Cherry Mobile Supreme Review

Cherry Mobile Supreme Review

Along with the Magnum 2X and Dragon Phone, Cherry Mobile also sent us a review unit of the Supreme 10.1” tablet which was released November last year. Although the timing of the review for this tablet is a bit late, we thought to give our readers a proper intro about this slate. Catch the full review after the break.

Design & Construction

The Cherry Mobile Supreme tablet features a rather bizarre looking 10.1” capacitive LCD screen. In an attempt to differentiate it from other tablets, the Supreme strayed away from the conventional display design and went for an almost TV-like structure. From the buttons to the logo at the back, it’s safe to say that this slate is intended to be viewed when oriented horizontally than in portrait mode.

The tablet is almost entirely made of plastic which doesn’t add to its already hefty weight. We liked the plastic matte finish of the tablet’s back portion because it doesn’t attract too much fingerprint. The tablet doesn’t give a flimsy feel on the hands. The only thing that we didn’t like about the tablet’s build is the bezel around the screen because we find it too thick.

The 2MP snapper and the tablet’s sensor can be found on the thick bezel just above the screen.

Most of the key components of the tablet can be found at the right part of the tablet. Looking at the front there’s three physical buttons for Home, Menu and Back. All the ports on this are also located on its right side namely an HDMI, Mini-USB, AC and Audio port. Still on the right side, underneath the three buttons is a compartment where the SIM slot as well as the micro-SD card slot is stashed away.

There are four shiny buttons for the volume rocker, Power and Search at the top portion of the tablet. Separating the two set of buttons are two holes for Reset and Recover.

There’s not much on the back of this device besides compartment for SIM and micro-SD card slot. Oh and there’s the big white company brand and the model printed on the black plastic matte.


This tablet’s 10.1 TFT LCD screen has a pretty decent resolution pegged at 1366×720 pixels. This translates to 153ppi pixel density. It’s not the crispest display we’ve seen from a tablet’s screen but certainly not the worst. Watching movies with the tablet is relatively pleasurable. Given its TV-like design, this slate should give its users a rather decent viewing experience. Outdoor legibility is not that great though and it can be challenge at times reading under direct sunlight.

The sound coming out of this tablet’s loudspeaker is a bit too soft for my liking. I often find myself missing a couple of lines in the movie especially in parts where the characters speak in low volume. For a better movie watching experience, we highly suggest plugging a pair of headphones.

Performance & Benchmarks

The 10.1 Supreme is equipped with a dual-core NVidia Tegra 2 processor which is clocked at 1 GHz paired with 1GB of RAM. It may not be as impressive on paper as it was when it was first released but it’s still pretty decent. The tablet was able to handle most of the things we threw at it quite smoothly. There were slight lags on the games that we’ve played but not to an annoying point. Other applications run like a charm and we rarely see them crashing.

In terms of performance benchmarks, this tablet was also able to garner pretty decent scores. It’s not the best results we’ve seen from a tablet but certainly one of the best among other tablets on the same price range. AnTuTu scored it 5008 while Quadrant scored it 1995. Lastly, NenaMark 2 scored it at 19fps only.


OS and UI

When it was release last year, this tablet comes pre-installed with Android 2.2. Just months after it was released, Cherry Mobile released an OS update for it for Gingerbread. Surprisingly, when we booted up the tablet, it has ICS out of the box and we confirmed with Cherry Mobile that they have already released another OS update for their 10.1” tablet for ICS.

Cherry Mobile didn’t do too much to differentiate this tablet’s OS from other ICS tablet out in the market. The company didn’t put any skin to mask the stock ICS UI. We’re not saying it’s bad but maybe we’re just used to Cherry devices having OS skin on top of the stock OS.

Because of the lack of OS skin, it won’t take a deal of time to get used to how to navigate your way through the device’s options, which was a plus for us. We did however encounter some bumps along the way while we were playing around with the tablet. It’s nothing really serious, just a handful of slight missteps in responsiveness in some commands especially on the soft buttons of ICS. We believe that the OS build is the culprit for this, since the tablet originally came with an older OS.

