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Neo Edge Z3265: Neo’s Entry for Thin & Light

Neo’s got its own entry in the thin and light category — the Neo Edge Z3265, Edge Z3260 and Edge Z3240. We got a review unit of the Neo Edge Z3265 with photos and specs below.

neo edge

The series was launched last October with 4 models in the line including another netbook (the Neo Edge Z1280 which has since been discontinued). The Edge Z3265 I have on loan is powered by an Intel CULV.

13.3″ display screen @ 1366×768 pixels
Intel Core 2 Duo SU7300 @ 1.3GHz
Intel GS45 chipset
Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500M
Gigabit LAN
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth 2.1
3 USB 2.0 port
HDMI port
1.3MP webcam

This model also comes with a 3G SIM card slot inside the battery compartment. I think this is the first one we’ve seen with 3G. The unit is less than 1 inch thin (23mm) and weighs just 1.45kg.

The suggested retail price for this model is Php49,999 while the lower model (Pentium Dual Core SU4100 and no 3G modem) is priced at Php39,999.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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23 Responses

  1. berkano says:

    These lappies are slim indeed. Abe you might notice that when these notebook is opened there isn’t any branding. I was actually confused when I saw one and but realized it was the EDGE.

    For the moment though its serious competition might be the Dell Vostro V13. This EDGE is thinner and lighter, but the Vosto just has the appeal. Plus if my calculations are correct we can get the Su7300 version at Php 32,250 Php. Even if you factor in the shipping costs it will still appear that the Dell offering will have better overall value. (Just close your eyes and say you don’t need the HDMi and 3G connectivity)

  2. marvin says:

    naglalaway na naman ako. haysss

  3. Paolo says:

    I have a neo laptop and it’s been 1 and half year with me and still loving it.

    this is a new design from neo, glossy cover and screen and also ultra-thin design.

    Hands down!

  4. Edgar says:

    I bought my daughter (student) a NEO and she’s been using it for almost two years now. What impressed me was their after-sales service. We had it serviced at its SM Davao service center December of last year, and the people were great. No fuss, just polite explanation and totally efficient service. I place a high premium on this since I abhor arrogant and condescending service people (and I have met a lot).

    NEO is a good brand, and I hope all their service people are like those at SM Davao.

  5. Edgar says:

    Wha!! Their service center is at NCCC Mall here in Davao. Sorry!!

  6. Richard says:

    I have a 2nd hand Neo, and its been performing pretty good… it serves its purpose… not bad for a Centrino Duo laptop that cost me only 13k…

    now its running on Windows 7 Ultimate.. and ang ganda ng takbo nya… upgraded to 2GB RAM.

  7. Ric says:

    This has got to be the best looking Neo IMO. The price for higher model seem high though..

  8. Ric says:

    This has got to be the best looking Neo IMO. The price for the higher end model seems high though..

  9. hmmm, this one looks nice. My only gripe with netbooks is that they don’t have a DVD-drive (well, netbook nga naman xa, haha). I’m still off looking for a good, small laptop with a Drive (but definitely not a Vaio haha). Any suggestions guys? :D

  10. ryan says:

    @carlo, how small are we talking about? hehe the Acer timeline 4810 has an optical drive.

    looks pretty good for a neo device.. but the price is a little high. You can get the Asus UL30A for 46k (but without the 3G).

    @yuga, any report on battery life for this device?

  11. boo says:

    buti pa kayo maganda ang experience sa NEO. my sister has an old neo empriva and after a year with her, nagcrack ang LCD screen by itself (SERIOUSLY!) siguro kasi mainitin yung laptop, kaya kahit nasa mesa lang sya all the time (never nailabas ng bahay at ng room) eh nagkaganun.

    during that time, nabili namin yun at 25K. after we sent it for repairs, we got a call after two weeks saying na ang LCD replacement will cost 10K and the diagnosis fee and the repair fees will cost another 10K.

    so technically, 20K para ipaayos namin. WTF?! eh 25K lang yun to begin with. buti nalang they offered to swap it to a new model. we did and sold that new one. the money we got from it went straight to a decent laptop, a macbook.

    ayaw na namin ng neo.

  12. daddy joey says:

    mukhang maganda ah, pero parang mahal sa 50k. :) sayang, me 3g pa naman sana. :)

  13. Calvin says:

    yeah bad experience with neo din. keyboard naman and ambagal nung service center nila sa megamall. anyway this neo seems quite pricey for its brand. hindi pa well established.

  14. Pusang Kulog says:

    My brother-in-law asked me to help him in buying a laptop about a year ago. We ended up purchasing a NEO 12 inches model. So far so good, its still working considering that he is using it 16 hours straight from Monday to Saturday…

    I do sympathize with the guys with bad experiences about NEO. I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes. I also understand that you can read complaints on the Internet, in one way or another, on virtually every product brand out there.

    In the end, we do have to take our chances whenever we buy gadgets these days. Otherwise, we’ll never enjoy the benefits of modern technology.

