Get up to 35% off on BlackBerry phones for Christmas

Get up to 35% off on BlackBerry phones for Christmas

Research In Motion (RIM) is offering up to 35% off on their BlackBerry smartphones this holiday season. The offer is in line with RIM’s “Action Starts Here” campaign which aims to inspire Filipino consumers to take action and connect deeper with their loved ones using BlackBerry smartphones, especially with the upcoming Christmas season.

“Filipinos can enjoy up to 35% off on BlackBerry smartphones for themselves or their loved ones especially for the holiday season,” said Cameron Vernest, Director for the Philippines at RIM. “With these offers, we hope to enable Filipinos to experience the richness of BBM (BlackBerry Messenger)’s unlimited local and international messaging. Instantly connect with your barkada, exchange memories in real time, and share memorable photos, videos, and voice notes, wherever your loved ones may be in the world.”


Below is the holiday pricelist for the following BlackBerry smartphones:

Enjoy these great offers on BlackBerry smartphones from authorized retailers in the Philippines starting today. For more information, please visit

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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38 Responses

  1. jong says:

    y buy old BB phones,cnt even compete w/ iPhone & Androids. at ska w/n 2mos may bagong na slang model,. Mga Luma na yan dapat 80% off,.

  2. Niel says:

    Ang mahal pa din ng mga phones nila. Android phones are way better.

  3. kellogs says:

    great prices nga, not much of a headline..

  4. mrsinister says:

    Desperate move for BB as sales continues to plunge, good luck.

  5. Jes says:

    No sense in using BBM for friends abroad as those friends are junking their BBs!

  6. netsu says:

    discounts won’t save blackberry from falling. i’ve noticed that android phones became cheaper these days. for at least php 4500 you can get any decent dual-core smartphone…so yeah, this discount won’t do much anyways.

    blackberry is dead long time ago in other countries and it’ll be dead here soon because they aren’t competitive.

  7. SOS says:

    Blackberry is a sinking ship…and I don’t want to put myself onto the digital graveyard by buying their phones because just like what others said here “they don’t do much”.

  8. pancit ni mang juan says:

    This “news” is more of a “filler” than a “promo”.
    You’ll never have our money, Blackberry.

    Phones that only do good messaging at an expensive, ridiculous, unjustifiable price? No, thanks. People who continue to buy these phones aren’t using their heads. Come on, this decade is the “mobile computing” decade and what we need now isn’t just a communication device; we also need a device that does our tasks easily.

    Blackberry is just another company who’s still stuck in the last decade. Someone give them a time machine so that they’ll know how our current technological decade works.

  9. A poem to Blackberry says:

    Oh dear Blackberry,
    Low sales making you worry?
    For you, christmas can’t be merry
    Your buyers aren’t that many

    Oh my phone named Blackberry,
    On the graveyard I want it to bury.
    As said by my friend named Gary:
    Blackberry is a sinking ferry.

    Oh, dearest company Blackberry
    Stuck in the past like “Tom and Jerry”
    Money is what you’re wishing to a fairy
    Oh well, I’ll just buy myself a bar of Cadbury.

  10. ronald says:

    Who uses a blackberry? Not me. But i use a playbook because i got it more than 50% off last june.

  11. loadex says:

    just sold my BB 9220 at a good price before this ads came out, buti nalang!

    Back to Android.. SGS Duos

  12. Angeline says:

    Read an analyst report that BlackBerry is actually now the #2 smartphone manufacturer in the Philippines. Their efforts to promote BBM really went well with texting addicts. I think this is their bid to be #1 and for the Philippines to be like Indonesia, where they have over 50% market share. Should be interesting how it goes.

    • chopotka says:

      Really? BB should relocate its HQ to Manila then, LOL. Who’s your source? An analyst hired by BB itself? LOL.

      Together with Nokia, they are the endangered species of the mobile phone industry, in fact Wall Street Journal already predicted their demise.

    • Jingjiing says:

      Hello chopotka! You do know that Apple was also once on the brink of collapse, right? But look at where it is now! :-) And if you’ll look at two of the most populous countries in the world – India and Indonesia – both are big BlackBerry nations. It also is still popular in Latin America, the UK, Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. I do recognize that the US is a very important market, but it is not the only market in the world. :-) Going off tangent a bit, but still related – BlackBerry seems to be a big hit in countries with stronger emphasis on the community vs. the individual. Maybe this is one reason why, admittedly, it is struggling in countries like the US, Japan, and Korea. They love their iPhones and Android devices because of their selection of games and apps, which one can enjoy on his/her own. But BlackBerry has been more about communication and connecting. BBM still is unrivaled and iMessage, etc are only trying to catch-up now.

