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LG Optimus Pad goes on pre-order w/ Php15k discount

Looks like the LG Optimus Pad is coming to town very soon. LG Philippines is going to open the pre-order site to the public tomorrow. And to sweeten the deal, they’re giving a Php15,000 discount to those who signed up for the pre-order of the Android tablet.

Here’s the screenshot of the pre-order micro-site which should be up soon.

The LG Optimus Pad is the first Android tablet that supports 3D video recording of up to 720p using dual HD cameras at the back panel.


LG Optimus Pad P980
Dual-core Nvidia Tegra 2 1.0GHz processor
8.9-inch IPS display @ 1280×768 pixels
32GB internal storage
Two 5MP camera
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
HDMI port
Android 3.0 Honeycomb

We still don’t have the final price of the Optimus Pad but considering they’re offering Php15k off, the SRP I’m sure it’s going to be under Php20k once the discount is applied (I’m thinking Php15k after the discount).

Update: Ok, the banner ad from LG is up on the sidebar and I’m seeing a retail price of Php50k (whoa!), so even if you apply the Php15k discount it ends up at Php35k. Now I have to say that’s really pretty expensive.

Disclosure: LG Philippines is an advertiser on this blog.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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76 Responses

  1. Arnold says:

    Range should be something around Php 30K-35K. So, it could be as low as 15K-20K. Winner!

  2. deuts says:

    we’ll surely watch out for that. Please share the website once it’s up.

  3. Deric says:

    ayos to. tamang tama ang timing :)

  4. qroon says:

    Will you put the link of the pre-order site here?

  5. Jon says:

    LG does know how to tempt and promote. Nice!

  6. mike tan says:

    engadget proced optimus pad at $700, about 30thou in pesos…. so this means 15 thou price tag after the discount. sounds tempting…

  7. techboi says:

    Nakita ko sa isang website na UKD805 ito. Pag dinagdagan ng taxes, lalabas na Php39k ito. Bawasan ng Php15k, lalabas na Php24k sya. Medyo mahal pa rin para sa akin pero magandang option ito sa mga ayaw ng iPad.

  8. mike says:

    it does not have good reviews, and what is mentioned is it is expensive, probably at 40k-50 pesos.


    so if you deduct 15k it is still more expensive than Acer Iconia.

    • Marjon says:

      I dont think the range is around 40k considering their competitors are only above 20k. And knowing LG they always offer the lower price in market.

  9. Rygel says:

    again poor marketing and overpriced. 15K discount just seems like desperation assuming the reviews are good (which they aren’t). even at 30K, that’s in the iPad2 price range already. They should just sell it a lower SRP and stop the discount gimik

  10. watrboy says:

    baka papilahin na naman tayo .. tapos mga 10 lang pala ibibigay nila.. grrrr.. wag na lang.. si asus transaformer na lang bibilhin ko.. :)

  11. LG Promo Victim says:

    a deal with LG is like a deal with the devil, LG is taking advantage with the filipinos craving for tech gadgets

  12. Messie says:

    Will have to wait and see if the deal is good enough..

  13. Carlcabs says:


    How can I pre-order sir? is there a number or a website?

    Thank you

  14. bud says:

    actually, based on the review that was linked above, they only said it was bad because of the pricing (and the useless 3D which in all honestly you can overlook naman)but essentially they said it was over priced for what it was..

    but they also said that it was a pad that was better than the Ipad 2 and the HTC flyer when it came to playing movies and games.. and really, what do you honestly want a pad for anyway.. if productivity was your goal, you’d be looking at small notebooks, not pads.

  15. Marjon says:

    how to apply for pre order? I think I need to get one for myself!

  16. carlo says:

    di na natuto?!

  17. Carlcabs says:

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME? for an LG tablet, 50k?

    I’m a techy and i buy tablets often…but not this one. I hope SAMSUNG will not follow this road that LG is taking. This is ridiculous, LG!

    No wonder when I called their customer service to confirm the arrival of LG optimus pad, no one will give me the retail price..pati sila na hiya sa asking price nila! hahahaha

  18. prosopagnosia11 says:

    i’d rather buy a BB Playbook or an Acer Iconia Tab than this.

  19. deuts says:

    35K — discounted na yan ah? Kala ko ba Android dapat mura kc free na ang OS? How do you expect to compete with iPad at that price range?

  20. watrboy says:

    sabi ko na nga ba.. pinagloloko na naman tayo ng LG.. hays.. kala naman nila me maloloko pa sila..

  21. sylv3rblade says:

    50K hahaha.

