Archos 101 Android Tablet Review

Archos 101 Android Tablet Review

The Archos 101 is the latest Android tablet from a line-up of five. At 10.1″ it is also among the largest tablets currently available in the market.

Despite the growing number of Android tablets out there, Archos wants to carve a mark by offering the line that’s most attractive in terms of pricing.

The Archos 101 is sleek and slim and comes in a black matte finish all over. There are less metallic parts and more hard plastic polymers for the body, making it lighter and easier to handle. The form factor is less squarish and more rectangular to give a nice ultra-wide landscape — perfect for watching movies and browsing webpages.

The display screen is now more responsive and the system feels much faster than the older versions we’ve tried before. Gone are the resistive touch screen that are now replaced by a capacitive display – a very welcome upgrade if you asked us. The display is still your regular TFT LCD and as expected, it does not perform well against bright light sources or in the outdoors.

Under the hood, the Archos 101 is powered by a 1GHz ARM Cortex A8 CPU running the latest Android 2.2 Froyo. For storage, it’s got a 16GB internal memory which you can expand via the microSD slot on the side so you won’t run out of storage space for all those movies and music videos.

HD movie playback is smooth and great; viewing angle is wide enough, maybe around 120 degrees across. Sound quality is good and volume is decent though the speakers are all at the back panel.


It even comes with a slew of ports so you can connect accessories and other peripherals to the tablet — HDMI, USB and micro USB. That pretty much allows you to hook the Archos 101 to almost any USB-capable device.

As for connectivity, the Archos 101 comes with Bluetooth and WiFi 802.11 b/g/n for surfing the net when connected to a wireless network. Unfortunately, it does not have a 3G modem so there’s no luck in hooking it with your 3G data SIM. No that you want to make calls but 3G connectivity is something that might appeal to a lot of consumers especially when unlimited data from carriers are way cheaper nowadays.

The front-facing VGA camera is sub-par and is very grainy under low-light conditions. The speakers are decent for playing music or watching movies but since they are placed at the back, volume suffers when you put it down against any surface. Fortunately, it comes with a sturdy kick-stand at the back so you can position the tablet at a desirable angle on landscape mode.

The back panel also has a couple of small protruding pimples and another pair of small rubber pads that protects the unit from scratches when you put it down on its back. It also helps it set in place especially on slippery surfaces so it won’t easily slip off and falls over.

The tablet does have the Android Market (so are all other Google Apps/Services) out of the box although you can always install it manually. Archos has an alternative app store called AppsLib though it’s not as extensive as the original one.

Archos promises up to 10 hours of web surfing and up to 7 hours of video playback. However, I have not been able to get close to those numbers with several repeated attempts. I’d say something like 6 hours on web surfing is the average.

At a suggested retail price of just Php19,990, the Archos 101 is among the most affordable tablets around. The lack of 3G connectivity could be a drawback to some but at that retail price, it’s a good deal if you’re looking for an iPad alternative. And with the 5-inch and 7-inch Archos tablets also in store shelves, there’s a lot of choices to fit one’s taste.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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85 Responses

  1. With the laggy Cherry Superion (600Mhz doesn’t do too well for scrolling and no GPU makes games chug), the Galaxy Tab’s pricetag and reported software nitpicks, Archos’ tablets might be the best ones to get.

    If the 7″ one is similarly decent, then we got our tablet winner right here.

  2. melvin says:

    Where can I get one?

  3. bench says:

    yuga…yung archos 70 avail nba sa market? na kunin ko instead of this 10″..mas ok kasi yung memory nya e 250GB..

  4. Anthony says:

    Can you connect a Globe tattoo dongle here for 3G connectivity?

  5. Jay says:

    ang saklap naman around 6 hours lang ang battery life.

    it is still not a good alternative for an iPad in terms of:

    –“always on”, whole day usage, 2-3 days batt life of light usage.

  6. pcs631 says:


    kung may pera ka, e di mag-IPad ka na lang. para ‘to sa mga nagtitipid. there’s always a trade-off pag lower ang price. nonetheless, I doubt if you can even afford the IPad… tsk.

