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Samsung intros new 5G radio with integrated antennas

Samsung Electronics has recently introduced a new radio designed to help mobile operators overcome the challenges they face in deploying 5G networks and address various deployment environments.

The new One Antenna Radio comes with integrated antennas, providing operators with the ability to simplify and speed up 5G installations by merging a 3.5GHz Massive MIMO radio with low-band and mid-band passive antennas into a single form factor.

According to Samsung, as operators proceed to extend their 5G coverage, a key challenge they face is the space and footprint restrictions at sites and on towers. Thus, Samsung’s all-in-one radio will address different environmental and site demands–easing installation, saving space, and reducing OPEX for operators.

Moreover, this new solution will become part of Samsung’s Radio Access Network (RAN) portfolio in early 2022, initially targeting the European market.


The company mentioned that the key benefits of Samsung’s One Antenna Radio are the following:

Site Simplification – The streamlined solution uses compact hardware to blend into a municipality’s environment, and lessens cabling and hardware elements to minimize visual impact in dense urban areas.
Simplified Installation – Deployment is made simple by eliminating the need to install and connect radios and multiple antennas separately, accelerating installation, and reducing labor costs.
OPEX Savings – By requiring less space on sites or towers and with a smaller footprint, operators can save on expenses, including rental and maintenance costs.

“We are proud to introduce our One Antenna Radio to provide industry-leading performance that’s designed to address various deployment environments,” said Wonil Roh, Senior Vice President and Head of Product Strategy, Networks Business at Samsung Electronics.

Furthermore, Samsung currently provides network solutions to mobile operators that deliver connectivity to hundreds of millions of users globally.

Source: Samsung

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