    LG Philippines has acquired it’s own version of distorted reality. Seriously if anyone’s in the market for tablets, they won’t even look at the Optimus Pad solely because of the absurd price.

  22. anti-BS says:


  23. baroness says:

    i saw this tablet in the US! it’s so freakin awesome! it has really great reviews, actually. i heard this release is going to be for a limited period only and will not be open to the philippine market completely because LG is indeed aware that its SRP is not competitive, hence the exclusive online release. they are opening it for those who are REALLY interested to get a hold of this sweeeet tablet — me included!!! i can’t wait!!

    • Dunno says:

      Uhm…sige ikaw na lang

    • LG Exec says:

      iha, calm down… masyado napaghahalata tuloy na hinire ka namin para sabihin yan

    • WTF says:

      How I wish I could spit at Baroness’ face and tell him (her?) to keep the BS to himself!

    • hates_haters says:

      wow, para atang madaming inutusan ang Samsung para i-bash ang promo na ito. using LG’s name pa. hindi naman kayo pinipilit bilhin, diba? dapat respeto lang sa opinion ng mga iba. nakakahiya kay master blogger Abe, ginugulo niyo ang kanyang wall.

  24. Ryan Ang says:

    ay.. ayaw magpabili ng lg.. 50k? ang mahal pala ng extra 5MP Camera..

  25. tabboy says:

    eh baka naman kasi madaming features ang Pad kaya ganun na lang ang presyo? fore sure may rason, and ang rason can be it’s better than ipad and galaxy tab, di ba?

  26. arnold says:

    It’s a joke right? LOL!

  27. Messie says:

    Seriously? 50k SRP for a tablet? haha! Good luck LG! =D

  28. power says:

    e hindi ko nga ma-click yun add email address dito sa site eh. tsk tsk

  29. csseyah says:

    waaHhh.. tama ang mahal nga! tsk tsk tsk!

  30. Tin A Pie says:

    oa naman masyado yan!

  31. Iyan Sommerset says:

    50k for a tablet is a freaking joke. And I thought the Xoom was locally overpriced. You can get a 14″ i7 notebook for that. Or two tablets. Or a phone and a tablet. Or a tablet and a decent work laptop. etc…

    Seriously, I think they’re spending too much on this whole 3D thingy. That’s probably what’s pushing this machine’s price up. 3d screen, 3d stereoscopic video/photo capability, whatever. Here’s your 3D-equivalent for 50k…get 2 Iconias/Transformers, put one in front of each eye. :P Mey sukli ka pa pang-Happy Meal with toy.

  32. Biggs says:

    First, the LG Optimus One… Then this one! WTF!

  33. Ram says:

    Wow! Sino naman kaya ang bibili ng ganyang kamahal na tablet?!
    Besides gimmick lang naman yang 3D, to throw off such a high price. :-&

  34. thepaper says:

    50k! ang mahal naman!

  35. alvin carullo says:

    No wonder LG is losing market. Their pricing is way off..

    price at 24K.. i will buy it..

  36. Jim Lim says:

    LG, will you stop digging your own grave. Honeycomb is not unique to your brand and 3D camera is a frackin joke! You are absolutely not setting a new standard in the tablet space as no one will follow suit.

    The iPad will for sure eat you alive!

  37. lilboyblue says:

    it’s capable of 3D functions that’s why the pricetag is that high. It’s the first 3D tab released in the local market that’s why it ‘can’ demand that sort of price. The ‘extra’ camera lets you take pictures in 3D. Basically, IT’S 3D.

    But 50k for such a tab is not reasonable, even if you’re the first to release it. they could’ve priced it at 40k tops AND THEN come out with the discount promo of say 6-8k, that would benefit both consumers and LG.

    But again, it’s the first of its kind here in our country.

  38. It is a good deal and promo from LG that should not be missed if you’re planning to avail.

  39. And people still wonder why the iPad is No.1? -duh- LG did a good job on the Optimus Black. They dropped the ball on this one.

  40. hates_haters says:

    wow, para atang madaming inutusan ang Samsung para i-bash ang promo na ito. using LG’s name pa. hindi naman kayo pinipilit bilhin, diba? dapat respeto lang sa opinion ng mga iba. nakakahiya kay master blogger Abe, ginugulo niyo ang kanyang wall.

  41. Jay says:

    I was hoping this would, at least, be in the same price range as the iPad, probably around 35k. minus the supposed 15k discount (for 20k), it’s not bad for a tablet. but come on!!! an extra camera at the back and the price jumps to 50k? are you frickin’ kidding me? does this even have a phone feature? for the same specs, minus the extra camera and the iconia tab has this equal in specs and beaten in price. sorry, LG, you lost the battle on this one.

