Tantra Game Bloggers Wanted

Tantra Game Bloggers Wanted

A link from here led me to the Tantra website which calls for interested Tantra bloggers to join the community:

Bloggers Wanted

Are you into Tantra and blogging? Then, you’re exactly what we’re looking for! Share with us snippets of your gaming life and we’ll proudly spotlight them in the new TantraBlogs section.

Interested? Just email samples of your blogs to [email protected] with the subject heading “TANTRA BLOGS”. Chosen bloggers will be contacted for additional details.


I’m not sure if this is a paid gig or just an open invitation to contribute but by the wording of it looks to me like it’s just for guest bloggers.

Worth a try if you’re into Tantra though.

Tantra is a form of RPG. By infusing an oriental storyline and element to it, the game presents a fresh approach to the popular genre. The characters in the game are subservient to a certain god (the 3 major gods) with their abilities and skills highly dependent on the characteristics of that god. Tantra also has four chakra points and three different ranks to choose from.

All of the three gods in Tantra possesses antagonistic relationships over the subcontinent of India. The game revolves around the exploit of the three gods and the events within the eight tribes of the humans. Each player chooses one major God at the start of the game. Characters with different gods play the game together. Upon reaching a pre-determined level, the players then engage in a battle royale at certain places in the game.

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4 Responses

  1. What? No RSS? On a blog? Are they kidding?

  2. ade says:

    ABS-CBN’s CMS sux.

  3. Its not paid… for bloggers who wants to write a “blog entry” to be posted in Tantra.ph

    Since it’s been months old, and there are only 5 entries, I think the idea didn’t catch the gamer-bloggers of Tantra.

    Major problem I see with this initiative: * Bloggers already have a blog to blog on about their gaming experiences * – whether be it Tantra or otherwise. And knowing Filipinos, especially gamers – “it’s all about me… visit my blog/site not theirs”, they will post to their own blogs.

    And of course, we want to have our own layout and set of features ;)

    But a good initiative nonetheless. I did all I can with my former employer to recognize bloggers and exploit or maximize the potential of blogging/blogs/bloggers, but everytime, the response I got was “we don’t need that/them/those” or “LMAO, what blogs?”

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