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Samsung Galaxy Tab Price: Php34,990

It’s already confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy Tab will be launched in the Philippines before end of October (that’s next week!) and we finally got the retail price down to the dot — Php34,990 (thanks to our source).

The price isn’t surprising (though I thought it would be a bit higher by a couple grand) considering its baby brother, the Galaxy S, sells for Php32,000.

Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 specs:
7-inch TFT LCD @ 1024×600 pixel resolution
Cortex A8 1.0GHz w/ PowerVR SGX540
512 MB RAM
16GB and 32GB internal memory
up to 32GB via microSD
3MP AF camera with LED Flash
1.3MP front camera for video calls
Adobe Flash 10.1 player support
3G (HSUPA 5.76Mbps, HSDPA 7.2Mbps)
WiFi 802.11n
Bluetooth 3.0
Gyroscope sensor
Geo-Magnetic sensor
Light sensor
Android OS 2.2 Froyo
Li-Ion 4,000mAh battery
Philippine Price: Php34,990

The Android tablet will be sold unlocked so you should be able to use a regular SIM from Globe, Smart or Sun Cellular. Just take note of the APN settings for each of the three.

More “in the flesh” photos and first impressions of the Galaxy Tab here.

So, anybody got spare change for a Galaxy Tab? Who’s buying?

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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105 Responses

  1. Eason says:

    Wow, nice!!!

  2. Harley says:

    an alternative for the ipad! how is the battery doing?

  3. mhoxx says:

    hey! is this also god for sms?? and regular calls?? just like a normal phone???

  4. Drey says:

    Will anyone sponsor one of those to me? Hahaha..

  5. Patrick says:

    This is great news. It’s priced better than the iPad so that’s really good for competition. Not getting one yet though. Will wait for the next iterations of Android or for this Tab to drop in price, whichever comes first. :D

  6. Erin says:

    I am definitely interested. Sana lang may matirang funds and makakuha ng approval kay Chief Financial Officer. hehehe.


  7. poche says:

    mahal saka di pa optimize ang android 2.x sa tablet.
    ang labas nyan oversize phone.

  8. manibela says:

    That much huh? Definitely a no for a poor sap like me. I shouldn’t have spent on food at all these past three months haha.

  9. jay says:

    nahilo ako sa video mo sir yuga haha so how’s the battery performance?

  10. Mark says:

    Will it be available in the local computer stores or from Globe or Smart?

  11. Jon says:

    Nice but pricey. However, if the battery life is really good, then it would be a good buy for those who could afford.

    I just wish they made a wifi-version too, since I don’t want the hugeass phone part. And if I wanted internet where there is no Wifi available, I could simply tether it to my Android phone when needed. That would have cost less.

  12. wilde says:

    That’s a pass. Too much for P35k.

  13. Darren says:

    Jobs said no future for 7″ tablet

  14. quobetah says:

    7 ins tablets will be DOA ( dead-on-arrival ) – Steve jobs.:P

  15. IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    DOA? thats odd considering the only DOA I got was an ipod nano.

  16. Rose says:

    Actually 5k cheaper than I expected. Will choose carefully between this and the Cherry Superion before I fork over the cash. This is one of the few times I am so glad to be childless and celebrate the fact I come from a small family. MORE BUDGET FOR ME!!!

  17. ogago says:

    my android tablet from china can compete with that.
    running on custom firmware, responsiveness is the same, and i also got it for like less than 1/3 the price plus at least 6 hours battery and 6mos warranty. on aesthetics, its not that bad as long as its on leather case and i wont mind using it beside an ipad or that thing. and btw, there are also china tablets running on cortex a8.

  18. jan says:

    wla namang masaydong pinagkaiba yung tab sa superion

    cherry is much more superion

  19. petken says:

    see the specs… samsung galaxy tab is much more superior than those cheap android tablets…

  20. ogago21 says:

    superior? are you sure?
    you dont even know the specs of those cheap tablets, some are even ruuning on atom procie. and that galaxy tab is also china made, im just saying that i got something like that for lot lot less

  21. paulo says:

    Seems that it’s slow and not as responsive as the iPad.
    Also, it’s more costly than the iPad considering the Galaxy Tab has a smaller screen.

