Samsung iTest lets you try One UI on your iPhone

Samsung iTest lets you try One UI on your iPhone

Samsung has recently released a website that lets iOS users compare their device with an Android through a “little taste” of Galaxy experience, the Samsung iTest.

Samsung iTest offers a look of an Android on an iPhone through a simulated Galaxy experience. When visited the website on an iOS device, it prompts users to add it to their phone’s home screen; next, it would turn into a shortcut that will lead iOS users to a simulated Samsung Galaxy device.

This would enable iOS users to explore a little bit of what Samsung Galaxy offers, including how apps work, simulated calls and messages, together with tips and content. When opening the camera app, a video will automatically play featuring the influencer and photographer Logan Dodds. Dodds introduces all the available photography functions which the Galaxy features.


However, those who will try to visit the website with an Android phone will get a note that says, “This experience was designed for iPhone users. You’re on Android already.” Though, it also recommends a link that redirects you to the Samsung website.

The website was identified as the work of Samsung New Zealand, MacRumors reported. Samsung iTest appears to be advertised in New Zealand, but it is available to try out here.

Sources: Samsung iTest, MacRumors

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