  7. rene says:

    I am happy with my archos 101 16gb it satisfy all my needs reading ebooks and audio books. Aldiko is outstanding. Pairing with my bluetooth motorola stereo headset was easy. You can read your msword documents and pdf files on the go. You can download all your apps at appslib exclusively dedicated to archos.

    However, my archos 101 is still running on android 2.1, and waiting patiently for the promised firmware upgrade to android 2.2 froyo for the added boost of features.

    Just email for your archos needs, got this tip from Yugatech.

  8. Uchiha Yueh says:

    Akala ko po ba pwedeng i-pair ung mobile phone sa Archos para makapag-internet? Possible ba ito?

  9. fanboysucks says:

    nice review, thinking of getting one.

    I dont think that it’s comparable to Ipad.
    feature set alone of archos is much greater than
    Ipad, from HD viewing to later (2.2 upgrade)
    surfing the net with flash.

  10. islacom business center says:

    Prices of Archos Tablets will cater to Filipinos since its Cheaper than the iPad.

    But still I will go with iPad

    I don’t like Android.

  11. vivamanoy says:

    Please make a review of the archos 70 250gb version.

  12. payaman says:

    kahit may pera ako, archos pa rin ang bibilhin ko, dahil sa USB slots, microSD slot, bluetoooth file transfer, mass storage mode, multitasking, etc etc etc etc.
    i’m too techie for an ipad!
    ok din sana ang galaxy tab kaso nga lang proprietary port lang meron sya..

  13. Pat says:

    Sir Abe, can we play facebook app games here like Farmville… my mom is addicted to this game and i want to give her Archos 101 as a X-mas gift… My mom could appreciate this device well if it play Farmville… TIA! Any comments from others is gladly appreciated… TIA and Advance Happy Thanksgiving :)

  14. tabletguy says:

    I hope there will be a more comprehensive review that would answer most questions posted here. Also, I would like to know if multi-touch is supported.

  15. air-kobe says:

    nice alternative and good pricing to start. hope the price gets even lower. :)

  16. j says:

    can you edit word documents in it? thanks!

  17. lawreas says:

    @ PAT

    with android 2.2, I believe it will be able to play Flash games like Farmville. It comes with desktop-grade Flash 10.1, so all Flash contents should be working fine..

    I agree, even if I can afford, I will choose this over Ipad, based on my daily computing needs and consumptions. Mas practical talaga.. NICE PRICING TOO!

  18. gboy says:

    “That pretty much allows you to hook the Archos 101 to almost any USB-capable device.”

    is this true? meaning, i can attach a usb keyboard or a usb mouse, or even an external dvd drive and they should work the same way in a pc/laptop?

  19. logan123 says:

    kung may pera ka, e di mag-IPad ka na lang. para ‘to sa mga nagtitipid. there’s always a trade-off pag lower ang price. nonetheless, I doubt if you can even afford the IPad… tsk.

    >> There are sellers online that’s selling brand new iPad 16g wifi for only 20k. You just have to be creative. How do you know if he wont be able to afford it? Don’t be to judgmental dude.

  20. PlaySafe says:

    Yeah, there are plenty discounts to be had if you know where to look.

    I’m getting an iPad through the friend of an officemate. He gets 40% off the Apple store price. :-)

  21. logan123 says:

    If you ask me. There’s not much difference in pricing. Meron din issue yung Archos 101 and 70 in terms of quality control. Apparently, they misspelled Internet Tablet. Nakalagay sa unit Internet Table. Nawala yung “T”.

  22. covi says:

    @anthony @gboy
    theres a standard usb host slot but you can only use plug and play devices (so far ive tested my Archos 101 on a mouse, keyboard, wireless keyboard, thumbdrives and external hardrive with a separate power source). The 3G USB adapters will need a driver to run.

    @Jay @JerichoLhuiller
    My Archos 101 definitely works for more than 6 hours. I charge them every 3-4 days of normal use.

    @Uchiha Yueh
    You can tether internet over bluetooth or USB.

