HP Envy 13 and 15 becomes official

HP Envy 13 and 15 becomes official

HP has just announced their new line of premium laptops — the HP Envy 13 and Envy 15. What’s surprising is that the Envy 15 already has a 1.6GHz Intel Core i7-720QM CPU in it (even before Intel announced the ship).

envy 13

13.1″ LED screen @ 1366 x 768 pixels
Intel Core 2 Duo SL9400 1.86GHz
3GB DDR3 RAM (max 5GB DDR3)
ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4330 with 512MB RAM
Gigabit LAN
WiFi 802.11a/g/n
Bluetooth 2.0
2 x USB 2.0 ports
HDMI port’
2-in-1 card reader
64-bit Windows 7 Home Premium


hp envy

Weighs just 1.7kg or 3.74lbs which is very near the weight of a number of 11-incher ultraportables out there (Acer Timeline and Gateway). This model is under an inch thin (2.05 cm).The trackpads are made out of glass too (with multi-touch support). Made of pure-grade aluminum chassis and a magnesium alloy bottom to make it lighter for its size.

The 6-cell battery can last up to 7 hours but could ramp it up to 18 hours (I’m curious what battery they’re using for this to reach 18 hours). Retails for $1,699 when it comes out this October.

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27 Responses

  1. Adrian says:

    mas ok sya pag 15 inch nga po.

  2. hlv61 says:

    i really like this one, how much will be the prize of this thing when it reach the country? Hope its not that expensive coz id love to get one as a christmas present for myself…

  3. Darren says:

    ID’s good but didn’t make me envy! LOL

  4. Pedro says:

    I envy… envy anyone who can purchase the HP ENVY if the conversion of dollar to peso is correct (S1,699.oo x P48.oo) then I guess I should just get an Apple laptop or a 15″ Laptop that would cause less than that OMG :p

  5. Andre Marcelo-Tanner says:

    Envy’s were from Voodoo PC and meant to be high end laptops for their design, like really expensive but really cool designs and branded. Now they’re HP, somehow I feel the premium brand is gone when you brand it under HP. Not to mention the color and tatoo choices you could get. Oh well just go get a cheaper laptop from a cheaper retailer, brand is just brand :)

  6. petken says:

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  7. Calvin says:

    to achieve the 18 hours you have to install a battery slice on the base siguro.

    i believe this is the first laptop using core i7 mobile? if it is then it’s wayy better than a macbook in terms of performance.

    kapresyo nya macbook but if apple release a macbook with core i7, the price will jump much higher.

  8. jill says:

    Finally a laptop brandishing one of the cardinal sins. Well, there are still 6 remaining. HP must be going somewhere with this. Expect another model named Greed, Gluttony – or something in the near future.

  9. madzman23 says:

    Wow, suweeeeeeet but expensive…

  10. Dx says:

    OMG! :D you said i7? now I’m having doubt getting an MBP :(

  11. Karl Mac says:

    copy cat…

  12. josengsisiW says:

    There are some laptops with higher specs and costs less than $1000. Not an ENVY at all.

  13. Reuben says:

    Ooh, so sexy, so sexy.

  14. Jazon says:

    Mac4Lin would look great in that!

  15. cheng says:

    my optical drive po b 2?

  16. Jhay says:

    It certainly looks a lot like a MacBook. ;)

    Oh and the price too!

  17. kaye says:

    maganda kaya lang ang mahal

    i would go for acer aspire timeline 4810T

  18. creepy.chan says:

    Sir Abe I hope you also feature the upcoming HP Pavilion DM3

  19. Flores says:

    Nice look for this one, since usually HP laptops are not as beautiful as Apple or Sony. Somehow, 1,700 dollars a.k.a. 81.000 pesos, simply too expensive. I can buy Acer laptop with the same specs but just 66.000 pesos. GBU all!

  20. PS3addict says:


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  22. Brett says:

    Wow. Pat on the back to HP for making a copy cat of the Macbook Pros – the catch is it doesn’t look as good, has a slower processor, AND it costs more. Brilliant job HP. HA!

  23. arn says:

    its a quadcore laptop! wuhoo!

  24. Selling my HP Envy 15. Brand new, purchased 2nd week of November. Needs urgent cash for my hospitalization. Unit is complete with Official Receipt. Contact me at 09196141414

  25. John Carl says:

    It’s basically a laptop for premium fashion and design.

    Instead of bragging about an HP Envy, I’d be better off with a Mac. :P

  26. Sandra B. says:

    Where can I buy this in Manila?

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