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Acer Predator Aspire G7710 Gaming Machine

We’re at the new Villman Lounge here at the SM North EDSA CyberZone having a match of Crysis and Need For Speed with other media people. The event is sponsored by Intel, Villman, Acer and Microsoft. Spotted in the lounge is the Acer Predator Aspire G7710 Gaming Machine.

The Acer Aspire G7710 is one kick-ass gaming machine. Just take a look at this video we took.


For a whooping Php153,900+, you get the following specs:

Acer Predator Aspire G7710
Intel Core i7 940 @ 2.83GHz 8MB Smart Cache
Intel X58 Chipset
24″ G24 LCD monitor (1920 x 1200 pixel)
Nvidia Geforce GTS150 with 1GB VRAM
1 Terabyte SATA II HDD 7200rpm
4x Blue-Ray ROM Drive
16x SuperMulti Optical Drive with LabelFlash
Windows Vista Home Premium 64bit
Gigabit Ethernet
Logitech G11 Gaming Keyboard and G5 Laser Mouse
Delta 750 Watts Power Supply
14-in-1 card reader
4 x USB 2.0 front & 4 x USB 2.0 back (8 in total)
TV Out
1394 IEEE, 2 eSATA, 2 RJ 45 jack
S/PDIF jack, Clear CMOS, 2 DVI port

This rig has 4 drive bays that support 1TB each so you can go as high as 4 terabytes in here. There are also 3 slots for VGA for SLI support of 3 graphics cards.

This place is Villman’s second gaming lounge (first one is in Megamall Cyberzone) but the first one to have Core i7 920 on all machines. Rentals are at Php50 per hour.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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54 Responses

  1. xmb69 says:

    *gasp* 3 slots for VGA for SLI support of 3 graphics cards….think i just had a nerdgasm…

  2. Iko says:

    oh no oh my, i want the casing, dont need bluray, just the casing

  3. victor says:

    Overpriced. Overhyped. Branded kaya mahal.

  4. yuga says:

    @victor – with just the specs, how much do you think will it cost if you buy each parts separately? I’m running my own computations to see how much the casing would cost.

  5. hanakiri says:

    predator na predator nga ang dating. nakakatakot.

  6. Vidar says:

    They should have used a better video card.

  7. petken says:

    astigin nakita ko lang cia sa mga pics pero sa actual video parang transformers ang dating… haha… bka magtransform yan at magsalita at hanapin c optimus prime… haha…

  8. Earl says:

    kuya Yuga..
    talo pa niyan ung Lia Li mo ah..

  9. william says:

    whoa. thats all i can say.

  10. nah…i agree with Victor – overpriced. that could be a downpayment for a car already!

    what about your calculations sir abe? how much would it cost if parts were bought separately?

  11. Jam. says:

    Acer predators are expensive. Casing lang yata nagpapamahal XD.

  12. bisdaktech says:

    nice specs… however.. think about this.. 2 years from now.. would you be willing to pay for this amount for the same specs?

  13. Carlo says:

    Looks bad ass pero sa presyong yun, makakabili na ata ako ng second hand na kotse hehe. For the serious gamer ang rig na to.

  14. useyourpc says:

    this can last for about two, three years of gaming maybe? Looks like a real killer.

  15. eugines says:

    grabe ang mahal pla…hehehe


  16. mike says:

    For that chunk of change I think you can have better specs and a simple and clean Lian-Li or NZXT casing.

  17. Nemo says:

    not even a GTX295 card? and I don’t need the fancy schmancy casing.

  18. techme says:

    the casing is the only thing i want! does acer sell the casing separately sir yuga?

  19. irv says:

    so i looked up what the GTS 150 is. And turns out, it’s just a GTS 250 with a very minor difference is clock speeds.,678419/More-Nvidia-graphics-cards-with-new-nomenclature-Geforce-GTS-150-GT-130-GT-120-and-G-100/News/

    and the GTS 250, i believe, is a rebranded 9800 GTX+

    i agree with the other posters. very underwhelming video card for the price.

