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Chats in Facebook Groups to be removed on August 22

You will only be able to read the chats in Facebook Groups starting on August 22, but the creation of group chats will not be affected.

The chatting function inside a Facebook Group will cease to exist as the company started removing the option to start a Messenger chat last August 16, 2019. By August 22, 2019, existing conversations in the groups will become read-only, which means that you will only be able to read the message history.

Facebook also clarified that group chats within friends or anyone whom you are connected with on Messenger are still functioning.

“Existing chats in groups will become read-only on August 22. All participants of a group chat will still be able to view the conversation history by searching for the chat in Messenger but they will not be able to add new people or continue to send messages within that particular chat. However, you will still be able to start a group chat with anyone who you are friends with or are connected to in Messenger.”

The post also stated that they are exploring new features to enable communication among people in real-time.

“We believe there is great value in group members being able to communicate in real time, and we are exploring new features to enable that.”

Author’s Note: Group chats that are created using Messenger or Facebook chat function is different from the chats created inside a Facebook Group page.

Source: Facebook Official Community

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