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Alcatel One Touch Tab T10 Review

Alcatel makes its first foray into the local tablet market is with this entry-level but very functional 7-inch Alcatel One Touch Tab T10. While the specs are pretty basic, the T10 turned out to be a worthy everyday tablet. Find out why in our full review after the break.

When the folks from Sun Cellular gave us this unit a couple of weeks ago, we tested it internally and gave them our initial feedback about the tablet.

Design and Construction

The Alcatel One Touch Tab T10 looks like your typical Android tablet at first glance. Found on the front is the 7-inch glass display with a front-facing camera on the upper right corner. The microUSB port and the DC charging port with an LED light are located on the right side and the headset jack and speakers are on the left.

On the right top side are the power button and volume rockers. Flip it and you’ll see the microSD slot and a pinhole for the mic/reset. The T10’s entire body is made of plastic with a silver color trim surrounding it while the non-removable back has a matte black finish with a dotted design that helps make the device look good and the feel allows for a comfortable and stable grip.


The Tab T10 has a 7-inch TFT display with a resolution of 800×480 with an aspect ratio of 16:9 (comes down to a pixel density of around 133ppi). Expect some pixelation, narrow viewing angles and glare especially against bright light sources and in outdoors settings.

Like most tablets, the T10’s display is a fingerprint magnet so you might want to wipe it every now and then. The T10’s display is decent to use on a regular basis.

OS and UI

The T10 comes with Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich right out of the box. The system looks like the stock Vanilla flavor except for the large weather widget on the main home screen which can be removed and replaced anytime (it appears to be running the stock/Vanilla Android).

The UI and navigation are simple, very responsive, with smooth transitions and 100% of the touch gestures register correctly on the display. Like most devices, the T10 experiences minor UI lags as well but are only noticeable on UI animations that run for the first time. After a few repetitions, the lag fades away.

One of the things that we love about the T10 is the TouchPal keyboard. It shows large keys at full size that are accurate and very easy to type on. If you have certain keyboard preferences, the T10 offers five different layouts: Split, Full, Center, Left and Right. It also has its own Swype-like feature called the TouchPal Curve as an added treat.

Multimedia and Apps

As expected of a device that runs on Android Ice Cream Sandwich, the T10 handles multimedia very well. Watching movies and listening to music are not a problem. If there are any file formats that the device cannot run, just simply access the Google Play Store and download the necessary app for it. The sound from the speakers are great. The quality of sound is crisp and clear but the volume has to be low. Crank up the volume to its maximum level and you’ll notice some distortion so I suggest using a good pair of headphones instead.


As for the games, the T10 can play Bad Piggies, Temple Run and Fruit Ninja with no problems. Swipes always register on Fruit Ninja and the animations are fluid. However, lags occur while playing Temple Run. Swipes register but sometimes you’ll notice split second delays but it doesn’t always hinder your game play. Nevertheless, we find no major issues. The games installed are very easy to play and the Gyro works accurately.

Performance and Benchmarks

Benchmark scores with Quadrant Standard (1,459) and AnTuTu (2,358) placed the Tab T10 at the bottom of the charts while NenaMark rated its GC800 graphics processor a 25.3fps.

The T10 can play HD movies quite well and runs the majority of the apps in the Google Play Store just fine and that includes most of the popular apps like Temple Run, Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja. Don’t expect it to perform well on graphics-intensive games though.


As for battery life, the T10 has a 3000mAh Li-Ion battery that lasted three days with moderate use that consists of casual WiFi internet browsing and eBook reading.

However, if you frequently play games and watch videos, it will still last almost two days.


The T10 is an entry-level tablet with basic functional specifications. It is designed for light usage and simple tasks and the T10 does those things very well. There are some tablets out there with better specs but sadly, they can’t even handle simple tasks properly.

Nevertheless, we think the Alcatel One Touch Tab T10 is a very simple yet capable tablet. It’s not for high-end usage but it gets simple and basic things done well.