    @tablet guy
    I can multitouch – at least pinch to zoom works effortlessly.

    there are android apps that can view and edit MS office documents. With its mini-HDMI slot, you can plug it to an LCD monitor or projector to make presentations without a computer!

  23. jon says:

    guys do you think may difference in terms of speed and performance ang Archos 101 16gb to Archos 70 250gb? Since the latter uses harddrive and the former with a ssd? I like the size of the A70 kaso baka mabagal or mabilis ma drain ang batt since harddrive ang gamit.

  24. pogi says:

    e di archos70 na ssd

  25. watcher says:

    plz tell me where I can buy this and 70.

  26. Hajile says:

    The connectivity alone makes this more powerful than the iPad. Dalhin nyo lang sa rental shop, tapos saksak nyo to at i download yung mga Pron at MP3’s dun, kung walang kable i browse nyo lang yung network nila via Wifi tapos kopyahin yung laman ng mga shared folders. Kung me card reader, saksak nyo yung memory card ng cellphone nyo sa PC nila tapos ipabasa sa archos.

    No more need for itunes and it connects anywhere to any PC.

    It supports up to two touches. There’s an app for multitesting it can track two fingers.

    HTML does not support multitouch on this thing tho. I’ve made test sites and the iPod can track two or three fingers at once. The stock browser on the A101 only tracks one.

    The browser itself support multitouch, but web sites using the multitouch function won’t work. Of course, i have yet to see a multitouch website aside from mine so i’m not sure if it matters.

    That’s with everything running. Typical usage will last you a day or two of near constant use before charging.

    To be honest i’m not sure if the harddrive matters. It was a week before i actually put anything on my 8Gig A101. All my videos are on my file server and i’ve just been streaming everything off it.

    If you want to free up space on your harddrive tho, i suppose it would be more practical to just move them to the 250Gig.

    Keyboard, mouse, usb hub (syempre kelangan para sa KB/M), 30Gig USB case from cdrking (basta FAT), camera, ipod (yes, it read an ipods gallery), usb wireless mouse, thumbdrives.

    Sira yung gamepad ko sa di ko ma test… hmm… try ko kaya yung G25.

  27. zeicht says:


    is Android Market included out of the box? or just archos’ Appslib?

    May i ask where you got 1 and for how much? thanks!

  28. zeicht says:


    also, can you hook up a portable hard drive on the USB, like a 500GB WD My Passport? (without an external power source)


  29. sob says:

    anu ba yan si yuga ??lalake o babae?

  30. Senna says:

    Where can I buy this??? :)

  31. watcher says:

    Every body… just be quiet. You guys know what ? There is no stock in the philippines, archos 70, and 101 both. and The detailers are going to add big margin. I’ve asked detailers in greenhill. No stock in the philippine. I wonder where yuga get those gizmo.

  32. Edille says:

    hahaha, lalake po si master yuga ^_^

  33. reader says:

    keep quiet and read first! there really is no stock of archos right now because it was shipped to different distributors just last can read it from other blogs if you can be patient enough to search…gadget reviewers like yuga get those devices from manufacturers or distributers to test and advertise them.

  34. ids says:

    @ watcher

    are you referring to RETAILERS? Bec. a dont see alot of detailers in greenhills, specially inside viramall. One good detailer I know is located in G. Araneta.

  35. Miyer says:

    If there was one thing I want to know, I want to know if the Archos units have dedicated graphic accelerators

  36. Howz says:

    Meron Archos 101 sa Ambassador worth 19990.

  37. Teks says:

    Yes, no available Archos 70 250GB Worldwide!!! Too bad. Waited for my Christmas bonus just for 70 250GB…sana di ko magastos. :(

  38. bems says:

    wala bng mbbilihn n2 sa pinas??