Typing with this tablet is rather comfortable given the size of its screen. The keys are big enough and are well-spaced.


The camera in this tablet is what you’d typically expect out of a 2MP snapper. Nothing really surprising, but should suffice for capturing stills and your video calling needs. The only thing we didn’t like about it is that the camera’s position. It’s placed almost at the right hand corner of the tablet, which often results to photos and videos to be unbalanced. It takes a bit of adjusting and tilting to get a decent shot. Other than, it does what it is supposed to.

The camera app doesn’t offer much of an option to enhancement in terms of taking a picture unlike other ICS tablets. There are three modes in the app, Still, Clips and Panorama. We don’t if anyone would be using the Panorama feature of this tablet anytime soon, but we guess if the need arises it’s good to know that you have one.


The battery life of this tablet is actually pretty impressive. With light usage with the WiFi left on with SNS apps running on the background and occasional browsing, it got us through almost two days before we reach for the charger.

We were able to watch 2 movies that run almost 2 hours each with the same settings we have for the light usage and still have a couple of juice left for an hour worth of gaming. On heavy use with 3G connectivity we typically get 5-6 hours out of it. Speaking of which, we also encountered a bit of a hiccup on the 3G functionality of this tablet.

We experienced connectivity loss every so often. We believe that it may be because the device doesn’t support 2G and that our connection fluctuates from 2G to 3G or sometimes jumps to HSPA and vice versa. But at times when the connection is at its best, we didn’t experience any drop in internet connection.


Since it was released last year there have been many other Android tablets with the same if not better specs than this tablet. But as always, Cherry Mobile’s leverage is their product’s affordability and their 10.1” Supreme is no exception to that. For Php14,999, this is certainly one of the more decent tablet we’ve seen in that price range. Although the horizontal design with the too thick bezel surrounding the screen is a bit disappointing, we think that it’s something we can live by considering the other good features that this tablet possesses such as its exceptional battery life. This tablet is available at Cherry Mobile booths located at malls around the country.

Cherry Mobile Supreme tablet:
10.1” TFT LCD display @ 1366×720 resolution, 153ppi
NVidia Tegra 2 processor 1GHz dual-core
NVidia AP
8GB internal storage
up to 32GB via microSD
HSPA 14Mbps
Bluetooth 2.1
2MP Front-facing camera
Li-Ion battery
Android 2.2 (upgradable to Android 4.0.3 ICS)
Php14,999 (suggested retail price)

What we like about it:
• Battery Life
• Display
• Affordable price

What we did not like:
• Design and Build
• Not so optimized OS
• Connection drops due to lack of 2G support

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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27 Responses

  1. Ram says:

    15k is TOO MUCH for this thing. Horrible build.

    • Bods Tolentino says:

      Tama po kayo. It is a LOUSY DEVICE from a company that does not care about its customers. Totoo yan. My friend used to work there at Cherry Mobile and that’s their policy. Phones that are disposable. And die after 6 months. I was fooled into buying an Eclipse. BIG BIG MISTAKE!

  2. TriadWarfare says:

    Please check if the device memory is still partitioned in ICS (device memory is still separate to the internal memory). This is a huge problem for Android and that’s what keeps iPhone users from switching to android… Unnecessary complexity.

  3. Mr. Curious says:

    man! look at the build! I mean physically, God will you WASTE your 15k for that?! The spacing on the edge of the screen aren’t even equal. There’s too much space at the top and bottom part. Plus it looks really cheap. Cherry mobile should build something that has the cutting edge technology. They should start building high end products now if they still want to survive in the monopoly market. iPad 2 is almost at the 15k range now, @widget city they are already selling it for 17k plus. That’s just a 2k ++ difference in the price but much way over they differ in the specs.

    • Bods Tolentino says:

      You are right sir. They have no real marketing. They market by price. And I once met the guy who owns it, the CEO and he talks like he just cared about pricing and giving a lousy product with a low price. This one is a LOUSY DEVICE from a company that does not care about its customers. hones that are disposable. And die after 6 months. I was fooled into buying an Eclipse. BIG BIG MISTAKE!