  42. Greg V. M. says:

    I have one T…Mobile ok naman 3D. Choice of anaglyph or side by side with adjustable depth. The difference kasi its, 32GB and 3G na rin compared to transformer and iconia.

  43. tukmol says:

    can it play crysis? LOL

  44. martin says:

    50k is too much! i’ll wait for the huawei mediapad instead.

  45. Karl Mac says:

    Pass. LG doesn’t know how to compete. For the price, I will just get a macbook air.

  46. tbor says:

    50k for a tab? no thank you!!! this is not a wonder tab. galaxy 10.1 even beats this junk. its still a honeycomb tablet. nothing more nothing less. 3D cam is a joke. imagine holding this when taking videos. absurd!

  47. wow, kinda expensive sir

  48. ICesteam says:

    WOW excited sana ako expecting price is around 20k – 25k but for 35k with no gsm/3g, 32gb with no expandable slot… pass

  49. Shakey says:

    WTF? LOL @ LG!

  50. niknok says:

    ampotangena 50K for this LG tablet????

    35K discounted na

  51. hehehehe says:

    lol LG
    wala na kayong maloloko d2 50k TABLET ? dinaig nyo pa ang mga PC

  52. mike says:

    see i am right in the first post it is indeed 50k. Looks like LG executives will laugh at the poor fellow who would buy this haha.
    Seriously LG is this a joke?
    with that price I could have bought 6 dual core tegra android apad tablet.

  53. eljin says:

    Buti na lang! Kasi kung 15k lang sana after the discount,kukuha talaga ako.Yehey nakatipid ako ng 15 thousand pesosesoses!

  54. William T says:

    Marketing gimmick.

    The price is 35k, they just tack on 15k, then discounted it again.

    It is stated, that it will not be released in the Philippines, so the SRP is bull…, there’s no SRP, just the preorder price. So the discount of 15k is not really discount.

    Amazon list the US version of this at $799, which is roughly, 35k, BUT it’s discounted to $649 now, so even accounting for the discrepancy in custom duties, 35k is fair price not really discounted price.

    Does truth in advertising applies to the web? I think DTI should look into this, they are insulting the intelligence of us – Filipinos. Since this is the second time (the first being the infamous Optimus One promo), I think they should be penalized!

    Jusy when I thought LG was on the mend with those good Optimus 2X/Black promos, they think of this, makes me want to boycott ALL future LG products.

  55. petken says:

    Eto ang tinatawag na panlilinlang… I like Android pero ang problema ng mga Android Tablets dito sa Pilipinas pataasan ng presyo… Paalala lang sa mga companies, APPLE IPAD2 is SELLING FOR 22500 pesos Cash Price for the 16GB Model… Pricing tablets higher than the price of IPAD2 is a BIG NO NO! meron pang isang contender ang Galaxy Tab 7 na as low as 15000 pesos although nde honeycomb at dual core sa Philippines price point parin ang basehan ng sales…

  56. Exe says:

    No way if thats going to cost me 35k.. reviews says its not worth it.

  57. LG Promo Victim says:

    we will never forget what you did LG, you made thousands of people line up for the optimus one fone and less than 50 got a phone!

    damn you LG! Burn in hell! Fuck you and die!

  58. Exe says:

    I remembered something. di ba yung optimus black sabi ang original price daw nya eh. 20K+ tapos may promo 17999 daw yung pala e yun naman talaga ang price nya. booo’s to lg.

  59. Yikes... says:

    Ang talino naman ng marketing executives nila!
    Ano ba yan?!

  60. Edwin C says:

    Nag-discount pa kayo ang mahal pa rin. Ginawa na lang sana ninyong P30,000 ang discount.

  61. GVM says:

    I have one. Selling it for 27k. It’s a T-Mobile G-slate which is actually the same unit…:-)

  62. SLB says:

    I do not know why I even bother thinking about this.

  63. JepX says:

    wala sigurong bibili ng 50K priced tablet..

  64. Anonymous says:

    Someone from their marketing team should be let go. These are just absurd promos! Stop having them as an advertiser, Eugene!

  65. dan says:

    lg executives treat filipino consumers as monkeys. yes for the rise of the planet of the apes

  66. Kanko says:

    This marketing strategy is a joke. Should I buy a 50K tablet? I’d rather invest my hard earn cash on Apple products. To those who scripted this joke, for shame sir!

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