Nokia N1 Android tablet officially announced

Nokia N1 Android tablet officially announced

Nokia has officially announced its new product – a 7.9-inch tablet that is powered by a 64-bit Intel Atom CPU and Android 5.0 Lollipop with Nokia Z Launcher, the Nokia N1.

Nokia N1 specs:
7.9-inch IPS 2048 x 1536 display, 324ppi
Corning Gorilla Glass 3
Fully laminated zero air-gap display
2.3GHz Intel 64-bit Atom Z3580 Processor
PowerVR G6430 GPU
32GB internal storage
8 megapixel AF rear camera
5 megapixel front camera
WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac; dual-channel w/ MIMO
Bluetooth 4.0
Reversible micro-USB 2.0 Type C
Two 0.5W stereo speakers
Android 5.0 Lollipop w/ Nokia Z Launcher
5,300mAh Li-Ion battery
200.7 x 138.6 x 6.9mm
Sandblasted one-piece aluminum body
Natural Aluminum, Lava Gray


The Nokia N1 has a price tag of $249 (around Php11,100) and will be available first in China by February 2015.


This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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42 Responses

  1. bhudz says:

    1st.. yes, nokia is alive! hahaha

  2. Botsok says:

    Nice! It’s an awesome comeback!!!

  3. lemonade says:

    nokia still lives! :D

  4. awi says:

    asar kakabili ko lang ng samsung tab s 8.4 arg

    • Zhyphr024 says:

      If you bought Samsung Tab S Wifi, yung lng! Saka hindi naka-specified kung may Sim Slot/LTE Capable yung device… kung meron imba!

  5. how says:

    d po ba binili ng MS un nokia? pano un d kaya sila mag away nyan? or sa MS din sya? ah hindi po ba un brand un binili ng MS?

    • Butt Sniffer says:

      Kinuha po ng MS ang rights ng nokia sa mga smartphones lang, bawal po gumawa ng smartphone ang nokia until december 2015 kaya mag ssettle muna sila sa tablets & non smarphone products for now

  6. Helen says:

    Return of the king!

  7. dakilangduca says:

    AWESOME! This looks promising! Will wait for this! I love Nokia foreverrr!!!

  8. WINDOWS says:


  9. iphondroid says:

    Nice specs for 11k! Welcome back nokia..

  10. ewan says:

    Design inspired by: apple
    Name: inspired by: oppo
    Hu!! Watta day

    • lol says:

      you sure? nokia n9, n8, n97, n95… the list goes on

    • archie says:

      @Ewan Design by apple? Nagpapatawa ka naman. Nagnanakaw din ng design inspiration ang epol sa Meizu MX3, HTC at Motorola. Kung titingnan mo ang screen, ganun na ang design ng Nokia N9 at N7. Name by Oppo? Kahapon ka lang ba pinanganak?

  11. RaM says:

    Beautiful :)

  12. draco says:

    saan po available ito?


  13. dexter says:

    Nokia rocks!

  14. benchmark says:

    Wow! This might be the winner for my new tablet! Wahhhh sana magkaroon na ang widget or kimstore nito!

  15. Easy E says:

    the name that you can trust. Ill wait for the n2.

  16. i will trade my tab s. for this at alam ko di ako magkakamali ngayon.. tnx #Nokia at bumalik kana..

  17. Glenn says:

    maybe i should wait for this Nokia tablet instead of buying that asus zenfone5.

  18. wais says:

    Yun nga lang, Intel ang processor so may problema pag dating sa compatibility sa Android Apps, lalo na sa games.

    • Archie says:

      Baguhan kasi noon ang intel sa mobile technology kaya mapapatawad sila. May zenfone 5 at wala namang naging app problem. Pati Z launcher angganda ng pagkagawa kahit hindi multiple home page. Dapat magtuloy ang success ng nokia at blackberry para mas maraming choices ang mga tao.

