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Asus Eee Box coming out this July

For the price of at least Php12,000 would you buy a boxed desktop PC? That’s how much the upcoming Asus Eee Box will cost once it launches next month.

The Asus Eee Box will sport the new Intel Atom CPU at 1.6GHz, between 512MB to 2GB RAM and between 80Gb to 250GB of HDD storage. The rig will also run on Linux or Windows XP, comes with Bluetooth, 802.11 b/g WiFi, Gigabit LAN, and built-in card reader {via Electronista}.


Asus Eee Box

No idea what type of video graphics card will be in there. I guess the Php12,000 will be the starting price. A similarly spec-ed regular PC will cost around Php11,000 – Php13,000 (mainly because of the WiFi and Bluetooth).

Will this work the same charm as the Eee PC? The Desktop PC market is totally different from the laptop/portable market so consumer response may not be as stellar. We’ll have to wait and see.

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20 Responses

  1. Andre says:

    Looks like asus is getting more into the branding, style area like Apple

  2. yuga says:

    Yeah, this one looks like a Mac Mini.

  3. Erin says:

    i am also keeping an eye for a small-form low-power linux box that will serve as both as a download/file server/streamer of my little network at home. before Asus and MSI said they will be offering a non-LCD variation of their ultraportable models, my only options are either the ones from nohrtec or the encore NAS being sold in cdrking.

    nohrtec products are only available online while the encore NAS is a bit too limited for my needs. the Ebox sounds a good alterntive but a little bit pricey so i will wait for the MSI Wind response, or the incoming slew of mini/pico-itx offerings to bring down the price below US$200.


  4. minor says:

    wow the book thief by markus zusak

  5. ChiQ Montes says:

    Looks promising.. but I doubt it will become a hit!

  6. P365D says:

    Uhm no CD/DVD Drive?

  7. Jan Blando says:

    The Shuttle xPC has been around for quite some time but I don’t think it’s doing too well. We’ll see if Asus can do better with this.

  8. jhay says:

    Yeah, whatever happened to the optical drive? This is a desktop unit after all.

  9. A portable desktop… Is there a market for that?

  10. Or should I say… Is there a need for that?

  11. Low cost, low powered, low maintainances internet cafe with style. :-)… Yung tipong PhP 15.00 per hour lang pero no games, hahaha!

  12. erjanorbe says:

    I think the video graphics card is an Intel GMA 950 which holds a maximum resolution of 1600×1200.

    I think the target market for ASUS with this model is for those people who just wants a small form factor desktop. Also for those people who can’t afford Apple’s Mac Mini. It’s also good for schools and students here, especially for kids.

  13. j4s0n says:

    w/ less heat. w/ less noise. I think this is the one I’m looking for. Might use this beside a stereo and TV for mp3’s, photos and movies. Probably a linux development/test machine too. Take note. It’s good looking too =)

  14. calvin says:

    this would be a nice upgrade/option for those who have old hulking PC’s that they only use for word processing and surfing.

  15. Ade says:

    Holy crap. It looks good.

  16. Andre S. says:

    It almost costs the same as a Nintendo Wii. ‘Course, you still need peripherals, but still.

    IMHO, this’ll get the job done for most people, especially non-gamers who just need a PC to make documents, presentations, surf the net, etc.

  17. suspect says:

    a real spacesaver. ideal for the casual internet users and a great appliance for a household. hehe

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