  39. payaman says:


    hahaha, sasayangin mo ang bonus mo sa archos????

    e kung ilagay mo yan to something na may balik?

    ang archos, gadget lang yan, hindi yan mkkpgpasok syo ng pera.
    kung sa ganyan mo lang ilalagay yang bonus mo, im very very sure, next christmas, aasa ka pa rin sa bonus mo para mkbili ng gusto mo. next year, hindi magbabago buhay mo. at after 5 years, im very very very very sure, ganyan pa rin ang buhay mo…. :-)

    • Raider Overrev says:

      typical Multi Level Marketer or also known as Networker ah….

      ganyang ganyan sila mag salita….

      buti ako hindi pa ganyan kahit networker ako kasi marunong ako rumespet eh….

  40. naht1980 says:

    at baket naman masasayang ang pera pag bumili ng gadget? Kaya ka nga nag wowork at nag iipon ng pera para maka bili ng gusto mo. At di matutumbasan ng pera ang feeling at pag eenjoy mo sa isang gadget.

  41. makenzo says:

    @ payaman

    dud pera ni naht1980 yun kaya siya may desisyon kung gusto nya bumili, kung nasasayangan ka sa mga gastos when it comes to gadgets bakit ka nandito sa review ng archos? respect nlang sa trip ng iba, baka yung trip mo basura lang din sa iba. :)

  42. makenzo says:

    LOL sorry naht1980, si teks pala yung bibili.. :) archos 70 and 101 video review/unboxing marathon this weekend! , i feel you TEKS… sa gagdet din bagsak ng bonus ko hehehe…

  43. pogi says:

    Walang basagan ng trip!

    Basta ako nakuha ko na a70, naupgrade ko na sa froyo! Yeah

  44. payaman says:

    ako rin naman ay teki rin. i love gadgets.

    pero at the end of the day ito ang mga tanong e:

    -ilan taon na ba ako nagttrabaho, at bakit sa bonus pa ako aasa pambili ng gadgets?

    -ano na ba ang kaya kong iprovide sa family ko? (gadgets? hahaha)

  45. naht1980 says:

    @pogi buti kapa may a70 na. San mo nakuha unit mo? Kakainggit. Hehe. Wala pa reply yung local distributor eh. Pero nakapag pre order na ako ng archos 101

  46. NineSwordz says:

    oo nga kanya kanyang trip yan! haha! alangan namang pag-ipunan pa nya yan every payday nya. pag nangyari yun eh may bago nang mas magandang gadget. phase out na archos! =P

    and besides, di mo naman lalahatin bonus mo eh, mga half lang, pandagdag lang sa naipon mo na (if you have any).. saken ganun gagawin ko. hehe

    @payaman : ano ba yung sabi mo na “may balik”? MLM? Natasha at Avon? pahirapan yun dude. ;)

  47. KiLLeRKaMaTiS says:

    @payaman: At times kailangan mo rin i-reward ang sarili mo. It doesn’t hurt to buy something for yourself. :D

    Guys/Gals: As per archos philippines, 101 will be available on December 13, 2010.
    Sana nga. :)

  48. Teks says:

    @naht1980; makenzo; killerkamatis – Salamat sa depensa nyo while i’m offline at sa pang-unawa.

    @PAYAMAN – I’m still single. Kaya nga di ako nag-aasawa para mabili ko gusto ko. At ito ang kaligayahan ko and my friends knows that. Walang inggitan! Peace!!! :)

  49. gadgetfreak says:

    I want one this Christmas and asked my uncle if he can buy me this one. The answer is yes but I don’t know where to find it (base on what you have said guise that it is not yet distributed). Do you think I can find archos101 in cybermall? Just wondering. :) thanks guise!

  50. Chu says:


    contact: v-tech ventures 09176archos. as per the manager, they have new stocksof archos 101 16gb coming in by next week but few slots left due to long list of pre-order.

    How to Pre-order:
    Email us at [email protected] with your Name, Address, Contact No. and Specific Order.

