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11.6″ HP Mini 311 netbook gets official

HP has finally unveiled their very own version of the 11.6″ netbook. The HP Mini 311 will also feature a more powerful graphics chip, an NVidia Ion LE.

hp mini 311


11.6″ display screen @ 1366 x 768 pixels
Intel Atom N270 1.6GHz
NVidia Ion LE with up to 3,19MB memory
1GB DDR3 (max 2GB)
WiFi 802.11 b/g
HDMI port
5-in-1 card reader
6 cell Li-Ion battery

Will come pre-installed with Windows XP Home Edition SP3 and a DDR3 RAM is a welcome upgrade (the first netbook to have DDR3). It’s a bit heavy though at 3.22 pounds. Price starts at $399 so this is gonna be the cheapest in the 12-inch category (price could go up for upgraded the RAM and HDD capacity).

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42 Responses

  1. Corporal Killjoy says:

    I wonder why HP keeps on outdoing itself in only a short span of time. I’m guessing they’ll make this thing obsolete after three to four months.

  2. Darren says:

    not interested ~

  3. redlake_56 says:

    Their gonna do the graphics better. unlike the hp mini 110 xp ed, where its stuck to 1024 x 576. some games won’t work and other applications too …

  4. herbert says:

    The market is too saturated with netbooks.

  5. HP has been constantly evolving into the Nokia-ish.

    on the other hand, maybe a bigger 11incher screen would be enough reason to veer away from the almiminum lid and magnesium bottom, since larger screen adds more weight.

    my only gripe with HP is that they have a mediocre battery. HP Mini 5101’s 6cell battery can only last about 5hours, practically.

  6. ron says:

    an nvidia ion netbook, finally.

  7. truevali says:

    shucks… i want this. how about my mini note. its already obsolete?! kainis…

  8. Ton says:

    The specs look almost exactly like win7’s minimum. coincidence?

  9. @Ton: there’s no such thing as coincidence in product development.

  10. cris says:

    i wonder if it could play HD movies without a glitch

  11. creepy.chan says:

    is it really Intel Atom N270 or n280?

  12. josengsisiW says:

    STILL 1GB???

  13. myke says:

    does NVidia Ion LE has its own memory or will it share with the netbook’s RAM?

  14. Calvin says:

    yummy. although pass muna. I like the Ion and DDR3 part but the n270 or even n280 is already getting obsolete.

  15. noemi says:

    am happy with my HP Mini note 2140 for now. is this also silver aluminum finish?

  16. Neo says:

    is this available already in philippine market? am buying a netbook and im considering this 311.

  17. Neo says:

    by the way, no blutooth ryt?

  18. Reel Advice says:

    Hopefully the price won’t bloat too much when it arrives here!

    My sister is looking for a 11-12″ netbook. This might be one of the top choices i can recommend her.

  19. ron says:



  20. jehzlau says:

    wOW sweeet! I love the design! Parang TX na hindi tablet… and smaller. :)

    Pero i have a 2140 na rin like ate noemi. Hmmmmm…

  21. KATHY says:

    MGA Bossing, i’m planning to get a netbook and 2140 is kinda ok with me pero kaya kaya ng HP ang photoshop? or can you guys recommend a nice netbook other than HP? this will be my very first netbook. thanks

  22. Erin says:

    @KATHY: go for the notebooks with the CULV processors, or yung merong AMD processor., The atom is not made for heavy processing like the one needed for graphics work.

  23. ricooh says:


  24. SnipeUout says:

    I wonder if is Coming with DDR3 and the N280.

    According to Hp is an N280



  25. Linxk says:

    WOW! this is what I want 11.6″ screen, 3usb, VGA port, etc.

    Now I regret that I bought the hp mini 1000

    Sana pla inintay ko nlng to, kahinayang

  26. vepa814 says:

    am i glad i waited before buying! but no bluetooth???!! that’s the deal killer for me.

    well, according to HP’s tech specs, Bluetooth is optional… but that’s in the US. how about in the Philippines? How do i get bluetooth with this??

