Apple introduces Apple Card credit card

Apple introduces Apple Card credit card

Apple has introduced new features and products including its very own credit card — the Apple Card.

This card is built into the Apple Wallet app on the iPhone devices which offers users familiar experience with Apple Pay while managing their card on their phones. It uses machine learning and Apple Maps to label transactions with merchant names and locations. Purchases are automatically totaled and organized by color-coded categories like Food and Drinks, Shopping, and Entertainment. An advantage to this is that it comes with a simplified application process while eliminating fees, encouraging customers to pay less interest, and providing privacy and security. It also comes with a reward program, Daily Cash, that allows customers to receive a percentage of every purchase as cash on their Apple Cash card each day.

“Apple Card builds on the tremendous success of Apple Pay and delivers new experiences only possible with the power of iPhone,” – Jennifer Bailey, Apple Vice President of Apple Pay


Customers can sign up for Apple Card in the Wallet app on their iPhone and use it via Apple Pay to purchase transactions in stores, apps, or online. Its Apple Card support is also available 24/7 and can be accessed by sending a text from Messages app.

The Apple Card has a unique card number which is created on the iPhone and stored safely in the device’s Secure Element. Face ID or Touch ID and a one-time unique dynamic security code are needed for every purchase. Apple has also partnered up with Goldman Sachs and Mastercard to support an issuing bank and global payments network. The company also designed a physical Apple Card made of titanium for purchases on stores that do not have Apple Pay yet.

Apple card will be available to qualified customers in the US this summer 2019. Global availability is yet to be announced.

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