  51. payaman says:


    bakit sa employment ba hindi pahirapan? gigising ka 5am ng 5 days a week. mbibyahe sa matrapik na edsa, or magkikipagsiksikan sa mrt. magpapauto sa boss. kahit may bagyo papasok pa rin, minsan kahit pasko kelangan pumasok.. tapos para sa kakarampot na sweldo na hindi nabibigay ang mga pangarap mo?

    typical filipino, kaya walang asenso.

    magpapagod ka na lang din naman, e d dun na sa makukuha mo mga pangarap mo. it’s not about money dude, ang pera papel lang yan. ang nasasayang sa tulad nyo ay ORAS. kelan mo pa balak kunin mga pangarap mo? kahit mabuhay ka ng 3 beses di mo makukuha dream house, dream car, dream life mo.
    talagang in your dreams na lang. haha

  52. payabang says:

    respeto lang yan, tol..
    trip namin ang gadgets eh, so ano ngayon sa’yo..

    pera? papel lang.. tingin mo makukuha mo yang dream house at dream car mo pag wala kang pera. ang bottom line is pera pa rin.. wet dreams na lang ang libre! hehe

    oras? kanino bang oras ang nasasayang? sayo ba? kung magiging masaya ba sila sa gadgets, tingin mo sayang ang oras? again, kanya kanyang trip lang at respeto lang kailangan..

    typical filipino? yung pagiging matiyaga kahit maliit ang sahod.. siguro nga.. kesa naman maging typical filipino yung nagmamagaling at nakikialam ng buhay ng may buhay.. mas malabo ata yun, men!

    again happiness is largely based on your level of contentment.. masaya at contented kami sa gadget at sa trabho namin, eh ano naman yun sayo ulit..


  53. nelben says:


  54. gadget101 says:

    bottom line walang alam yan sa gadgets c payaman, jologs yan! he just hangout sa mga forums para sabihin in sya, where in fact he doesn’t own any gadget.

  55. makenzo says:


    huwag ka masyado bitter ser, lahat tayo may kanya-kanyang problema pagdating sa pera, pero nasa diskarte mo na kung paano ka magipon at kung san mo ilalaan. kaya archos 70 target ko hindi kaya ng bulsa ko ang halaga ng ipad, gusto ko nga ng archos 101 pero 70 lang ang kaya ko. Hindi ako yung tipong kagaya mo na pupunta sa thread/reviews ng ipad para ikwento na sayang ang pera at panahon nyo sa pagbili ng ipad. gaya ng sabi ni payabang mas masaya ka kung saan ka kuntento, yung mga typical filipino na sinasabi mo na walang asenso parang kayo yun e, puro negative nakikita. nagrereklamo ka sa work mo pero isipin mo ikaw may work, karamihan wala..

  56. joseph1985 says:

    wag nyo n pansinin si payaman, maxado kaSING seryoso sa buhay yan eh. hehehehe. isa pa, wala sinumang karapatang magjudge ng di maganda sa isang tao. ako GADGET lover din ako. kaya ako nagwowork m para mabili mga gusto ko n mga gadget. eh single pa naman dba? kaya ang focus mo andun. kanya kanya kc tau ng trip e. masaya tayo kpg my nabibili tayong bagay n gusto ntn. HNDI NMN NATIN NINAKAW UN DB? at lalong hindi naman tayo nanghingi ng pera kay PAYAMAN para bumili ng gadget db? kaya kung ako ikaw payaman, lumugar ka sa komento mo. my panahon para gawin yang mga nasa plano mo. s ngayon gusto p namin mg-enjoy e. wala k ng pakialam dun. maxado kang seryoso. cguro pamilyado k ng tao. eh kmi mga single plng nmn.

  57. gadgets_n_business says:


    Never bash others just because they bought something that you think is useless. Honestly, I bought an archos 101 and it has helped me a lot in my business. I can now send and recieve emails from clients without bringing my heavy laptop. I can reduce the weight of my bag because ebooks can be read at a fair size. And no longer should i print excel files because they are readable compared to a blackberry.

    So to say na sayang ang pera sa gadgets is wrong. Di mo lang siguro ang gadget na swak sa needs mo

  58. 9evian6 says:

    ako, bibili rin, pero mas okay na sa akin ‘yung Archos 70, very portable. At least may consolation ako sa sarili ko sa isang taong pagtratrabaho.