    • RaGe says:

      It won’t, because it’s Android Lollipop and it uses ART Android Runtime, it’s cross-platformed between x86, MIPS and ARMs so running apps will never be a problem.

  19. undin says:

    Wow the return of the king…. gands ng tab parang iPad any datingan…. Astig… Kung 11k any official price malamang as pinas sabot to ng 13-14k not bad…. Maganda naman ang specs

  20. Carlo Ople says:

    So this is basically an iPad Mini running Android. And that’s a good thing.

    But here’s a few questions:
    1. Will this include the Google Playstore for the non-China versions? I know the Chinese release won’t, because it’s banned there.
    2. This is running Lollipop but with the Z Launcher running on top. Can the launcher be replaced with one that I preferred? Like the Google Launcher, for example.
    3. How’s the Intel Atom’s performance compared to Qualcomm’s offerings?
    4. Lastly, while this is a Nokia-branded device, this is basically a Foxconn product. They only licensed the brand and the design. But they are in charge of the business side, like the after-sales support and software updates. What’s the reputation of Foxconn when it comes to these matters?

    I guess it’s for us to find out. But this could be a great device.

    • psikick says:

      1. The article at Gigaom about this news implies that it will have the Play store in “markets where it is supported”.
      2. This is still android (not a fork like Amazon’s) so yes I guess you can slap a new launcher just like Samsung’s devices.
      3. The Moorefield chip used here is said to offer Snap 801 level performance. It is based on the new Silvermont architecture (first update from the Atom architecture of 2008). The GPU is the same one used in the iPad Air and is even higher clocked. So while this might not be targeting the top-end chips of 2015 like 805 and 810, it will not be a slouch either specially for a $250 device.

      4. Agreed, the only question-mark now is how Foxconn (and other OEMs who will license Nokia devices like this in the future) will handle after-sales support.

    • Carlo Ople says:

      Thanks for the reply, psikick.

      Well then, this device looks like a formidable contender considering the price. It’s a godsend especially now that the Nexus 9 looks like a disappointment and the Nexus 7 being discontinued.

  21. engrfrog says:

    holy crap!! way to go nokia.. for 11k price tag, its a winner!! i want to have one!! lol

  22. cosmos says:

    AKIN ITO!!!!! whahahahaha At Nokia Hardware!!!!!! whahahaha

  23. Nunuy says:

    at ang mga EPOL-EPOL diyan! hindi niyo ba alam na baduy na kayo? pasosyal na baduy, ika nga. na wala na si steve jobs at ang pangit ng design ng IPON 6S? WAY TO GO NOKIA! nokia hardware rules!

  24. Abuzalzal says:

    daming bitter, kung walang pambili wag sirahan ang di nyo kayang bilhin, magtrabaho kasi para may pambili kayo ng apple products, hindi yung asa lang sa magulang pwe…

    • kulit says:

      may pambili ako, kahit cash, pero parang bumibili ako kasi uso, hindi dahil talagang gusto ko at magagamit ko . at dinaan sa mahal, kaya nga uso kasi mahal. kahit ano pa yan, kahit 1 megapixel na lang ang camera, basta mahal. ganyan ang kahit anong uso, tapos biglang baduy na.

  25. jules says:

    This looks so promising. I have an ipad and I like the look and feel but I hate the OS, as if it is meant only for facebook which I do not have. And so it is left on the shelf, waiting to be given away to whoever I fancy. If it is android, I think it will be more usable for me, though I prefer window’s usability. The design looks like an Apple mini (and that is exactly what I want) but Apple’s new iphone looks exactly like an HTC with its camera protruding. It has lost its streamlined design it is known for, and it looks bad…

  26. carlos_t00 says:

    i hope they will release a windows version of this….

  27. Jamboy says:

    Z Launcher reminds me of the launcher before for Palm Devices…

    And btw,..this Z Launcher is now avail on the PlayStore for download.

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