  13. Jes says:

    Our US office is dropping their BBs and moving to IOS and Android.

    Even the Pentagon is doing the same.

    • Jingjiing says:

      What the Pentagon said that it will allow other smartphone vendors to offer devices to its workforce, but it clarified it will continue to support BlackBerry smartphones. They have this flexibility now because they have the option to use BlackBerry Mobile Fusion, which can manage iOS and Android. The Pentagon siguro recognizes many people prefer to bring their own Androids and iPhones. But at the same time, security is still BlackBerry’s stronghold, kaya many enterprise and governments are still using BlackBerry.

  14. Dessa Virtusio says:

    I will always thank BB for making me more efficient at work and for having given my long distance relationship a fighting chance!

  15. tech_noodles says:

    ang mahal pa rin. parang wala namang nabago..

  16. Therese says:

    I won’t hide I love BlackBerry. My sister is overseas and having BBM makes it easy and very affordable to keep in touch. I know there are a lot of great alternatives from the other phones, but somehow, the experience isn’t the same. There’s always something missing… only BBM makes me feel as if she’s not too faraway and I feel a lot less lonely.

  17. Lynn says:

    Wow all the negativity, grabe lang ha. Who’s to say many of you weren’t sent by Apple or any of the Android phone makers — especially Samsung — over since with the way you diss on BlackBerry, you all have such massive axes to grind against it? Obvious bias is so painfully obvious, it isn’t funny anymore.

    I’ll have you know that I travel a lot, and having tried all mobile operating systems currently available, I have to say BlackBerry Travel makes it so convenient to arrange my itinerary, find the flights and accommodations I need, figure out what to pack given the weather conditions of my destination, and even notify family and friends where I’m off to for a certain period of time. I have not found such ease of use in any other app native to any smartphone OS quite like it. Also, seriously, if BBM wasn’t so special, why did APPLE scramble to get iMessage out? And honestly, the BlackBerry OS’ auto-correct function is nowhere as hilariously stupid and messed up and unable to recognize even words that are in actual English dictionaries as that of the competition’s, and I am couching that in the nicest way possible.

    TL;DR, clearly BlackBerry is doing something right because if it weren’t why else would the competition keep hyping up whatever they’ve got, which BlackBerry users have already been enjoying a while back, right? ;)


    • Jingjing says:

      I agree! I think a lot of people are quite dependent on US tech blogs to do their thinking for them, and these naman are overtaken by iSheep. Sayang that they don’t report on RIM’s success in the rest of the world, when it’s still leading in many countries outside North America. Shares are up, subscribers are growing, and BlackBerry 10 is on track for early next year. I think things are looking up for RIM!

    • La+ says:

      I bet none of those pessimistic prick had used a BB before. And even if RIM is in their demise, worst one can do is be an asshole about it like the people above and not care about the people working for RIM and their families.

      BB OS 10 is due for realease. And with BB dev alpha carrying it, who knows what tricks will RIM pull up their sleeves. Specs pa lang ng Dev Alpha, it will surpass more than half of android devices out there.

      Using android device btw.

  18. HiERARCH says:

    Blackberry still in-demand to those text addicts especially here in the Philippines. BB handsets are one of the most handy, pocket-able and sturdy than those sensitive touch screen phones. But actually, they’re kinda expensive and I just wonder if the above-tagged prices are for Christmas promo or BB just leveling their price the same of most retailers. I saw that these prices were already set by other outlets like DBGadgets, Widget City, CMK cellphones, etc. months ago.

  19. Sonofa says:

    BlackBerry phones are not bad… Yung promo lang ang parang tanga… As a phone blackberry is as good or even better than IOS and Android…
    Pero as everything else panis na panis siya…

    I use a blackberry as my main phone… A Galaxy Note for my second phone… Sometimes I bring along an Ipad 2. Masmura ang net sa berry at pwede naman mag tether… May battery pack nga lang akong laging dala…

  20. Terri R says:

    I have a Nokia, a BB and a Samsung. I’ve also had an iPhone in the past. Whilst I agree that the BB may not be for everybody (since everyone else seems to want flashier phones, etc). However, it is, by far, my most sensible buy. I get my emails and messages fast, I’m able to answer them properly and the connection ends up cheap.

