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Microsoft lays off employees, shifts to AI for MSN

Microsoft will let go of roughly 50 contractual employees under MSN. According to the report from the Seattle Times, the company plans to employ artificial intelligence (AI) on its web portal and internet services.

The staff hired under agencies Aquent, IFG, and MAQ Consulting received the news last week. However, Microsoft cleared that the decision is solely based on a re-evaluation of investment and not because of the pandemic.


Microsoft also shared that it has been following a semi-automated business model for a few months now and it is now beginning to be fully automated.

Meanwhile, all full-time news producers who were hired by Microsoft will be retained and perform similar tasks to those who would be laid off.

Based on the report, AI will use specific algorithms to identify trending news stories from MSN’s publishing partners. It will also help in optimizing headlines and corresponding slideshow or images on the articles.


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