Alcatel One Touch Tab T10 specs:
7-inch TFT display @ 800×480, 16:9 aspect ratio
1.0GHz ARM Cortex A8
GC800 core GPU
Rockchip RK2918
4GB internal storage
up to 32GB via microSD card
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
1 x microUSB port USb 2.0
0.3MP front-facing camera
3.5mm headphone jack
OTG function: Support, an external wireless mouse and keyboard
DC Jac 2.5; 12V/2A charging interface
3000mAh 3.7V Li-Ion battery
340g (weight)

What we liked about it:
* Great build
* Matte back texture is a plus
* Feels solid with decent amount of heft
* Quick and responsive on normal tasks
* Good for web browsing, movies, music and light gaming
* Speaker is loud, crisp and clear
* Good battery life

What we didn’t like about it:
* Few lags on games, no major hiccups
* Low resolution display
* Front-facing camera placed on upper left instead of in the middle
* Slow portrait to landscape (vice-versa) transition

The Alcatel One Touch Tab T10 tablet is exclusively available from Sun Cellular. It is bundled with the Alcatel One Touch 903D phone and are both offered for FREE starting with Sun Plan 600! You can also get them for free with the Sun Broadband Wireless Plan 999 bundled with a mobile WiFi or with the Sun Call & Surf 999 to enjoy Sun Unlimited Calls & Texts plus unlimited mobile internet.

This bundle is one of the first we’ve seen from Sun Cellular. The tablet, smartphone and unlimited services combination is very compelling package starting at Php600/month.

You can sign up and apply here.

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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121 Responses

  1. Techjunkeez says:

    Not bad for an entry level tab. Planning to get one for my kiddo! Thanks.

  2. cool says:

    Cool. Another post which murders English. Why mention something about Sun’s plan making the tablet a good buy when all you did was mention a postpaid deal? Man, the quality of this blog is quickly taking a nose dive thanks to “writers” like you.

    • whatta says:

      Wow, perfect ka teh?

      Seriously bud, go somewhere else. No one’s asking for you to be here. Judgmental peeps like you are the reason why there are communication-apprehensive people. :|

    • rivendell says:

      I don’t see how only mentioning a postpaid deal supposedly ‘murders English’.

  3. primon says:

    Good entry level Tablet, too bad it’s only single core and a small 4gb internal storage

    does an ICS Tablet support apps2SD functionality?

    It also does not mention of any 3g connectivity, clarification please.

  4. Mr A says:

    Maybe this is an out of topic note. But have the people at this site heard of the Pipo M1-Max tablet? It’s like the IPad 2.5 for less than 10K.

  5. Normally I do not read post on blogs, however I wish to say that this write-up
    very pressured me to take a look at and do it! Your writing taste has been amazed me.
    Thanks, very nice article.

    • Wow says:

      Nice try, “writer”. If you were planning on saving face by writing a compliment to yourself, try harder. Not all your readers are as stupid as you make them out to be.

      A poor comment does not make a poor article look any better (if you understand what I mean). The only thing “nice” about this piece is that… no, there’s actually nothing worth praising about this.

  6. Edwin C says:

    Bakit ang daming mga righteous dito ngayon, no?

  7. Anti-Wow says:

    your so bitter Wow commenter.. ^^ Mind your own comment…

  8. Len says:

    Sayang naman at available lang sya through Sun postpaid plan dahil malamang sobrang high standard nanaman ang requirements, 2lad nang Smart na kailangan pa 20k ang salary mo pra lang maka-avail ka nung internet plan nila na me free laptop na Neo eh samantalang 1,2k lang naman ung plan… Pfft.

  9. jb says:

    pde b to videocall skype or ym?

  10. tobimagwire says:

    actually there is a promo for 600 only you can get the tab and a phone. http://www.suncellular.com.ph/postpaid_news69.php

  11. Nomer Santos says:

    Anyone know if it supports Multi Touch??

  12. RJ De Leon says:

    Surely even the entry-level Ainol tabs are much better than this?

  13. Jerlene says:

    Applying for a postpaid plan is too much of a hassle.

  14. pmpasky says:

    may Bluetooth ba ito?

    • 4everblue78 says:


      No SMS/ Call function
      No 3G/ HSDPA connectivity
      No GPS support
      No Bluetooth support
      No FM Radio/ Mobile TV support

  15. darius says:

    Just got mine from sun. Nice entry level tablet and i like the fact na walang alcatel logo sa harap

  16. Eric Corpuz says:

    Who wants to buy mine? Just got it last night October 21. Sun cellular opened it for testing purposes po.

  17. Angelo says:

    300mAh 3.7V Li-Ion battery

    You are kidding right?

  18. Maricris says:

    bakit ung alcatel onetouch tab T10 ko twice na ko nagpalit sa suncellular shop.

    first problem: power button
    second problem : speaker

    tapos may problem na naman ayaw na nya bumukas kakakuha ko lang kahapon ng replacement ng tablet again. ung una saktong 7 days sira ung pangalawa 5 days lang sira uli tapos ngaun oct. 24 sira na naman..

