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7-inch Identity Tab takes Android to the classroom

Saw this 7-inch Android tablet a couple of weeks ago during a meeting and asked the distributor if I could borrow it and check it out. I am told that a few schools (forgot which ones) have adopted this tablet as a learning tool in the classroom.

This Korean-made tablet was also developed by the same company (ODM) that provided Amazon with the Kindle Fire so I was intrigued by it. The tablet is available for enterprise and academe but hasn’t been launched commercially for regular folks.

It even comes with a thin suede sleeve out of the box which is nice for carrying around but not really to protect the tablet from bumps and drops. The design is very simple and actualy reminds me of the first iPad, only that this one is made of matte, silver plastic.

There are three physical buttons at the bottom for the usual Android menu. Volume control is on the right side, power button and 3.5mm audio port is at the top. This is also the very first tablet I’ve seen that uses a mini-USB port instead of a micro-USB for data and power charging.


The top side also has a hidden latch to uncover another set of ports — an SD card slot and a micro-HDMI port for connecting the tablet to an external HD display.

The specs are pretty decent, nothing really spectacular. In fact, there’s some shortcomings I think some people will find disappointing.

Identity Tab 7 specs:
7-inch LCD display @ 480×800 pixels
1.0 GHz ARM processor
PowerVR SGX 540 graphics
8GB SD card storage
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth 2.1
Android Froyo 2.2

Quadrant score is a decent 1457 (a little faster than the Google Nexus One on Froyo 2.2) which trumps many other tablets and smartphones with the same chipset.

The low resolution is a bit of a disappointment and the screen doesn’t offer that much crispness. I am told the tablet isn’t readily available in the market but could range between Php11k to Php13k in other neighboring countries (I am not sure if it was Indonesia).

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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22 Responses

  1. Jp says:

    Can you I have one of those?

  2. Geff Chang says:

    I wonder what the schools are using these tablets for. Are they now replacing paper books with eBooks? That would be great to know!

  3. Jaja says:

    When I saw this on FB, all I can say was, “Finally!”

    I’m just wondering, are those schools actually requiring their students to have these? The Korean folks in our school are also carrying tablets (though somewhat smaller, I think) It’s a lot easier to use so, most of the time, I also find myself in a more productive environment thanks to these tools. :D

    As for now.. I think it’s kinda difficult to find a reliable tablet that can suit both the needs of the students and their wallets reach as well (just so they can be added to the daily curriculum at a reasonable price)

    What do you think?

  4. I don’t wonder if how they use it because we have our own way of adapting to change.

  5. rochel says:

    can you have this at yugadeals? :)

  6. roiji says:

    … a 7-inch Samsung Galaxy S. (without the cellular radios)

  7. Docalfred says:

    I hope we can start using tablets in the schools. Most of the kids are carrying books twice their weights which makes them prone to back pains, other pains and illnesses.

    • Jaja says:

      Yep. Most parents are not in favor of lockers rin. I remember nung elementary ako, ang bigat talaga ng bag ko kaya sobrang hassle magsisimula palang ang klase at pati na rin pag patapos na.

      Besides that, mas nagiging productive talaga ang tao thanks to these tablets. Not everyone can afford a laptop, or even those other high-end gadgets we see in the commercials nowadays, so if they’d introduce these ‘student tablets’ soon, malaking tulong na talaga. :)

      May internet access pa, plus vast applications that could be installed in these gadgets, para mas ma-iincline sila mag research more about the lessons. :)

      How I wish it would come true soon for every student. :D

  8. Nigel says:

    Just make sure to block all (and i mean all) mature contents when they do a search. =)

  9. Kyle says:

    Hmm… A rebadge of the Dropad A8. This basically has a Samsung S5PV210 SOC, which is practically a Hummingbird with higher power consumption as the S5PV210 is meant for development or larger devices as the die itself is much larger.

    Battery life would be piss off since all S5PV210-based tablets run off 7.4V. The Cherry Pad Turbo and MSI Windpad Enjoy 7 will offer the same performance and much better battery life.

    • Kyle says:

      *piss poor

      Meh. YugaTech needs a better commenting system. Or I should just proofread more often.

      These companies rebadging tablets from China shouldn’t overprice too much just because the newer Chinese tablets are actually very good. I mean… 11K to 13K when they get it for less than half the price? Jesus…

  10. Terry Ignacio says:

    nice…and to think Steve Jobs wanted to kill Android

  11. Edwin C says:

    It can only play one game – Angry Parents.

  12. Malca says:

    they are introducing the use of this tablet in Angelicum College, QC. As a parent, I am looking forward to this change.

  13. Kim says:

    This tablet is also being offered in one of the Colleges in Manila. The price is below 10K. Looking forward to this because it can really help the students and the teachers as well. Plus, you can also use this for personal matters. It rocks!!

  14. hk says:

    got this tablet (sealed in a box) for only 4k in korea.. but since i bought it in korea.. some of the apps are in korean.. and i’m not an android expert..^^ i only use it for watching videos/series while on the subway..

  15. Lucita Casicas says:

    Hi my son purchase 7″ Mobeelity identity tab, the problem is …..he create a password, then i use the tab then i try to unlock the password just got wrong password…to many pattern attempts…To unlock, sign in with google account, we try our accnt in gmail to sign in, but didn’t accpt our accnt? Please help us… Thank you

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