    So yes, the above prices may not be as cheap as I expected, but you need to pay for premium. :)

  21. metre9dmt says:

    I would like to share story to put things in perspective. My boss (66 year old guy) just shifted from traditional keypad phone to an all-screen (android) type, both samsung models. He said that he doesn’t want to be ‘left out’ with others during meetings. He asked me if there are other options for type text messages since the available QWETRY and keypad formats are too small for him. Shown him my blackberry unit(8520) and he was typing in no time. I show him how to connect to the facebook with it. beat that.

  22. digoy says:

    mahal pa din yung price nila,
    kay kimstore nga ung BB 9360 10.5k php lang sa kanila 13k php?

    wtf, tignan nyu pricing ni kimstore, napaka mura

    • La+ says:

      May 2 years official BB warranty kasi yung mga prices sa taas. Yung binebenta sa Kimstore or any other online store ay puro gray units, hindi dumaan sa official distributor at hindi rin dumaan sa NTC, walang official warranty ang mga yan, kaya nga nakalagay sa website nila na SERVICE WARRANTY ONLY. Kung nag research ka alam mo yan.

  23. Laplace says:


    Tama sinabi ni La+. Pag nasira yang bb9360 na galing sa Kimstore, hind tatanggapin ng service center kasi nga walang official warranty. Ipapagawa mo yan syempre sa isang technician kung saan saan which in turn sisingilin ka ng service fee nya at parts kung ano man sira ng unit mo. In the end yuo will be shelving more than 3k (10k+3k= 13k. parehas din) But syempre since 2 years ang official warranty, 2 years kang walang problema. Eh kung gray unit mo tapos nasira ng 2 beses sa 2 taon, edi 6k yun on top of the 10k price= 16k, napamahal ka pa.

    Think before you click.

    • digoy says:

      yup totoo po yung mga sinabi nyu bout sa waranty,nasabi kong mas mura ang outside distributor coz im more of economically wise, 2 years is long, sa fast phase situation ng bansa about gadgets in 1 year time mag papalit na naman ng unit
      and knowing BB matibay naman phones nila like apple, to tell you honestly d ako nag ba buy ng phones sa mga original distributors coz nasa gumagamit naman yan and nasa pangalan ng product
      but again im sorry if nakapag create ako ng something na hindi nmn dapat, again to those people who after the warranty then go for authentic distributors, for those people who thinks like me there are distributors out there ready to sell units without appropriate warranty
      take the risk,

  24. ripper13 says:

    Just wait ’till 1st Q of 2013 to get the NEW BB models operating BB 10

  25. darfie says:

    BB is fine esp if you’re not that game/play person (like me). Just put more RAMs, standard 5mp cam across phone models, lower the price a bit (or close to mid-range android phones) and Instagram maybe.

    P.S. infernez lahat ng model nila all-gurls.

  26. Therese says:

    Great read from Bloomberg:

    “If we live in San Francisco and every one of our friends has an iPhone or an Android-powered smartphone, it is easy to assume the rest of the world looks the same way. But when you go out to markets like the Philippines and Indonesia, you observe different behaviors… Many consumers in these markets purchase mobile minutes in advance (so-called prepaid offerings). They might have SIM cards from various providers and switch from network to network depending on the time of day to save money. It is common in India to initiate but not connect a call to send someone a message. RIM’s offering is well suited to the realities of these markets.

    Innovation leaders should take three lessons from RIM’s continued success in significant portions of the global mobile phone market:

    1. Quality is a relative term. Never assert that a product or service is good. First, determine the job the particular customer is trying to get done, how the customer measures performance, and the constraints they face.
    2. Spend time on the periphery to escape the availability heuristic. If the only data you receive is from core markets and core customers, you might miss the most important trends.
    3. Closed systems have their advantages. RIM has plenty of problems, but an interdependent, proprietary system allows it to do things that more modular systems simply can’t.”

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  28. Meh. Blackberry is pretty much worthless these days. Mismanaged and without innovation.

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