HP Mini 5101 in the flesh

HP Mini 5101 in the flesh

First time I saw the HP Mini 5101 was earlier this week during the Windows 7 Enterprise Launch. I only had a short video clip of it. Fortunately, I had another chance to use it again today. Check out the video and photos after the jump.

hp mini 5101

As mentioned in earlier posts, the HP Mini 5101 is powered by an Intel atom N280 @ 1.66GHz, GMA 950, 2GB RAM, 250GB HDD, WiFi and Bluetooth in a 10.1″ screen @ 1024×600 resolution — almost similar in specs with the HP Mini 2140 with some upgrades. The 6-cell battery protrudes at bit at the bottom end and gets me about 5 hours of power.


It feels a little thick though from the side compared to the other HP Minis they’ve released earlier. The chicklet-type keys are also smaller but are more spaced apart.

The unit has Windows 7 Professional pre-installed and Windows Experience Index gave it a score of 2.1. An HP exec told me they introduced this earlier to their corporate clients but the units are also being sold by distributors for Php23,995. I have yet to see these in stores though.

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16 Responses

  1. iamupset says:

    the front cover seems to be a fingerprint magnet =).

    this is probably wishful thinking but it doesn’t hurt to ask.. does the 23K include the Windows 7 OS?

  2. yuga says:

    @iamupset – it has a brushed-metal finish so not much of a finger-print magnet. However, if you have sweaty or oily hands, that could easily get transferred.

    Yes, Windows 7 Pro is included in the price.

  3. Calvin says:

    ok nga ito. nung nakita ko ito i guess talagang feasible na ang mga netbooks for business people.

  4. IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    lolz @ fingerprint. I though the lower right was a reflection of the one holding the laptop

    The Windows Experience Index low score was probably due to the Intel 950’s performance (with a X3100 aka GMA 965 I got 2.4), which begs the question why they are shipping an older chipset when Intel 4500/4500HD are now available?

  5. berkano says:

    too fugly and businesslike eh?

  6. lemonoid says:

    Sir yuga, please update your post regarding those laptops with netbooks price. Maraming laptop na kc ngaun na sobrang mura compared to netbooks.

  7. kcvelasquez says:

    how come the w.e.i. is lower than my hp mini 1109? 5101 has better specs but my hp mini got a 2.2 w.e.i. btw, I’m using windows 7 pro..

  8. Hubes says:

    any idea where to purchase this netbook? especially the one with the high resolutions screen?

  9. luiboowee says:

    Still with 1024×600 resolution?


  10. Chat Trinidad says:

    Where can we buy this? It’s not yet available in computer shops.

  11. john doe says:

    Hahaha, sweaty (oily) hands. I’m not touching that lappie after that guy held it.

  12. Chel says:

    I’m choosing between HP Mini 5101 and HP Mini 311. Any thoughts? Anong mas “sulit”? Pareho naman kaya ang Windows 7, right?

  13. Graci says:

    @ sir yuga: provide naman po kayo ng links for free windows 7, kahit starter lang. mahal kasi pag bibili pa po s stores. tnx po!

  14. naht1980 says:

    mga sirs, san pa ba mkakabili ng HP MINI 5101? Nalibot ko na mga malls pero wla eh. Sino may alam san ito available? Thanks

  15. mork says:

    For sale : HP Mini 5101 “original” 4 cell battery….sealed…came from my HP Mini since I upgraded it to 6 cell. Brand new !!!

    Price : P 4000 na lng….negotiable pa..pm or sms me 820-970-4155

  16. mork says:

    SMS me 920-970-4155….

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