Huawei Ideos S7 tablet early preview

Huawei Ideos S7 tablet early preview

In a media launch tonight, Huawei Philippines launched their pocket WiFi, a Froyo phone with an early preview of the Ideos S7 Android tablet.

The unit we saw during the launch is just an engineering unit and they won’t be releasing it in the Philippines until first quarter of next year.


Huawei Ideos S7
7.0″ TFT touch screen @ 800×480 pixels
Android 2.1 Eclair
HSDPA 7.2 Mbps, HSUPA 5.76Mbps
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
USIM card socket
SD card slot
Micro USB
Gravity sensor
2MP front-facing camera
Li-Ion battery 2200mAh

That’s all the details we got for now. The screen is still resistive on this unit but works just fine. I talked to the local representative and they said they’ll work on a capacitive screen before they release it here.

As for the pricing, they’ll definitely offer it below the Php20k mark but there’s a good probability they can bring it at under Php15,000 (it costs $299 on Best Buy). Now that’s gonna be a big challenger when that happens.

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20 Responses

  1. Carlo says:

    hi. does it have phone functionality like the samsung tab?

  2. Jon says:

    Tsk. Eclair. Hope it comes out with FroYo, or even Gingerbread upon release. Being a sub-15k tablet won’t do much if its performance sucks though. I hope they release it with a lot of RAM and a fast processor.

  3. dong says:

    sir abe, how about the huawei ideos? any news?

  4. Totem says:

    Yep.. How about the Ideos U8150 that was set to release yesterday? Any info about the price?

  5. KVA says:

    sa ebay andami nang iPad clones running Android ang nagkalat and i have even seen one hot 7-incher @ Php3850! Holy Saint Steve Jobs of Cupertino!

    Que Fro-yo, Gingerbread, Caramel, Eclair or Yema pa yan, most users won’t care – usually ang habol lang ng mga yan is Facebook, Farmville, multimedia, some web surfing and maybe emails. Tablets (for now) are consumption devices, if you want to create things, get a laptop/PC (unless na lang kung executive ka or blogger or some person who needs to do things on the go).

  6. yuga says:

    @carlo – yes, it has phone functionality.

    @dong and totem – dale, our contributor will details tomorrow.

  7. Harold says:

    I hope it’ll come below 15K. :)

  8. Kimiching says:

    Natawa naman ako sa Yema ni KVA, sana may mag-develop… Android Yema, hehe! ;D

    Looking forward to more tablets next year. The more choices, the better. Para rin bumaba-baba presyo with lots of competing brands.

  9. ian says:

    Oo nga, natawa ako sa Android Yema. Haha.
    I do hope this looks sexy when this gets released. I was having a hard time choosing between an iPad or a Galaxy Tab, (as if!) but if this will sell around 15k and look sleek at the same time, eto na lang.

  10. Wreek says:

    Sabi ko na nga ba DOA talaga samsung galaxy tab eh. Ang dami lalabas na mas mura with same spec kaya people are in wait and see attitude just like the netbook.

  11. Manix says:

    hi abe, did you get any feedback from Samsung folks if the Tab is getting a warm reception from the market? Thank you.

  12. aha56 says:

    Android Yema v2.3
    Android Taho v2.4
    Android Kapeng Barako v2.5
    Android Gulaman v2.6

  13. lawreas says:

    YVA, do you know the reason why people are looking for FROYO? basically because of better performance and the better browsing experience. FROYO brings Flash 10 desktop grade on android browser, so ung mga sinasabe mo na FB, Youtube, mobile version lang yan lalabas sa non-Froyo.. lalong impossibleng ma access ang mga flash games like farmville. and many upgrades. dont seem to have ideas about android version, do u???

  14. vidgen13 says:

    Iv’e heard that the battery only lasts 3-4 hours pero replaceable. Also sa ibang bansa capacitative na sya. Ok din specs neto kc alam ko ang mga mauupgrade lng sa gingerbread mga 1Ghz pataas ang processor. Dapat bibili n q ng archos 70 IT 250G pero wala kasing phone e mas maganda to. Or, magaantay n lng ako mukhang malapit na. Baka meron kayo alam na android tablet phone, 1Ghz CPU, Capacitative screen, GPS. Na hindi kasing mahala ng galaxy hehe

  15. Joseph says:

    I just got this this device. Ang cool niya tapos capacitive touchscreen yung sakin.

  16. Joe says:

    Joseph where did you buy your S7 tsaka lan ung price nya?

  17. Joseph says:

    Sa Globe free siya sa plan 999

  18. karlo says:

    i as just given a huawei s7 as a gift. meron po bang nakakaalam kung may nag a unlock nitong unit nato dito sa metro manila? galing kasi siya outside the phils. any help will be greatly appreciated… thanks

  19. meg says:

    hi! may nagbigay ng ganito sa akin from australia.. may nakakalam ba kung may nag a-unlock dito sa phils? thanks!

  20. Lai says:

    Hi guys. Is there a third-party app for word processing (Excel, Word, PDF) for this device? Thanks!! :)

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