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Gaming Mechanical Keyboards under PHP 5,000

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Gaming Mechanical Keyboards represent your limbs in most games and hold the character skills to win games. It is essential to have a dependable set of keys that won’t conk out mid-game. Here we’ve come up with keyboards below PHP 5,000 that you could definitely consider. These keyboards can compete with significantly more expensive keyboards in terms of build quality, features, and typing experience. There may be some differences or missing basic features but here are some of our recommendations.

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Fantech MAXPOWER MK853

FanTech MK853 Maxpower

One of the most decent budget gaming keyboards in the market is the Fantech MAXPOWER MK853. It may be a full sized keyboard but it has everything that you would need, from the comfort of a wrist board, RGB lighting, Outemu Switches, media keys, and a very affordable price point.

Size: 100%
RGB: Yes (RGB Gradient – 22 modes)
Keycaps: Doubleshot ABS
Switch: Fantech Red or Blue

Fantech MAXFIT61 MK857

Fantech MAXFIT61 MK857 Keyboard

If you’re starting out in the mechanical keyboard customization hobby, getting a Fantech MAXFIT61 MK857 is one of the routes you could take as it has universal hotswapping (using 5-pin switches). Additionally, it comes with a case foam and pre-lubed stabs for those fewer rattles.

Size: 60%
RGB: Yes (Per-key, 16 modes)
Keycaps: Doubleshot ABS
Switch: Outemu Red or Blue (Universal Hotswapping)

Keychron K6

Keychron K6

Next up, we have the Keychron K6. Despite not having a wrist rest, ergonomics are still okay with our next recommendation thanks to its two incline settings. This one comes with long battery life and pre-lubed stabilizers. It is a great addition to minimalist setups with its clean design. Additionally, these have an aluminum body for that added protection and durability. This keyboard is ideal for someone looking to use one keyboard with multiple devices since this one is equipped with a solid Bluetooth 5.1 chip for quick and easy connectivity.

Size: 65%
RGB: Yes (18 modes)
Keycaps: Doubleshot ABS
Switch: Gateron Red, Blue, Brown

realme philippines

  • Gosu Gaming GearsPHP 4,800 (Red, Brown)
  • PCHUBPHP 4,100 (Hotswappable), PHP 3,600 (Non-Hotswap), PHP 3,350 (Optical)

Leopold FC660M


Leopold FC660M PD
Our next recommendation, the Leopold FC660M, has a very professional aesthetic and can be considered as a higher-end option with highly desired features like PBT keycaps, CherryMX switches, and a very durable build. It comes with a detachable mini-USB to USB-A cable as well as a plastic keycap puller. One thing users would appreciate is the dust cover that comes along with a purchase of the keyboard.

Size: 65%
Keycaps: Doubleshot PBT
Switch: Cherry MX
Availability: Gosu Gaming Gears,

  • Gosu Gaming GearsPHP 4,800 (Red), PHP 4,900 (Silent Red, Silver)
  • EasyPCPHP 4,350 (Blue), PHP 4,350 (Red), PHP 4,550 (Clear), PHP 4,550 (Speed Silver), PHP 4,550 (Silent Red)
  • BermorzonePHP 4,450 (Red)

Ducky One 2 SF


Ducky is known to be one of the really compact gaming keyboards when it was released. After the launch of the Ducky One 2 SF, it set trends in the keyboard industry as one of the first 65% gaming keyboards. This particular recommendation has customizable PBT keycaps, programmable macros, durable build quality, as well as a wireless functionality.

Size: 65%
RGB: Yes
Keycaps: Doubleshot ABS or PBT
Switch: Cherry MX
Availability:  –

Razer BlackWidow V3

Razer Blackwidow V3 TKL

The Razer BlackWidow V3 TKL checks all the boxes for a tenkeyless keyboard. Its light and compact design make it a travel-worthy companion. It is housed in an aluminum top plate with a plastic base for durability. Looking at the Razer BlackWidow V3 TKL dazzles users and can get drawn to its aesthetics.

Size: 65%
RGB: Yes
Keycaps:  Double shot ABS
Switch: Razer Switches

And that sums it up. We hope that this guide can help you find a good mechanical keyboard without breaking the bank. If you have suggestions, let us know in the comments below.

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