  15. Jiro Yan says:

    Una Laptop ko is Neo, wala pa ako alam sa mga specs nun… basta laptop sige bili. 3 laptop binili ko. Lahat NEO. After a year, sira lahat…

    Iyong isang NEO bigla nalang nag cracked ang LCD. Hindi naman inaalis sa table yun.. its like desktop lang… hindi nilalabas ng bahay or inaalis sa table pero bigla nalang nag cracked LCD.

    Yung isa ayaw na gumana ng DVD.

    Yung isa naman, may green line sa LCD na marami.

    Sirain talaga na brand ang NEO.

    I’m happy with my MacBook Unibody now.

  16. manong says:

    i feel bad for neo for competing in the same price range with its international competitors.

    the phil gov’t should promote and support its pinoy-owned brands especially in the local market by giving tax breaks and incentives which could result of up to 40% price difference between foreign brands.

    maybe neo should also promote a local flavor of linux (w/ rizal or ninoy icons/themes/desktop).

    one could only wish for a better & proud philippines..

  17. Agrimensor says:

    “one could only wish for a better & proud philippines..”

    I didnt know Neo is a local brand until now.I have to agree with you Manong but when it comes to incentives the gov’t really sucks.

  18. cabzh says:


    i got a neo,
    i dunno wth is wrong with the battery?
    its a lappy but I really cant use it as a lappy cuz i have to keep it charge everytime i use it,
    or else its power loses after a few seconds, plus
    its dvd drive cant be open, and its service center wants to charge me higher than the price i bought this crap! and another thing this is really slow as in super slow! it always says virtual memory is too low, i am only using MSword!!!!!!
    damn it! so buy a lappy that is really worth the price! and yeah it easily gets hot, before when i am recharging this and then now, as i’ve said its always connected to the charger!!!

  19. roiness... says:

    Actually gusto ko sana tong mga bagong designs ng Neo… kaya lang may bad experience ako with Neo. I bought 1 before, mga 1 year ko lang din nagamit, while I was on our dining table surfing the internet, bigla namatay yung laptop, then nag amoy sunog. then punta ako sa mega mall service center, then tagal tinignan… then inamoy amoy ng technician.. then finally may conclusion na sya, nasunog at nagshort nga daw yung motherboard, sabi ko bakit ganun… not in anyway nababasa sya or what. hindi makasagot yung technician, palitan na lang daw ng motherboard, then nung sabi ko magkano ba ang motherboard for this??? sus, patay na parang bumili na ako ng bagong laptop sa presyo. kaya iniwan ko na lang sa kanila, kinuha ko lang yung hard drive at memory ko. hehehe. so mejo risky yata to buy Neo pa rin.

  20. tsibi says:

    may neo laptop ako yung b2220, mga 6 months pa lang sa kin… kahapon lang habang ginagamit ko biglang nag white ang screen tapos nireset ko ganun pa rin…pero bumalik sa dati pero after an hour ala na white screen na talaga

  21. Jim16 says:

    I have a neo laptop and it’s been 3 year with me. I did’nt encounter any problem and I’m using it up to now.

  22. Who’s ready for cyber Monday??!

  23. jom says:

    Wala pa ako masyado alam about laptop specs when I bought myself a neo notebook for my office needs some 3 years ago. I was a new prof then so I thought I had to buy agad because of my work demands. Sa tatlong taon kong ginamit ang Neo notebook na nabili ko, I can say it has served its purpose naman, and even up to date, it still does. Though there came a few rough times din. Nangyari dati nagulat na lang ako it suddenly shut down with a frozen blue screen, pero after less than an hour it came to life again. May 3 times sigurong naulit. Una akong nadisappoint dun sa pag-fade nung plastic palm rest at touch pad. I realized underneath the seemingly-attractive matte finish, pangit pala yung material. Pero it still went fine naman in terms of functionality and overall build quality. Until a few months ago, I discovered it harbored a crack sa lower right portion ng display bezel niya. Medyo nag-alala ako thinking that it might eventually break further together with the LCD. Then ininspect kong maigi at nakita ko na iba pala at separate yung pagkaka-design sa bezel at sa LCD so sabi ko sa sarili ko, it will work fine basta ingatan ko lang. Ayun, hanggang ngayon buhay pa siya at mabilis pa rin ang takbo. It’s running on a core 2 duo processor and 2GB RAM. Binigay ko na sa sister ko kasi I bought a new notebook, one from ACER TimelineX series.
    Mahal ko yung old Neo ko although hindi maganda ang design, we’ve been together through good and bad times.
    Masasabi ko lang, depende rin siguro sa user ang longevity ng isang device no matter the brand. I dont want to be unfair saying na naging maingat ako sa paggamit ng Neo ko pero nag-crack pa rin siya. Truth is, ilang beses ko rin siya na-bump against hard surfaces.
    Payo ko lang, kung may enough or medyo malaking pera naman kayo, It’s but wise to consider going for a unit coming from most reputable brands in the market. :)

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