MSI Wind12 U210 gets priced

MSI Wind12 U210 gets priced

Looks like the 12-inch MSI Wind U210 is now available and being sold at Villman. This large-sized netbook is powered by an AMD Yukon Athlon Neo X2 Dual-Core L335 1.6GHz processor.

wind u210


12.1″ display screen @ 1366×768 pixels
AMD Athlon Neo X2 L335 1.6GHz Dual Core
ATI Radeon X1270
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
1.3MP webcam
4-in-1 card reader
3 USB 2.0 ports
HDMI port

Comes with 6-cell battery but has free upgrade to 9-cell until October 31 at Villman stores. The model with DOS OS sells for Php22,992 while the model with Windows Vista costs Php27,492 (9-cell battery).

I called up the MSI Concept Store in Mall of Asia and confirms this promo with the black color in stock.

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29 Responses

  1. Jerald says:

    This is direct competitor of HP Dv2. Abe, which do you think is better? I am planning to buy HP pavillion Dv2 but if this is comparable in terms of specs and performance, I’d go for this.

  2. I read somewhere (forgot the site) that the graphic chipset ATI Radeon x1270 is not Windows 7 supported…

    If this is true, will there be any chance for this unit’s OS to be upgraded to Windows 7?

  3. yuga says:

    @Jerald – same specs as the DV2 but the 9-cell battery of the Wind12 is the selling point for me.

    @Pusang Kulog – there are drivers for it now.

  4. Calvin says:

    i think this is a good deal lalo na malapit na release ng windows 7 dito. be sure na you’re comfortable with the weight with that 9-cell included. hmm… mga ilang hours kaya yan? kamusta kaya power consumption ng Athlon Neo?

  5. creepy.chan says:

    At first I thought this was a Notebook because the processor is a dual-core and the display is 12″ but reading more closely it is indeed a netbook.. Though sana nilagyan na lang din nila ng optical drive..

  6. Aaron_Chan says:

    Mr. Yuga, medyo off topic lang, if bibili po ng laptop from the U.S. ano po ang best method to get it to the philippines. Thanks!!

  7. This netbook looks good lalo na considering the price tag. I bought my wind for the same price a fdew months back! Now I’m thinking should have waited! jk! ahaha

  8. Marc says:

    I owned an eeePC1000H for about 11 months, I recently sold it and I think this is a good replacement considering the eeepc 1201N (Dual core Atom, Nvidia ION) will probably arrive here next year and cost 10k more. While I was a satisfied eeePC user, I found the screen too small for my liking. The eeePC1101HA has the screen real estate I wanted, but the Z520 processor sucks.

    So it was either this unit or the 1201N. I’m glad this unit is available now and at a cheaper price. Hope they won’t run out of units when December rolls around and I can buy it!

  9. Jhay says:

    Quite a good deal really. I’d be sure to include this in my list of a netbooks and notebooks to replace my current one come December.

  10. manong says:

    you call a 27k price a netbook? and basically be short-ended by having no dvd-rw drive? and 90% of these posters want one.. geez! talk about being “techies”

    all laptops which has more than 10″ LCD and above 17k price must not be mentioned as a “netbook”.. 10 years ago they call it “ultra-portable”

  11. yuga says:

    @manong – it’s actually Intel that’s making the decision which laptop should be called a netbook and according to them, this one is a netbook. We can’t do anything since Intel practically coined the term.

    Besides, if you get Php17k as a deciding factor, that means the very first netbook (Asus EeePC 701) would not fall under that category because it costs Php21k when it came out.

    If you want expensive, you should check out the 35k netbooks from Asus and Sony.

  12. Karl Mac says:

    The U210 has 64-bit dual core, the DV has 64-bit single core.

  13. Corporal Killjoy says:

    It really amazes me how anyone could overlook the farty name of this netbook (read: u-2-10)

  14. myke says:

    ^ probably named by a pinoy in msi u-two-ten lol

    I will be replacing my wife’s s10 this dec supposedly with a dv2 seems like this is a better choice

    any idea if there’s an external drive option?

  15. tetchie says:

    wondering if it can really play HD movies?