  20. ray says:

    Come to think of it, I agree after 2 years itll be old agad. Faster, newer chip boards might be stumping on it. But save for the case its a winner. Better save that money for an enthusiast rig

  21. ace6285 says:

    I also think that this is overpriced. I’ve got my i7 920 rig last Jan ’09 (when prices are still quite high)for almost 80k. The price difference between 940 and 920 is not that high to command that high price. And with prices going down, especially the memory, the ACER rig is really quite overprice.

  22. joe says:

    i’m not a gamer but i like the casing.

  23. Jhay says:

    How much would this monster rig add up to your monthly electric bill I wonder?

    Tapos pang DOTA lang pala, LOLZ

  24. i hope china will pirate the casing! for sure, tons of gamers will buy this one! at least your dream specs will not be limited to acer’s specs.

    i like this [email protected] rig to have a color dark gray or glossy black! astig tignan di ba?

    if bibilhin ko ito… useless din kasi pang facebook ko lang eto! wahaha!

  25. victor says:

    Come on guys. This is overpriced. Im betting on a 15-20percent profit on this item by villman and another 10percent by acer ph. 153,900++ come on. :) nice casing. Musta price computations natin sir yuga?

  26. Vidar says:

    I’d rather buy a 50K worth rig every year than spend 150K on this one which will most likely be outdated in a year or so.

  27. victor says:

    This will definitely be outdated next year. Yup spending around 50k a year for cpu upgrades etc makes more sense than buying this one at a certainly overpriced overhyped value.

  28. Andre Marcelo-Tanner says:

    You can get a laptop with higher specs for cheaper than that at like ( . Definitely brand pricing.

  29. Andre Marcelo-Tanner says:

    which button do you press on the case to make it transform :)

  30. vatch says:

    INTEL Core i7 940 Nehalem 2.93GHz 8MB LGA1366 45nm CPU = 13200
    INTELâ„¢ BLKDX58SO Bulk X58, triple channel ddr3 =11000
    OCZ Platinum Edition 6GB (3 x 2GB) DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Triple Channel Kit =8,780.00

    SAMSUNG T240HD 24″ Wide 24″ T Series LCD HD Monitor with Built-in TV Tuner PHP = 23,940.00

    Seagate 1 TB Barracuda 7200.11 / ST31000333AS / 32MB = 4850
    Logitech G11 = 4100
    Logitech G5 gaming Mouse PHP= 3,100.00

    Blu Ray Drive – BDrom – Bluray – Liteon 4x = 7000
    16x DVD-RW combo = 1200 to 1600

    ATI HD4980 or Nvidia GTX275 = 12000 range

    [PSU] Corsair (HX750) 750watts HX series = 6900
    Cheche buriche ekek high end Case = 9 to 12k

    total = 108,690 (MANILA price)

    -PSU brand is great
    -Video card model is High End na (gts150 mid range)
    -other ports build in na sa motherboard
    – monitor with built Tuner plus HDMI.. check specs
    -gigabyte ethernet standard na yan sa X58 chipsets
    – with 12k budget for casing… you can get the elegant Coolermaster Cosmos and others.

    To reach 150k Cash you can add

    SOLID STATE Drive= OCZ Core Series, Patriot, RiDATA 2.5″ 128GB SATA II Solid state disk (SSD) = P21k to 27k range
    replace 750 watts PSU with 1000 or 1200 watts = 11k-15k
    Sound card or Speakers.

    price from various shop in

    yung kinunan ko ng price yung may mga Physical Shops.

  31. ajdsp says:

    san ka makakabili ng i7 940 ng 13,200 lang?
    last time I check it’s around 29k
    acer’s monitor has a higher resoulution compared to t240, 1920×1080 sa samsung, 1920×1200 sa acer though walang tuner ang acer, the gt2150 is probably around 6k-7k, and also the mobo of acer supports 3GPUs.