  27. Neo says:

    plss naman dumating kna sa pinas! inabutan na lang ng baha di pa rin dumarating… sana sa cebu available din!

  28. JC says:

    i just called HP regarding this. when this 311 be available here in the philippines but according to them no news yet with availabilty. philippines is always being left behind. hmmm

  29. zoegod says:

    also waiting for this. bka mag bago pa isip ng father ko huhuhu. But this is the best netbook around when it comes to graphic. Pwede maglaro ng ibang gamesa not too high end.

    sa benchmarking, it was able to play Crysis 2 pero 12fps lang. siya lang ang netbook na nka play ng Crysis 2 kahit mabagal. Yung iba di possible to play. (playable fpas is 20fps)

    Link: http://www.laptopmag.com/review/laptop/hp-mini-311.aspx?page=2

    Editor’s choice din siya

  30. camille says:

    I saw this available in Complink SM North – they are selling it for 29k with an external optical drive for free.
    1GB RAM
    160 GB HDD
    Nvidia Ion.


    Wish they sell one with 3GB and 250GB HDD or 320.

  31. Boom says:

    just got one from eHub eastwood for 28,990.. came with n280, bluetooth, wifi, 1gb ram, external drive, altec lansing speakers, etc..

  32. Erich says:

    I’m really planning to buy a notebook this december and based on what the 311 has it’s definitely the one for me and it also fits my budget. Boom and Camille, since you’ve already acquired one, do you have the contact #’s for CompLink and eHub respectively.


  33. maki says:

    E-HUB Computer and Accessories (Makati)

    G/F Park Square 1, Makati City
    Contact Person:

    Marilyn Fardo
    Contact Info:



    may availabe na kya nito dito bandang south?
    las pinas, muntinlupa area,.

    pinagpipilian ko to eh,
    lenovo s12 0r hp mini 311

    any suggestion guys for 11-12 inches netbooks below 30 thousand pesos?

  34. Camille says:

    @Erich – i didnt get one. I settled for the MSI N210. I read the reviews mas madami ok sa MSI210 eh.

    It has AMD L335 – dual core. It’s a lot faster than my Acer which has Atom N280.

    I checked the 311 in Complink SM North before getting the N210. its selling for 28990 or something. It comes with a lightscribe external optical drive, 250 GB HD, 1gb DD3.

    While the N210 I purchased had:
    2GB RAM DDR2
    AMD Athlon NEO X2 L335
    9 cel battery
    – got it for 22995

  35. Doug says:

    I just ordered one online, but with Windows 7, 3GB DDR3 and 320GB hard drive…can’t wait to get it…

  36. Doug says:

    and it was only 30384…

  37. Bok L says:

    damn nice screen.
    i agree that the processor would really need an upgrade. the unit is quite big. i mean they could have cut some lines in the casing of hte lcd.

    i feel this is quite a ‘super’ netbook but only in terms of the screen size. no idea if the chicklet kb will fit me but so far among all netbooks hp has had the best kb.

    outfitting the unit with ddr3 on the other hand may get this machine kicking hard… and thus the same old n280 processor.

    im not yet a full convert of windows 7 but it should have drivers for 7 already.

    im still reading the reviews. keeping my fingers crossed. this may be my next netbook.

  38. maki says:

    sir doug,
    where did you order hp 311 with Windows 7
    , 3GB DDR3 and 320GB hard drive?

  39. kenneth says:

    guys, can you please tell what was the cheapest , or can you recommend some netbooks with low price and good specs. i have a plan to buy a netbook but didn’t sure what brand i will buy.

  40. ronel alagao says:

    goodmorning to all.. may i know guys if how much are the model of hp laptops and netbooks and asus laptops and netbooks?? i am interested on models.. we want to be a dealer or a re-seller of units.. thank you guys.. this is my cellphone number 09398275897.. or email at [email protected].. thank you again and godbless..

  41. ronel alagao says:

    is the operating system is WINDOWS 7??

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