  19. Wilbur says:

    bakit ung alcatel onetouch tab T10 ko twice na ko nagpalit sa suncellular shop.

    first problem: power button
    second problem : speaker

    tapos may problem na naman ayaw na nya bumukas kakakuha ko lang kahapon ng replacement ng tablet again. ung una saktong 7 days sira ung pangalawa 5 days lang sira uli tapos ngaun oct. 24 sira na naman..

    • jojo says:

      iisang tao lng si maricris at wilbur parang tanga lng !

    • pusakalye says:

      True, this also happens to my sister’s Tablet… kakakuha nya lang sa sun, after ma full charge ayaw gumana ng power button at completely black yung screen. ewan ko lang kung panu nya naayus ulit. there is something like reset hole na dapat pipindotin sa likod pag nag freez yung device.

    • oname says:

      ganun din sken

  20. Ricky says:

    Hi Yuga,

    Hope you find time to review Kata T1 tablet, and maybe compare it with this onetouch T10. It seems they have similar specs but the price of Kata T1 tab is a little lower. Also I am interested to know if it (kata t1) can play high graphics game like shadow gun and dead trigger.

    Thank you in advance

  21. mich says:

    thanks for this review. I’m gonna grab one. It helped me to decide. Thanks so much again.

  22. rod says:

    too late for alcatel to release this.. may ainol quad core na, and ang trend ngayon is dual core. pero compared naman ito sa Eken T01A, Haipad A13, KNC mid702 and Coby Kyros, ok na sya. At wag ka, may ka-bundle pang phone.. san ka pa?!

  23. rod says:

    i’m still interested on PiPo U1 and Ainol Novo7 Fire and Ainol Novo7 Aurora II. Both are dual cores with less than 10k on their price tag. If you wanted more affordable, yet reliable tab, go for CDR-King Fast Tab FP 006, it can play HD games

  24. Ricky says:

    Got a chance to review specs of Novo 7 Flame it is really impressive and competitive almost similar with nexus 7, the only difference is the processor, but that is compensated by additional functionalities such as sd card slot, hdmi support, usb support, 5MP rear camera with flash.

    My only concern is quality/durability and performance. Is this brand reliable in terms of quality and performance? Could anyone share actual experience with Novo 7 Flame, please… Thanks!

  25. Mari says:

    good tablet. fast. responsive.
    good audio.

    i just dont like:
    1. bad display, angle viewing is teribly bad. got eyestrains after minutes of use.
    2. slow internet. i got dsl connection. some times it doent load pages. even google.

    selling mine for 3000k..

  26. alvin says:

    my sim card slot po b ito? thanks

  27. hani says:

    Can i use MS office here??

  28. lion says:

    pwede ba maglaro ng FB PioneerTrail dito?

  29. lion says:

    Hi, can its flash able to support PioneerTrail in Facebook?

  30. Sophie says:

    This is a good offer (Alcatel T10) considering that it is bundled with a mobile phone. For the specs, I find it ok (Thanks for the review)don’t expect too much on it but if you’re an average user this will be a good choice. After all, technology has been continuously improving, what is “In” today may not be “In” tom. just like my Ipad 2, now antiquated! :)

  31. Rico says:

    not so good quality…i got this plan almost a month ago I can say that it doesnt fit for me. Not much of a difference compare to china phones in the market today. Alcatel is manufactured by TCL Mobile, the known TV manufacturer based in China. Undeniably, Alcatel is another china phone.

  32. mitch mabano says:

    is MS office accesible in here.. well, i wanna use it to store and view my cases for law school. is that possible? thanls. :)

  33. rX says:

    it has e-book..i am using it also

  34. minato says:

    Hi.. tablet is ok for entry level.. para sa akin ok lang. dont expect too much. if gusto mo ng maganda pa, bumili ka ng Asus nexus or iPad, sinong bang sirang ulo na company ang mag gawa ng tab na parehas sa leading brand at mura lang. “Mayron (CDR-KING) pero quality ba? alcatel is not bad as cellphone.

  35. xing says:

    Can this be used for Skype and Facebook games, like Farmville??

  36. nokya eneyt says:

    can i install microsoft excel and word on alcatel t10 tab?

