Samsung Internet 15.0 Beta released

Samsung Internet 15.0 Beta released

Samsung Electronics has released the beta version of the Samsung Internet 15.0, which introduces new features such as an enhanced privacy feature.

According to Samsung, the Samsung Internet 15.0 beta protects users against fingerprinting – a technique that tracks network use to correlate information about users. The Samsung Internet 15.0 has enhanced anti-tracking technology to ensure user information remains private.


Additionally, Samsung Internet 15.0 beta allows users to remove data stored on their devices and provides greater insight into what will be removed. Once the user activates Secret mode, the browser remains in Secret mode as a default, eliminating additional steps to activate the mode every time.

Samsung Internet 15.0 beta has new intuitive search widget that makes it easier to search for information from the home screen. Furthermore, Samsung Internet 15.0 beta temporarily stores previous web pages so users can quickly pull them back up without having to reload them, reducing data usage as users go through pages.

Following the beta testing period, Samsung Internet 15.0 will officially in late summer. Samsung Internet users will receive a notification when the new version becomes available.

Source: Samsung

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