Filipino Tycoon filed PHP 1-Billion cyber libel suit against Facebook, YouTube

Filipino Tycoon filed PHP 1-Billion cyber libel suit against Facebook, YouTube

Tycoon Elizaldy Co and Misibis Bay Resort which he owns have filed a PHP 1-Billion cyber libel lawsuit against Facebook, YouTube, and Peter Advincula following the events of the “Ang Totoong Narco List” video that circulated in the social media platforms.

The case is due to the plaintiff’s alleged involvement in the illegal drug trade that’s happening in the Philippines. Elizaldy Co and the resort both filed individual complaints at the Legazpi City prosecutor’s office which seeks an indictment of Peter Advincula, the self-confessed “Bikoy”, and the two social network giants.

“The truth is finally out. By his own admission, Bikoy said everything in the viral video series that implicated me, Misibis Bay resort and other personalities in the illegal drug trade are pure fabrication,” Elizaldy Co

The complainants asked Facebook and YouTube to take down the video last April 26, 2019, but they were ignored by the social media companies.


The first complaint sought civil damages (PHP 150-Million moral damages, PHP 100-Million exemplary damages, and 10 percent for attorney’s fees amounting to PHP 550-Million) from Advincula, Facebook Philippines country director, John Rubio, and other unidentified individuals responsible over the video. The second one targets Google Philippines, where Kenneth Lingan is the country manager, as the owner of YouTube where the video circulated. It also amounts to PHP 550-Million which is a total of PHP 1.1-Billion in damages.

Not only that the “false, malicious and libelous accusations in the video” affected Co’s business and resort operations, but also the banks involved in his business suspended the process of his pending application for a significant amount of loan.

The fifth episode of “Ang Totoong Narco List” stated that a drug syndicate called “Quadrangle Group” which includes former politicians and businessmen are currently residing in Bicol. Bikoy also indicated that the illegal operations happened inside the Misibis Bay Resort in which Co owns. Other identified members are Fernando Gonzalez (Albay Representative), Edgardo Tallado (Camarines Norte Governor), Luis Villafuerte (Catanduanes Governor), Joseph Cua (Sorsogon Governor), Krunimar Escudero (Senior provincial board member), Victor Lorenzo Rosales, Thomas Enrile (Naga businessman), and Tess Rañola (businesswoman).

Peter Advincula is an ex-convict that already served a sentence for an estafa case. However, it was discovered that he is also charged with multiple estafa cases and illegal recruitment in several provinces already.

Source: Manila Standard

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