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HP wins our Best Netbook-Maker Survey

We did a survey on the best netbook-maker a couple of weeks back and I thought it’s time to share the results of that survey (there were over 1,000 votes sent in). Not surprisingly, HP came out the winner of the poll.

At 25% of the votes, HP took the top spot. It’s followed by Acer at 18%, then Asus at 14%. Dell, Sony and Toshiba are tied at 8% while MSI was surprisingly behind at 7% and Lenovo at 6%. The remaining 6% were shared by Neo, Red Fox, Gateway, Gigabyte, Qube, Astone and Minix.

best netbook

With the HP Mini 2140 and the HP Mini 1100 (plus the Vivienne Tam Special Edition), HP deserves the spot. While the Acer, Asus and MSI crowd might not agree, the brand and lifestyle approach contributed to this. That doesn’t mean though that HP has more sales in the netbook market — that crown is still fought between Asus and Acer.

You can read more comments about this poll here.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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29 Responses

  1. Reel Advice says:

    Congratulations to HP! Seems that there marketing schemes as of the past two months is working great for them.

  2. Corporal Killjoy says:

    Congrats to my 2140. Hehe

  3. oliver says:

    ASUS still the best for me.

  4. victor says:

    Congrats HP.. though ASUS pa din ako. hehehe

  5. petken says:

    Congrats HP but Asus is still no. 1 in netbook sales.

  6. HP is a great PC maker… HP deserves this! :D

  7. Calvin says:

    Bah.. doesn’t really mean that it’s the most popular choice. :P

  8. Ton says:

    I tend to agree with Calvin here.

    Yuga, could it be that the survey reflects market share primarily? Or was it purposely drafted to determine several other factors? (i.e. product satisfaction, support, reliability, etc)

    Surprising that the Mac boys are out of the running here :) they won’t be happy about that.

    I’m personally pounding on a prehistoric Pavillion on this comment, but I tend to favor the Lenovo models of late, especially about the HP-Nvidia product fiasco. Lenovo seems to be churning out more interesting propositions in terms of overall package, build, make and specs. Just my thoughts.

  9. Sugod says:

    I prefer apple products such as the one you own Abe. That iPhone is a dream gadget. Hope someone out there will sell his iPhone for a cheap price.

  10. joe says:

    i go for hp if i have money. for now i’m enjoying my msi.

  11. paul e. says:

    cheesy analogy here… hp’s got beauty… asus has the brains… although it looks like the 1005HA has both.

  12. i know why. because it takes the votes even if you log on the same PC twice? or if you refresh your IP.

    i voted more than five times for that, as far as i can remember.

    i think it would be better if the vote is based on email address, via sending link to the email provided to count the vote.

  13. totoy bato says:

    I worked before in a call center & we support an HP account..sad to say..HP is not a good laptop…i received lots of calls (US & Canada) everyday to repair their defective product. They have produced thousands of HP notebooks (conflict between the motherboard & processor which would eventually lead to NO BOOT or black screen)i would prefer ACER…

  14. Ric says:

    @ totoy bato

    If you work at a call center, chances are, all that you are going to get are complaint calls. I mean, someone would not go out of their way to call and rave about having a great laptop. Slim chance of that happening.
    “With the HP Mini 2140 and the HP Mini 1100 (plus the Vivienne Tam Special Edition), HP deserves the spot.” I most definitely agree. This netbook, I think does stand out among the rest. Sad to say, so does its price.

  15. a.cantos says:

    nothing against the result… it’s a particular poll we are basing it from. so let’s not take this as a general fact. there must be lots of other polls that return significantly different results…

  16. Richard Bonzon says:

    yeepy!, congrats HP for that category, but for the overall aspect according to laptopmag…here is the result of the clash….



  17. cmark says:

    i have a compaq cq20, and this should count as an hp notebook as well. yahu!

  18. daniel says:

    the Cult of Asus has not seen its end.

  19. Henry Canizares says:

    sir how come my post was remove. Its about asus as the sole winner

  20. Henry Canizares says:

    this site is kinda bias about HP

  21. Henry Canizares says:

    DOES hp PAY you for saying the good things about there product

  22. Jezer says:

    Notebook Maker and NoteBook Breaker award. Ive got both dv2000 and dv6000 broken both with the same video card problems.
    I starting to think this is a business strategy. Why? they charge me more than 100% of the spare parts. which is ridiculous.

    HP engineering sucks. Buy Dell or Toshiba.

  23. Henry Canizares says:

    Hp products are not so good in quality as compared to Asus

  24. bea says:

    I disagree! The wireless card on my HP Pavilion tx1000 just broke down randomly. And when I researched online, it looked like a lot of other users had the same problem. No more HP for me! :P

  25. bugat says:

    MSI is still young, MSI is the youngest player, look at how they did with there motherboards and video card, for notebooks there on they way to the top5, watch out other brands! All netbook of other brand has already in there second look to become slimmer, but MSI will come out soon, so don’t count us out, Q4 here we come…..

  26. Eyaskie says:

    Hey Paul, if you’re looking for beauty and brain, why not try the Gateway LT series netbook. At a very competitive price for only PhP17,900, you will be satisfied by the ease of use, design, portability and performance. It’s an american brand and lately has been acquired by Acer. =)

  27. patrick says:

    The best netbook now is ASUS EEE PC 1005HA. With more than 10.5 hours battery life. 1 charge is good for the entire office hours. Go check the reviews. ^_^

  28. E says:

    simple comment… lenovo parin ako… hehe

  29. @manong says:

    Madaming nabulag sa pangalan ng HP, pero pagdating sa netbook, di padin maganda quality nila. Isama mo pa ang napakasamang customer service nila. Tsk tsk tsk. Congrats anyway.

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