  4. Yui says:

    Ang sagwa naman ng itsura nito. Dapat dito 3k lang. Basura.

  5. Mr A says:

    It looks good. But it’s only 4K short and you’ll get the the New Ipad, which is miles ahead of this device. Given the current market, this should be priced at 10-12K max for its build.

  6. hack says:

    napaka bobo ung nagsbi ng 3k. Cge nga maghanap k ng 3k na tegra2. mga walang pambili

  7. chris says:

    naka sale siya ngayon P12,999

  8. roiji says:

    15k na rin lang ata yung Asus Eee Pad Transformer TFT101 kaso walang cellular connectivity yun…

  9. William C says:

    Too expensive. Yes the New ipad doesn’t have cellular connectivity but at just 4k more, the retina display b;lows it out of the water. At the very least, it should have IPS display.

    And the price is 13k not 15k. They just keep pricing it higher and discounting it daw… Hindi naman bumabalik sa original price… Binobobo tayo…

    • Bods Tolentino says:

      Agree! Too expensive. These pads and phones are made in Zhenshen or some place in China. I’ve seen them on the way to the Philippines in container vans. Ang crude ng handling. I went to Cherry Mobile service center in Roxas Blvd and guess what? The boxes of these phones are just everywhere in the building. Hindi handled properly. I am a totally dis-satistfied user wasting my money on the Eclipse. All they told me in the service center, “wala na po kami magagawa out of warranty na yan.”

  10. Lee17 says:

    For someone like me who got rid of his ipad2 because of freakin itunes, and think the galaxy tab 10.1 is too freakin expensive, this tablet is a real viable alternative. I love android no matter the brand and im soon getting this thing for school.

  11. hanniel says:

    Please try to consider the specs not what the way of cherry mobile supreme it looks….
    the higher the specs the more expensive. I must say that supreme is a little good to me because of the driver installed into it..

    • Bods Tolentino says:

      Obviously your either work for Cherry Mobile sa kanilang dealer or the headquarters nila. Even if we consider the specifications–and tama ka maganda at mataas–but poor reliability and durability–yan ang lugi mo sa Cherry Mobile.

  12. Cjlopez says:

    Maganda sya.. Maganda rin ung spec.kaso my kamahalan nga lang. Much better na rin bumili ng original tablet like blackberry playbook d nmn ganu nag lalayo. Kaso ang maganda dto sa cherry mobile tab. Ung mga kaylangan mo andto na. Ska kung android user ka mag cherry mobile k nalang unlike sa samsung galaxy tab 7.0 HC.

  13. david says:

    how long does this usuall needs to charge? the phone couldnt access the cherry music app.

  14. Marco says:

    Dear Yuga, please make an in-depth review of; CherryPad, CherryPad Turbo, CherryPad Paladin, and CherryPad Advance. Or just make the review oh CP Turbo. Thanks!

  15. joeldb says:

    ipad is good only on design…nothing more….it has no 3g connectivity. too many apple fans here….apple products tastes like lemon to me..

  16. lee17 says:

    heard they just droped the price to 10k. from a college student’s vantage point that sounds like a good deal.

  17. CHERRY MOBILE says:

    2 months pa lng kabibili ko ng CM supreme sira agad kaya pal 50% off ang sale nila ngayun ayaw ng ng mag ON kahit anong charge mo wla na talaga umiinit lang tablet kahit naka unpluged na wala na tlagang buhay ang tablet ko naghihinayang talaga na bumili ako ng ganitong produkto cguro may mga depekto kaya binibinta nila ng mura ng CM OUTLET.

  18. ALLINE says:


  19. bhadz says:

    pucha pang laruan lng ang material n ginamit.. dapat nga mga 3k lng yan para affordable ipang bato ng mga bata 1-3yrs old

  20. iOS-LNX says:

    Pwede bang mag insttall ng Injustice, DJ Max, at USO dyan?

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