Grab deploys GrabWheels for frontliners in NCR

Grab deploys GrabWheels for frontliners in NCR

Grab is providing healthcare professionals and other frontliners access to round-the-clock, free electric scooters in Metro Manila.


In partnership with the local governments of the City of Manila, Quezon City, San Juan, Muntinlupa, Navotas, Marikina, and Pasig, Grab has deployed around 50 GrabWheels e-scooters to these select city governments. Grab also has 300+ more e-scooters ready to be used by other LGUs, to be determined based on the needs of the healthcare workers in these locations.

Borrowing and return policies for the GrabWheels are dependent on the LGUs. Additionally, all qualified users will be provided a waiver, and are encouraged to wear a helmet while riding. Grab has also issued a checklist before riding:

  • Before unlocking, check:
    • Battery level
    • Tap on the scooter from the app to check its battery level
  • After unlocking:
    • Test the brakes by pressing the red button
    • Check the headlights by turning it on when visibility is low by holding the button on the scooter display for 2 seconds
    • Check that the kickstand is flipped up before moving off
    • Check that there is nobody close to you before taking off

GrabWheels is part of Grab’s GrabBayanihan, an initiative that addresses the economic and medical pain points from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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