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Headhunters should use Google more…

I was reminded of my own encounters with several headhunters in the past when I read Migs’ post on “I am not looking for a job“.

Just how many times have you been called up by some headhunter saying they found out about on while searching the net and they thought you fit the requirements for their top multi-national client? And how many times did you say you might be interested only to be asked again for that resume they’ve already found on your website or blog? I’d always say, you can print that one you found on my website.

There should be some seminars for headhunters to teach them how to properly do a background check especially with Google.

Everything’s there. They’ll just have to spend a bit more time digging. From experience, I think they just type in some keywords, check on the results and look for a number they can call. That’s it — they don’t even bother knowing your name first.

Read Mig’s story about his recent encounter.

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4 Responses

  1. Carlo says:

    I agree. There were several companies who call me and ask if I am interested for a position I already held before. Do they think I’ll be interested going back to a position I had before?

    If they say that they found my resume online then they should’ve read its content. They just took the phone number and call it right away without knowing the background of the person they’re calling.

    I think it’s a good point to teach them headhunters how to efficiently use Google. :D

  2. Mike Abundo says:

    I smell a profitable seminar market here. ;)

  3. Miguel says:

    Must be karma on my part. Just after wondering why there aren’t more Pinoy LinkedIn users, this headhunter sees my profile and calls me.

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