More sub-Php30K Laptops

Last July, I pointed to a sub-Php30K ECS Laptop which is the cheapest I’ve seen so far in the local market. It was an ECS320 that runs on a VIA C3 (Nehemiah) 1GHz, 128MB DDR SODIMM, 14.1″ XGA TFT LCD, built-in graphics with up to 64MB shared memory, 40GB HDD, built-in speakers, modem and LAN, 4 USB 2.0, 1 VGA out, 4-cell Li-Ion pack battery.

Not bad for those looking for an affordable low-end laptop, although Migs suggested that a IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad R50e 1834 is a better alternative for another Php5k or so (of which I would agree).

Then, just tonight while looking for specs and prices for a new desktop for my assistant, I found PCX selling two new laptops priced just below Php30 thousand.

realme philippines

The first one is a n ECS G557S laptop wtih SRP of Php31,395.00 but is on sale P 29,995.00. Intel Celeron M 320 (1.3GHz), 14.1″ XGA TFT LCD, 256 MB RAM, 40GB HDD, DVD+CDRW combo, fax modem and LAN. Not bad at all.

Then, the Xmobile C24 Laptop is also on sale for P 29,995.00 with an Intel Celeron M Processor 350 1.3GHz. Same specs as above although the main difference is that this one only has a 6-cell Li Ion battery while the other one uses 8-cell.

For a laptop that’s priced below the Php30K level, these are already good ones.

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  1. rockytinsay says:

    I just bought ECS 330D for P29T yesterday. It’s actual retail price is P29,995.00 but my husband knows the owner of the shop so we got a discount. I think it is a good buy. For the same specs, ACER Aspire 3628 cost P39,999; same with ASUS. I bought additional 512MB RAM for P2750. So I exceeded the P30K budget, but it’s worth it. If your not brand conscious, well I recommend this model.
    ECS W330D Centrino System
    Product image 200 x 200
    Current Price
    P 29,995.00

    Intel® Centrino® Mobile Technology
    Intel® Pentium® M
    (1.6GHz, 2Mb L2 Cache, 400Mhz FSB)
    Intel® 915GM chipset
    Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 900
    256Mb DDR333 SODIMM Memory
    40Gb Mobile HDD
    Combo Drive
    14″ Wide-XGA TFT LCD
    MDC Fax/Modem V.92 56Kbps
    10/100 LAN on board
    Intel® PRO Wireless LAN
    Built-in 300K camera
    Integrated SD/MMC Card reader
    Mic-In, Audio Line Out
    Touch Pad Synaptics
    6-Cell Lithium Ion Battery, 2.55 Kg
    E-mail, Internet, Power by Hotkeys
    1 x VGA-Out
    1 x S-Video Out
    1 x Mini-IEEE1394 port
    1 x Type II PCMCIA Slot
    3 x USB 2.0 Slot
    1 x Kensington Lock Slot
    Free ECS Laptop Bag

  2. jangelo says:

    That can’t beat the $100 laptop! Do those offerings have a wind-up battery charger?

  3. Migs says:

    GF Go or their equivalent ATI Mobility units would be in the 80,000 peso range. No Go for me.

    I still would recommend spending another 10K for an IBM/Lenovo, Acer or HP/Compaq for your warranty piece of mind. And PCX… bad aftersales.

  4. markku says:

    Things are getting very interesting in the local laptop market. Looks like it will be laptops for everyone this christmas… ;)

  5. Andre says:

    A laptop isnt worth it without a GeForce 6800 Go in it :)
    Atleast from my perspective, I want the equivalent of my home pc in a laptop, then I can work from anywhere! :)

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