Watch: HUAWEI BAN – What does it mean for YOU?

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Huawei’s Android ban ordered by Donald Trump has been a hot topic nowadays. Given that it progressed to an alarming rate where a number of American tech hardware companies stopped their support to the Chinese company, what happens now? Joey explains in this video what this means for us consumers especially in the Philippines.

Vaughn is your go-to person when it comes to comparing gadgets especially smartphones. He's also a gamer by heart and the "Hackerman" of the team.

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  1. Jay says:

    Think about bluestacks yugatech. It’s a 3rd party app. 85-90% of apps in google play services are 3rd party, which mean they are private developers. You can run android on pc, and run apple OS on android. By using 3rd party app huawei can still run android apps, and this is without any legal consequences.

  2. Rei says:

    Really not into videos, wished you guys can have transcripts as well. Videos are time and bandwidth consuming to watch.

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