  37. elle says:

    aaww im thinking twice if i will get this .. tsk

  38. Jaco Ruiz says:

    may simcard slot po to ? -.-

  39. aRum says:

    this Alcatel one touch t10 is a good entry level tablet.
    Yes. it can run skype but not viber.
    Yes. it can run document to go bit havent tried to download word since i dont have enough credit to buy it from the google play.
    Yes. its ICS supports apps2SD.
    Yes. it can run light games like angry birds, fruit ninja, temple run, poolmaster pro, etc. but not mid – high end games.
    Yes. It can run facebook and twitter (of course)
    Yes. it supports external memory up to 32gb via microsd slot.
    Yes. the full body is little weak.

    How i handle my t10 why it’s still working.
    charge it below 15% of battery and DO NOT USE IT while charging. it is recommended to charge it from 15% down to 1% of battery life so you can prevent the device from not turning on. Do not drain all the battery before you charge it, for i think its the reason why it turned not booting up.
    Avoid pressing it hard, especially the front glass and the back part.

    Yes it has WiFi and it has good connection if you have a good WiFi / Internet speed. Sadly, no blutooth.
    not too responsive compared to ipads, galaxy, notes etc. but its good.
    It is available from Sun Postpaid bundled with Alcatel onetouch 903d / sun call and text unli + p250 consumable + 300 to text to other networks.

    the tablet is WiFi only. the camera is bad.
    i think Arcane… something like that, a mid – high graphic game can be played here since i downloaded it and reached the main page of the game and seen the graphic is good.

    Yes. it can play HD movies, sounds not that good but still you can hear it.

    Haven’t tried to play facebook games on it.

    FYI: Alcatel is one of the best cellphone manufacturer wayback late 90’s and early 20’s.

    if you have credit card account it is easy to apply for this plan.

  40. melrose says:

    my simcard slot po ba to?

  41. Dianne says:

    Thanks for the great review. I was planning to purchase to purchase it on Sun.

  42. ronbatch says:

    is it e-book capable? is it audio book capable? thank you :-)

  43. sheshe says:

    can i use skype?

  44. Lenne says:

    I can’t seem to get Skype to work properly in Alcatel Tab T10.

    I can sign in. I can send chat messages. I can do audio call.

    In a video call, my contacts can see me fine and hear me clearly, but I cannot hear my contact/s on the tab’s built-in speaker. I have to use an earphone to hear the other end.

    Is this some kind of a glitch? Or do I have a defective unit? Please advise so I can have it replaced before my 7-day replacement warranty lapse in case the problem is with the unit.


  45. sep says:

    i have this from sun too. kaso i couldn’t delete the videos. the options available are delete bookmark and play again, delete bookmark, and return. and the tablet’s speakers are not that good kasi when i tried to record, i couldn’t hear everything..

  46. diks says:


  47. Lenne says:

    Anyone here who’s using Skype in their tab? Please give me feedback regarding video call. DO you hear your contacts in the built-in speaker alone? Or we really need to use an earphone to hear them?

  48. ronald says:

    one touch t10 : my battery drained, now i cant turn it on.please help. thanks

  49. nixx says:

    OMG! i’ve read lots of comments here. now i dont think if i want to apply or not . is it good or bad! is it beautiful or not .. can you all please help me?

  50. shumon says:

    totally agree!

  51. hola tengo una pregunta quiero comprar la tablet y mi pregunta es, le puedo ingresar una sim de interned a la tablet, teniendo en cuenta que incluye la wifi..

  52. Nick says:

    Hello! I want to ask you if this tablet has a 5-point multi-touch. Thank you!

  53. alvin says:

    when i record a video,low sounds..i guess there is a problem on my tab(alcatel one touch). but when i return in supplier,they said “it is normal in a gadget”is it true?? if it is true,i’m not happy when i get that gadget..& some application in the market not compatible in this gadget, like “talking tomcat 2”.. pls.send me a msg.to fix that,or what i shall do? tnx!

  54. jim says:

    how do u reset the patton password ?my son forgot we cant doo anything !

  55. Edwin C says:

    Itong tablet na ito ay para lang sa mga tao na mga poor at Android fanboys. At marami sila.

    • J says:

      Then why are you here? How rich are you anyway? Besides, you don’t get to buy this android tab, its free.

    • thebuzz says:

      alam mo Edwin..tanga ka pala eh, andito ka sa thread meaning meron ka rin nyang tablet and android user ka din, nahuhuli ka sa sarili mong katangahan.

