Day 2 of Facebook's F8 2019 Conference includes talks on AI and AR/VR

Day 2 of Facebook’s F8 2019 Conference includes talks on AI and AR/VR

On the second day of Facebook’s F8 Conference, the company focused on key talks about its investments in AI and AR/VR.

Mike Schroepfer, Facebook’s Chief Technology Officer, discussed how a variety of products at Facebook utilizes AI. The social media platform company discussed that in recent years, they have been using AI to detect content that violates its policies. Schroepfer also noted that they’re constantly working to improve the AI across more languages to catch other harmful content and that they’re also working on Panoptic FPN technology to aid their AI systems in understanding visuals and audio.


The company also noted that they’re using the AI process in its AR/VR products. With their Codec Avatars, a feature that allows people to interact in real time using VR, Facebook stated that they’re continuing to develop adaptive, physics-based models to reproduce and replicate human anatomy and automatically adapt to match an individual’s appearance and motion. Facebook did say that the project is still in its research stages.

Among other things, they’ve also stated that inclusivity and safety are among their priorities in their VR apps. Facebook has stated the certain features, such as Safety Bubble, are incorporated in its VR apps such as Spaces, Venues, and Rooms, to ensure that people are comfortable in interacting with large groups of people in VR.

Watch the full Day 2 F8 Keynote below:

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