  32. victor says:

    And dont forget that acer got the parts at a cheaper price than what we can see in the market right now.

  33. vatch says:

    my bad
    @ ajdsp 920 pla
    940 is 30k+ pc hub.
    just call them.
    if we get an Monitor with HDMI 24 inch without tuner
    and with higher resolution, mas makakatipid.

    at si victor (33) = correct.

  34. This one is very expensive.

  35. mike says:

    ang mahal naman nito, mas maganda pa bumuo ng sariling rig with the same specs minus the expensive casing, don’t u think?

    astig kaya mag-pacman dito?

  36. Tech Blog says:

    You could probably build your own gaming system with the same spec or better for about 90k.

    A big part of paying for the price of Php153,900+, like all branded PC is the support that comes with it, and nothing more.

  37. ajdsp says:

    i’ll take an lcd monitor with higher res, than tv tuner and HDMI, I just use it for my pc anyway.

    Acer should have at least put a gtx295 and a set of 5.1 speakers. The predator is alos liquid cooled afaik.

  38. drew says:

    wow.. intel core i7 940 eto yata ung fastest processor on earth..

  39. Ardz says:

    I saw a similar rig in Robinsons Pioneer a few months ago and this is huge! I agree with most of the guys here. It’s well overpriced. If it has 5 years full warranty and tech support, this might be acceptable for some. For me, I’d rather buy a laptop. I like games but I don’t play that often anymore.

  40. yuga says:

    Guys, they already have a new model/specs for the Acer Predator that will include a Core i7 950 @ 3GHz, 12GB of DDR3 RAM and dual GTS250.

  41. janez says:

    ang mahal naman talaga…

    i rather build from scratch…

    magkano naman sir yuga? (41)

  42. Dual GPUs? 12 GB of RAM? How much woould that cost? 180k-200k? I’d be surprised if someone bites their offer!

  43. π-r-8 says:

    Win Vista HP OEM – P6,260 at PCX

  44. Trent says:

    casing looks like the GMC Bulldozer

    this one has a USD90 pricetag online

    And why is there a 1TB limit on each harddisk? Does this meant the unit can’t use the new 1.5TB disks already out on market?

  45. elmichaelo says:

    medyo mhal cya, pero solid nman pg under operational n.. casing plng eh, pnu p kya ung mga hardware. cguro with those specs, wla k nng hahanpin pa,. predator eh, ultimate gaming machine.
    and pag ngkaroon k nyan, cguro kakaingitan k n ng mga friends mo, bka mtkot p ngng mkipag lan game sau eh. .hehe

  46. Pink says:

    Saw this @ Acer Cyberzone and its a man thing! ;)

  47. Carl says:

    whooo.. sa panaginip na lang ako bibili ganyan kamahal.. hehehe

  48. nukito says:

    Its not that famous here in Singapore. But it’s much cheaper here. Php 126,000. I just got my Dell Alienware M17X Gaming Laptop for PHP 112,000. Its available here in SG under DELL. (FYI) DELL already bought alienware. Its a powerful beast!!!

  49. Daniel Tan says:

    I doubt any serious gamer out there would be willing to pay the price of the predator desktop. Even mild gamers would rather go from scratch to build their own gaming rigs, too pricey, as what other posters are saying, you’re just paying the “brand” and the specs are too ‘underpowered’ for its price. ;)

  50. mar says:

    maliit na computer shop makakagawa ka ng sa presyo nito

    anyways if you got the dough at trip mo tlga e d bilhen mo hehe

  51. jazz says:


    with these specs… pwde bang gawing server??? any disadvantages?

    anyways, any suggestion…best server at below 200k?


  52. watchville says:

    That looks awesome! I wanna have that one! Ang sarap pang gaming!

  53. Name: says:

    Unknown message

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