    • Masa says:

      bawasan mo ang yabang mo… mabaho din utot mo ulol

    • mr. :) says:

      ang yaman mo naman :) halika dito at papakainin kita ng pera :)

    • Lels says:

      Punta dito Edwin. Sasampalin kita ng libo. Mayaman ka pala ah. Congrats! Wala kaming pakielam sa nararamdaman mo!

  56. lhaine says:

    hi! is this a skype video call capable tablet?thanks in advance!:)

    • John Crisostomo says:

      Yep my dad gave me this one last time I met him and it’s quite good for a cheap tablet. Been using it for skype video calls and it’s good.

      My only problem about it is the battery life. I don’t know how it lasted 2-3 days with moderate use as mine drains battery way too fast.

  57. honey says:

    my alcatel one touch t10 wont turn on anymore, its just less than 15 days old… help…

  58. mhai says:

    pwede po ba dito yung istagram?


  59. mhai says:

    applicable po ditp ang istagram? tnx

    • vina says:

      pwede instagram kaya lang isang camera lang meron ito at front facing lang.

    • hazel says:

      Hello. :-) I just wanna ask kung meron kana instagram sa tab mo? Ksi once na ko nag ddl sa googleplay pero di daw compatible.. thanks po.:-)

  60. lea says:

    is dat capable of quick office app? Like pwd mkagawa ng documents at p0wer p0int?

  61. Georgia says:

    Does it have a sim card or how does the bundled plan work? would the sim have to go to the phone instead.

  62. vina says:

    I don’t know what unit they gave you but the battery life of this device is pretty shitty. I wasn’t even using it as much as my phone but the battery was already out of juice in one day.

  63. wazzup says:

    pwde ba nba 2k13 dito???

  64. rowah says:

    i can only use my tab for 5 hours more or less and I’m not even doing anything much other than e- book reading, as of now my tabs dead.. i charged it , light turned from red to orange but i cant get anything…. is there anything else that i can do…
    Help :(

    • Ram says:

      mine is much worse. i recently received this unit last feb 6 2013. I followed everything what the catalogue is recommending for charging, but i can only use this for 3 hrs max. I am using this tab for playing. Charging time is longer than playing time? :(

  65. marlon says:

    . i tried to copy a word docment from my PC to this tablet and unfortunately it cannot be done.. and an ERROR dialog box appears. I asked the SUNCELLULAR personnel and according to them such action like that is not applicable to this tablet..thus, when we try to open a microsoft word document 2010 through its officesuite it still doesn’t work.moreovers it cannot read such script like this..

    is there any solution from this??

    • Aidan C says:

      Ang pinakamagandang Office App that I’ve found in the Google Play Market is the Kingsoft Office. It has all the functions of Basic MS Office like MS Word, Excel and Powerpoint, you can view and edit those types of files too. It can also view PDF Files (view only, no editing) and of course, it’s free! ^_^

  66. Rean says:

    as for the battery. you can DL apps to help it out like juice defender (it’s free, punta lang sa google play mga tsong) or if you’re not using internet/wifi you can turn it off then just turn it back on if you need it already. there’s a lot of tips online on how to prolong the battery life of any google tabs, google google lang mga tsong..

    FYI: la pa ko tab nato, pero i’m planning to get one..mahal masyado yung samsung galaxy tab 2 eh..pero yun mamaw, ok yun kaso nga mahal tsk tsk :)


  67. Aidan C says:

    My Sun plan will be renewed on Monday, and even though this is not as cool as the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, I think this is worth spending money on. :) Kung di lang kasi mahal yung plan ng Samsung Galaxy Tab. :)) HAHA.

    Office Suite or Document Viewing/Editing Concerns:

    Download Kingsoft Office on Google Play Market. It has all the functions of Basic MS Office like MS Word, Excel and Powerpoint, you can view and edit those types of files too. It can also view PDF Files (view only, no editing) and of course, it’s free! ^_^ I use this on my MyPhone A818 and it helps me a lot in school and also while travelling.

