Intel Atom 330 Dual Core for Nettops

Intel Atom 330 Dual Core for Nettops

Intel announced yesterday the 4th quarter release of the new Intel Atom 330 Dual Core processors running at 1.6GHz & 1.87GHz, an upgrade to the earlier single-core Atom 230.

intel atomIntel reps from Singapore today confirmed during the Netbook Benchmarking Workshop that the upcoming dual core Atom processors will be used for the Nettop line of PCs. The Nettop is Intel’s answer to low-cost PCs with much smaller form factor.

Last month, Intel launched the “Nettop ng Bayan” together with the Department fo CICT but the mini-PC only came with a Celeron processor.


According to published rates, the new Atom 330 will cost about $43 and will be out by as early as September 21. The older Atom 230 was selling at $29 a piece. (Pricing is based on a per 1,000 units.)

During the workshop held at the Shangri-la Makati today, Intel representatives from Singapore and the Philippines explained how to properly benchmark netbooks. Three (3) models were presented by Intel — Acer Aspire One, MSI Wind U100 and Asus Eee PC 901. These netbooks have the Atom N270 version installed (1.6Ghz, 512K L2, 533Mhz FSB).

Intel’s naming convention for Netbooks include all portables within the 7 to 10″ and costing Php20k to Php25k.  Ramaprasad Srinivasan of Intel Singapore adds that generally, the Atom had general average performance increase of about 30% over the previous Celerom M models used in older Asus Eee PC units.

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