’m interested in Verzio Duplii, I Just want to know if i can use it for email, friendster, meebo and uzzap. Thanks


  47. Valmar M. Valdez says:

    Hello There,

    I’m interested in Verzio Duplii, I Just want to know if i can use it for direct email, friendster, meebo and uzzap. Thanks


  48. alex says:

    I bought my twinn at Makro for 4k only. Duplii is now on sale for 6k only. Its a headturner coz its a slider w/ touchscreen.

  49. Duo says:

    Hi i just got my Duplii from rashomon of http://www.tipidcp.com, 7000 pesos brand new. Just want to ask how to install java apps on the Duplii. TIA

  50. gvmm says:

    Would anybody know or have experienced first hand using red mobile provider sim with the duplii? Heard they are not compatible.

  51. thermerchant says:

    Hi i’m selling my verzio phone 1month used no scratch and rarely used. you may want to see my post. thanks. original price is back to 7k for brand new.


  52. nujnuj says:

    I have this last Sept 08 nagpabili ako sa wife ko when she came here and it’s working fine here in the US, I have and At&T as my primary sim and Smart OFW on the secondary sim. so far wala pa akong nakitang problem and I am happy kase isang phone lang dala ko and they can text me from my smart PH w/c is piso then magreply nalang ako using my At&t kase kumuha ako ng package nila na 100 international text.

  53. artemis says:

    B/N unit costs P5,190 at Edgeworth SM Fairview…

  54. mr. hot says:

    correct ko lang ung earlier report ko hehe. WALA na palang verzio sa postpaid units ng smart. yun na.

  55. suzanne says:

    I have this verzio phone, I want to know how to change it’s theme, can I download themes on it? how?

  56. renn says:

    paano po ba pag set up sa internet para maka connect ako kahit saan using smart sim card. kc ung kasama ko sa trabaho yung cell ny aay ericson naka konect sya ng internet basta my signel gprs

  57. lala says:

    How much is this phone now?Does it work with sun cellular sim cards?

  58. Top says:

    hey guys, where can i buy the twinn here in pampanga except for makro? and how much will it cost me? thanks =]

  59. USER says:

    dont buy VERZIO products,, coz the service is not good, specially in the laptop,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  60. rasmuz says:

    active ang 2 sim. pwede mo syang gamitin ng sabay. maliban lang sa pagtawag. kelangan lang isa ang pilin mong sagutin. sa txt pwede rin.

  61. lefty21 says:

    Bili na kayo ng Duplii, 5,990 lang dito sa bonifacio highstreet. with 1 year warranty parts and service/also 6 month warranty sa mga accesories

  62. fvk says:

    may i know message storage capacity please? kaya po ba ma-save ang 2000 messages?

  63. SoyProspero says:

    How much is the duplii now and where can i buy it? TIA

  64. leela says:

    can PLDT sim work on verzio duplii?

  65. Sting says:

    Bili ako nyn 100 pcs. taya muna ako lotto.

  66. sShysky says:

    pwede po sya sa pldt… bt i adv. dont buy this fone… madaling masira at sobrang bagal… sangka2tak na pasensya at ingat ang kailangan mo if u really want this unit 2 work 4 u…este u will work for it pla kc sobrang daming adjustment ang kailangan mong gawin…

  67. sheila says:

    and BUYING SOON… pls help me w/ the ff question.

    re: Duplii or Couplii…

    QUESTION muna ff:
    1.yung message ba nito automatically saves sa sent folder?
    2. pwede ba palitan yung ringtones / message tones nito? (using: wav, mp3, etc.?)
    3. pwede ba palitan yung display, screensaver nito? (using: pictures, graphix, etc.?)
    4. sabay ba naka ON yung dual sim nito? (Dual Active / Simultaneously?)
    5. pwede ba ito maka send ng multiple txt message? (20 to 50 msg in 1 sent?)
    6. parang nokia ang ba ang pagka-user friendly nito?


  68. amy says:

    magkano napo this year mark down price ng verzio dupli brand new and with warranty?

  69. ydnar says:

    puwede po bang malaman kung pano tanggalin ang security code ng verzio? or san po ba ang service center n nagtatanggal nito? tnx

  70. johnny says:

    Saan po kaya pwede makabili nito ngaun…brand new and how much. TY.

  71. tallbrownman says:

    Greenhills offers brand new units (smart locked)

  72. dragonkatol says:

    magkano na lang po ba ito ngayon? ung bnew?

  73. geo says:

    I have been using verzio duplii for more than 3 years already, and I am very much satisfied. It’s just that the housing looks old already and the keypad’s letters and numbers are almost unreadable (the paint has been wearing-off). Is there a housing available for this unit/version, where can i find it, and how much does it cost?

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