    Battery Concerns:

    Download Battery Saving Apps like Juice Defender and Easy Battery Saver. Marami pang iba dyan, explore lang sa Market. Malaking tulong ang Battery Apps for Battery life. Also consider your usage of the tab. Kung gusto niyo makatipid talaga ng charge ng battery, lower the brightness of your gadget, minimize sounds and avoid abusive use of the gadget. Pero other than that, mabilis talaga malolowbatt ang tab nyan. :)

    Explore GO Launcher EX. You can apply themes, it has a power saving mode, task managers and app killers, battery optimizer, etc. It can save battery power and determine the number of battery life your battery has. :)

  68. monch says:

    yes! ask ko lang may instagram ba to? mukang keri to, maganda ba sya? sino meron na sya inyo update nyo kase kukuha ako SUNdroid ba un plan nila mura lang shala pa may fone na kasama! yung comment ni EDWIN dito nabasa ko e e TARANTADO kapala e bat nagcocomment ka dito hiyang hiya naman ako sa kayamanan mo! muka ka naman buhayang pagod!

  69. hazel says:

    Hello guys. I’ve been trying to upload instagrAm but it says its not compatible. Do u guys have it or installed it.I’m having a hard time downloading this.. I need ur reply..thanks:-)

  70. rob tolmo says:

    puede ba dito maglaro ng farmville? salamat po.

  71. April Ting says:

    Pwede ba magstream / download ng movies or series sa Tab nato? Feedback will be appreaciated, Im planning to add another line getting the pocket wifi and free tab :) xxx

  72. TrezMarias says:

    Meron na ba nakasubok kung pwede gamitin ang sun usb broadband using OTG cable? Para maka access sa internet? :) thanks

  73. Elkin Molina says:

    Por favor como hago para adquirir el manual o guia del usuario de la tablet Alcatelonetouch?

  74. Elkin Molina says:

    Por favor como hago para adquirir el manual o guia del usuario de la tablet Alcatelonetouch? No he podido bajarla por la

  75. radge says:

    There is posibble this or apps to enable bluetooth to my alcatel t10.I use bluetooht doogle it can’t work

  76. KARA says:

    can you use this tablet as phone? to make phone call?

  77. Pocoyo says:

    Bakit ung alcatel T10 tab ko lagi nang disconnect sa inet?

    Since nung binili ko to un lang naging problema ko. binalik ko na din sa store para mareplace pero ganun pa din. Meron din akong galaxy tab pero un di nag didisconnect. eto lang talagang T10.
    Any suggestion

    • shetalks777 says:

      I have the same problem. Kainis nga eh. Namamatay ang Wifi mag-isa, o kaya biglang nagiging out of range yung network kahit nasa tabi ako ng router namin.

  78. Stacey says:

    Power adaptor connector to the tablet is of unique size. No alternative replacement in the market. Even the distributor doesn’t have one to replace those under warranty units. Doesn’t charge via micro USB. Hangs most of the time.

    • yme says:

      very true! system hangs everyday!
      need to leave it as is, and drain the battery, then re-charge to try it using again

  79. ||ABRILLE says:

    HOW TO TAKE OUT THE MEMMORY CARD ON THIS TABLET ALCATEL T10 IT CAN’T TAKE IT OFF there is no spring on it when you press it it will pop out.

  80. kgonzalbo says:

    Dead Trigger, All Temple Run, Final Fantasy 3 (3d), Dungelot, Battleheart many others. Its a miss and hit as some games like anomaly korea and earth does not work. Arcane legends work but online game.

  81. qwerty says:

    For Alcatel tab t10 users, what messenger is compatible with this tab? viber and whatsapp is not compatible with this tab

  82. OrionSphinx says:

    First seven days I used this gadget, the screen goes off but still running. Only blacked out screen. I had it returned to Sun for repair, it took them a month before I got it back again. Still the same problem, I sent it back again to Sun, they refused to replaced it, they still have my Tab10, again for repair as of this time and I’m paying P600 a month for it.

    Inutile Consumers Act Law.

  83. daniel liali says:

    how can l use a 3g donlge on my t10 tablet

  84. Nicole says:

    my tablet says it doesn’t allow browser. I cant access the internet.

  85. Ghislain says:

    When I light(switch on) my Tablet is rest blocked on onetouch filing down, can use me?
    Model T10

  86. Ghislain says:

    When I light my Tablet is rest blocked(surrounded) on onetouch filing down, can use me?
    Model T10

  87. When I initially left a comment I appear to have clicked the -Notify
    me when new comments are added- checkbox and from now on every time a comment is added I recieve four emails with the exact same comment.

    There has to be a means you can remove me from that service?

  88. kath colico says:


    I Have a problem with my Alcatel Tab. Hindi kasi ngOpen hanggang dun lang xa sa may ngFlash na name ng Alcatel after ng Loading tapos stock up na xa dun. What can shall do? Help me please… :(

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