  59. kim103 says:

    im having a hard time choosing between samsung galaxy tab and archos 70…

  60. bongT says:

    Can the Archos 101 be upgraded to Android 3.0 now that lumabas na ang Android 3.0 sa states? kasi yung Android 3.0 and version para sa Tablet PCs.

  61. Edwin C says:

    Hintay pa rin ko iPad 2. kailan ba talaga, kuya?

  62. Raider Overrev says:

    Payaman is a typical networker or a Multi Level Marketer on the way he speaks here eh ganyang ganyan ang mga kakilala ko sa networking sabay babanat ng sama ka or sali ka sa amin para makuha mo dreams mo….

    I am not against networking pero people like him do make us all look bad….

  63. PinayEyeCandy says:

    Natawa ako sa mga sinabi Payaman eh haha! Definitely networker nga yan. I’m also a networker pero inde parang kay payaman attitude ko, blogging is also a great source for earning! Ginagawa ko din iyun eh.

    Isa sa mga gusto kong gadgets yang Archos101, 2nd sa list ko iyung Samsung Galaxy Tab. Naiintriga din ako sa Motorola Xoom, I’m not sure if released na siya. Request ko sana Yugatech na once narelease na iyung Motorola Xoom and nabili mo na, make a review for it. it’s using Android 3.0, nakikita ko lang kasi sa youtube iyung demonstration, astig siya..Can’t wait!

  64. PinayEyeCandy says:

    Natawa ako sa mga sinabi ni Payaman eh haha! Definitely networker nga yan. I’m also a networker pero inde parang kay payaman attitude ko, blogging is also a great source for earning! Ginagawa ko din iyun eh.

    Isa sa mga gusto kong gadgets yang Archos101, 2nd sa list ko iyung Samsung Galaxy Tab. Naiintriga din ako sa Motorola Xoom, I’m not sure if released na siya. Request ko sana Yugatech na once narelease na iyung Motorola Xoom and nabili mo na, make a review for it. it’s using Android 3.0, nakikita ko lang kasi sa youtube iyung demonstration, astig siya..Can’t wait!

  65. abc says:

    So you gave the specs of the tablet, can you now do a proper review? Like is it any good, how does it handle different apps etc? nonsense reviewing

  66. Edwin C says:

    Kung hinde darating sa Cebu ang Transformer ito na lang ang Archos 101 sa akin. Kita ko na review nito sa You Tube. Maganda ‘to.

  67. robie says:

    kelan exact date sa october ang release ng archos 101??

  68. Andrea says:

    May I know kung saan me service center ng Archos dito sa Pinas?

  69. jangie09 says:

    mas maganda ang archos 80 g9.. gingerbread 3.2.dual core 1.5 ghz with 3g stick kaya pwde on the go.. the 8gb is 13,000 pesos.. bibilhin ko talaga yun bukas..

  70. jangie09 says:

    mas astig cguro ang archos 80 g9..gingerbread 3.2, dual core 1.5 ghz,up to 32 gb.. 13000 pesos lng ang 8gb.. bibilhin ko talaga yun bukas..

  71. Promdi says:

    saan nakakabili ng Archos?

  72. ariel28 says:

    Hello;-)my nka try nba
    bumili nf archos 10.1 thru online sa CMK CELLPHONE!safe ba bumili doon?
    Plan k kc bumili aftr new year kc ms mura kaysa d2 sa amin sa naga

  73. odo says:

    good thing i saw this one from yugatech. noted was the suggested price because i saw this

    so no discount really…

    • shrael santural says:

      sir san pu ba makakabili nyan dito sa maynila??
      kasi po wala akong makita ehh
      archos 101 internet tablet po kailangan ko

  74. nestor areola says:

    sir,my archos 101 wont let me comment on facebook,

  75. mabel says:

    shrael santural: meron ka na ba nakuha, i have here i want sell it for second hand. hindi masyado nagamit. if still interested pl email me. thanks

  76. Jenny says:

    Good PM san ba ang service center ng archos, nasira yung LED ng 101 tablet ko? san pde magpa replace??

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