Lenovo outs ThinkPad X100e and Edge Series

Lenovo outs ThinkPad X100e and Edge Series

Though the leaks have been out for a couple of days now, Lenovo has officially confirmed and announced two series of notebooks — the ThinkPad Edge series and the ThinkPad X100e.

The ThinkPad Edge comes in 13″, 14″ and 15 inches with options for AMD Neo X2, AMD Turion and Intel Core 2 Duo ULV.

The 13″ model will have an Intel SU7300 1.3GHz and 6-cell battery while the 14″ and 15″ comes with a 9-cell battery. Lenovo promises over 8 hours of battery life.

Options for Bluetooth, 3G and WiMax is available on top of the WiFi N standard. The ThinkPad Edge will have a starting price of Php36,990.


For the ThinkPad X100e, Lenovo did not exactly shared the complete specs but it hinted of an AMD Athlon Neo single and dual core processors or a Turion dual core. It comes in an 11.6″ form factor, a multi-touch trackpad. Aside from black, it’s also available in color red. WiFi 802.11n is standard but Bluetooth and 3G is optional.


Here’s a sample specs for the X100e:
AMD Neo MV-40, AMD Neo X2 L335, or AMD Turion Neo X2 L625
ATI Radeon HD 3200
11.6″ display @ 1366×768 pixels
up to 4GB DDR2 RAM
WiFi 802.11b/g/n
Bluetooth 2.1
Gobi 2000 3G module with GPS (optional)
3 USB 2.0 ports
4-in-1 card reader
160GB, 250GB or 320GB HDD
3-cell (2 hours) or 6 cell (5 hours) Li-Ion battery

The ThinkPad X100e will have retail price of Php28,990.

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23 Responses

  1. roan carl says:

    they still retain that red joy stick or pointing device for what?it has a touchpad already

  2. ryan says:

    @roan carl

    Lenovo has been doing that for a long time now.. having both the trackpoint and the trackpad.

    Interesting offers from Lenovo. CULV laptops will hopefully be big this year ‘and’ a bigger showing at the upcoming CES from manufacturers. On a side note, is it me or does it resemble the Nokia Booklet 3G. Design wise, there has been a lot of overlapping between companies nowadays.

  3. Erin says:

    @roan carl: the nub has its uses. if lenovo can still maintain the thinkpad quality then i might still consider it as my next 13″ laptop.

    and i dont care about how people harp at its perceived outdated ugly design. my laptops gets battered from use and i dont sign them up for beauty pageants. :)


  4. Nicely priced. This 13″ gets my thumbs up.

  5. Brownspank says:

    I actually wish the red joystick came standard on all laptops. IMO it provides a relatively more precise control over the mouse pointer (it does a better job at endless scrolling than dodgy edge detection or spinning gestures), and it doesn’t consume as much space as much as a touchpad.

    The set of buttons over the touchpad is a welcome duplication, as well, especially as it has better contour and feedback than the standard kind.

  6. Patrick says:

    @roan carl: You clearly have not yet tried the trackpoint which is a far more superior pointing device than the abysmally inaccurate trackpad.

    I was disaappointed to find Lenovo’s netbooks missing the trackpoint but this 13-incher is certainly an even better deal. Uh.. this isn’t a netbook right?

  7. Miguel says:

    More competition for the Acer Timeline – shootout!

  8. The ThinkPad X100 kind of reminds me of those old, boxy IBM laptops you see in computer surpluses, but that’s just me :D

  9. Carl says:

    I’m a proud owner of IBM ThinkPad T60 and I love that red trackpoint. In fact, I disable the touchpad because I don’t use it anymore. Contrary to what those who haven’t tried it think, it’s quite easy to learn and get used to. It didn’t take me more than two hours to love the trackpoint. It’s great that you don’t have to take your fingers away from the “home” keys to move the mouse pointer, the faster to switch between moving the mouse pointer and typing.

    I’m currently searching for a netbook for a lighter travel, but having no trackpoint is a dealbreaker for me. I wish the weight was specified in this posting.

  10. Carl says:

    @ryan: Yup. The red trackpoint is distinctively ThinkPad. There’s a reason why the “i” in ThinkPad is dotted with a red dot. :)

  11. gelo says:

    FYI, Dell Latitude notebooks got trackpoint too in blue-violet color.
    And yeah, for me, like everyone else here, heavily uses trackpoint rather than the pad.

  12. braindead says:

    Are these available locally? I’d like to get one the soonest!

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  13. marvin says:

    I don’t like the mouse button on keypad’s center. Anyway , anyone can refrain from using it.

  14. braindead says:

    sir yuga, are these available locally na? id like to get one :)

  15. Jhay says:

    The trackpoint is indeed a better pointing device than the clumsy trackpad, especially for those with sweaty fingers and palms like mine.

    The 13-incher is really enticing. :D

  16. tadz says:

    Actually that trackpoint serves not just a function of Lenovo-IBM, but also an indicator, parang sa Siopao Bola-bola, which says its our laptop.

  17. rymon says:

    The red dot used to be called the IBM nipple. One of its pros is you can use the pointing device without lifting your hand from the keyboard. It’s actually very convenient and efficient when you have to both type and point like in browsing, as opposed to plain typing. I hope Lenovo won’t compromise reliability and durability that thinkpads, particularly x series, are known for.

  18. rlug2 says:

    Never underestimate that red dot. I finished my engr’g plans when i was still a student with mt thinkpad t20 using only the trackpoint! Hehe.. try doing that with a touchpad..

  19. Leo says:

    is this already available here in the philippines? where can i buy this one?

  20. Dennis says:

    It’s nice to see that they retained the track point! For those who mentioned that they have used the track point failed to mention one track point functionality that I guess not every one else know about. The track point when used with the center button allows you to scroll up/down, and left/right. It’s more convenient than a scroll mouse!

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