  16. brian says:

    Quite a good deal, but I wish there is a free upgrade to windows 7 to sweeten it. Holding off until the fujitsu P3010 and P3110 comes out.

  17. manong says:

    So INTEL now dictates AMD Hehehe! — (Wikipedia is my BFF!) By mid 2009, CNET noted “the specs are so similar that the average shopper would likely be confused as to why one is better than the other,” noting “the only conclusion is that there really is no distinction between the devices”

    The final price and specifications for the Eee PC, officially announced in September 2007, was more expensive than Asus originally intended. The price rose to US$399, from US$199, while the size of the included solid-state drive remained 4 GB. The 2G Surf has since gone on sale with 512 MB of RAM included.

    $399 = PHP 17+K (2007) — importers are really greedy, huh?

  18. yuga says:

    @aaron – sent you an email for my recommendation.

    @manong – forgot to include custom taxes and 12% VAT there. ;)

    AMD originally didn’t want to play the netbook card and said that it’s just a fad. Heard this from the horse’s mouth. But after a couple of years, they had to do something to compete with Atom. Thus, the Athlon Neo was born.

  19. petken says:

    @Sir yuga
    ok po ba bumili ng laptops sa US? hindi po ba maraming defective stocks sila at what online store could you suggest.

    Naging concern ako sa mga defective goods kasi I ordered some gadgets from the states and have it shipped here. Sinulit ko lang yung bayad sa shipping fee for the 30-dollar box. I ordered an ipod touch, a condenser mic, 3 external battery packs and a Myvu Crystal EV. All of the gadgets are working properly but the Myvu Crystal EV which costs more than 320 dollars is defective. I felt really nervous about it. Buti nlng when I emailed Myvu they are willing to send a replacement here in my Philippine Address without having to return the defective item.

  20. nonoy says:

    when you say DOS OS, does that mean you have to install Windows pa? sorry for being ignoramus…

    • yuga says:

      @nonoy – yes, I got one and they installed Windows 7 RC for free. You cna get it with Windows Vista license too if you’d like but the price is different.

  21. yuga says:

    @petken – when buying in the US, just make sure that the merchant is very trustworthy and you have international warranty. There’s no 100% guarantee but at least you can have it replaced, just like what you’ve experienced.

  22. Lilith says:

    Sir Yuga,

    Since you own this model, may i know how’s the performance? My 1-yr old EeePc 1000H just gave up on me (motherboard malfunction) and I need to replace it come December.

  23. manong says:

    @yuga – $399 is SRP.. i don’t think importers get it at THAT price.. and US & EU taxes more than us..

    “net”books in short are “internet” appliances not gaming or multimedia devices, or else, “note”books..

  24. Danny says:

    msi is actually having a contest and giving 5 of these units away. If you don’t want to buy it just now, maybe can try to win one of these. Usually not many people enter their contests because no one hears about them here in the states. msi is usually more popular in europe or asia. yeah, i say check out the contest if you’re skeptical about the product. it’s one of those design the cover/skin and get the most votes type contest. and i think the winning design actually gets painted onto the u210 and given to the winner. i think that’s pretty cool. and two runner ups get the original white or black unit. pretty nice. and 2 voters get randomly chosen to win too. i know it’s gonna happen for sure around mid-nov. i read on their tweet some time back. so this should happen. it’s gonna be on their website.

  25. jeff archer says:

    hi, is this laptop durable? also does it get easily hot because of the amd processor?

  26. hehe says:

    well i got one my self and right now it is running on windows 7 since free DOS naman yung 22 K na unit . so far okay lang naman yung performance nya. maganda ang streaming ng videos.

  27. serialzs says:

    san po b nakakabili ng white n msi u210x? hirap humanap eh..lahat ng pinagtanungan ko puro black..wla bang shop n may white color???

    email nlng po..tenkz sir yuga..


  28. anjo says:

    i bought mine last november 2009. ang maganda lang kasi 9cell last like 6-7hrs… then ang ganda talaga nung hd display. un ang pinakamaganda sa release na to. maganda rin ung games. i downloaded sims 3, and it worked well lalo na with the graphics.

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