  22. mr. bogus says:

    good alternative to ipad……

    sayang yung playbook.. im dissapointed…!!!!

  23. lawrence says:

    Twitter: twitter.com/ddrare
    replied on Oct 20th, 2010 at 3:06 pm (23)

    Seems that it’s slow and not as responsive as the iPad.
    Also, it’s more costly than the iPad considering the Galaxy Tab has a smaller screen.”

    The IPhone 4 is more expensive than the IPad, even though the IPhone’s screen is a lot smaller than the IPad. Maybe because the IPhone 4 has Phone/3G functionality? What do you think? Galaxy Tab has Phone/3G functionality.

    Moreover, unlike the IPad, the Galaxy Tab has Flash support on its browser which the IPad doesn’t have. If you don’t know what flash support can do for your web browsing, maybe you don’t need Flash. So, go for the IPad because of its larger screen.


  24. Manny says:

    good specs on the Samsung tablet.

    which reminds me, why isnt iPad shown in the Apple PH stores? and how much is iPad being officially sold?

    at least we’ve got some idea that the iPad is doing well in the market after that latest Apple earnings release. time will tell if Samsung or RIM will surpass the iPad sales.

  25. Opium Opinion says:

    Abe could you post a picture of galaxy tab with the ipad, for comparison. Thanks!

  26. yeah right says:

    35K! mahal naman sana tama si Esteban DOA toh (Death on Arrival) para magmura to

    “The 7-inch tablets are tweeners, too big to compete with a smartphone and too small to compete with an iPad,” Mr. Jobs said. Lest there be any doubts about his confidence, he added: “The current crop of 7-inch tablets will be D.O.A.: dead on arrival.”


  27. limuel g says:

    Like to buy one

  28. Jox says:

    this is nice. gonna buy one of this.

  29. lolipown says:

    yeah, those chinese knockoffs run around circles against OEM built gadgets.. too bad they don’t last long enough to enjoy it :)

  30. wreek888 says:

    i already got the ipad so i think ill get the cherry superion better than this at 15k cheaper. It is really DOA this galaxy tab.

  31. yizhan says:

    the price is to much for its features..parang brand lang ang binabayaran :)

  32. mark aznar says:

    Dude, know how much the 32gigs version cost? I need one badly asap, ive been looking around for one for weeks already.

  33. Ryan Ang says:

    34990 for 32gb or 16gb? considering how much the iPad Wifi+3G go for these days.. you decide

    btw.. iPad’s battery is something to consider too, normal usage-approx 2 days.

  34. mark aznar says:

    Price is really not an issue, i just need one, know any store selling the 32 gig version here in manila already?
    Ps. i use an ipad as well, battery life is godly, however i neef the tab for flash content, very important for me. Wish i could get one of these now already.

  35. unoberkano says:

    I can’t believe that people, who I assume have been reading Yuga’s blog for a long time now, can still make lame posts about price points. First, one compares how some products can be bought cheaper in other countries. Now some people have find it convenient that the one they own (or most likely salivate) have a bigger screen. I’m pretty sure the Galaxy Tab will find its own market despite comments by fantards and CEOs out there. This Christmas will be an exciting place to watch from the sidelines.

  36. veromeo says:

    yung sa cherry wala pang 20k diba?

  37. pat says:

    too expensive for a its kind..

  38. kuroneko says:

    i thought it’d be late here. i’m totally getting one before they disappear.

  39. Herce says:

    I’m getting one, but from the UK. It ships out tomorrow :)!

  40. mark aznar says:

    Been looking all over the net but can’t find the 32 gb variant? Can anyone confirm come next week, will the 32 GB be available as well?


  41. If I’m getting this, it will be for basic mobile tasks such as internet surfing and chatting. Also, looks like it’s going to be a good e-book reader too. Judging from the demos online, it looks to be a good product.

    Although, I don’t buy gadgets without testing them first. I would like to get my hands on this gadget and do a hands-on demo. I wonder where?

    Any help?

  42. chard says:

    Mas Mahal siya sa ipad ah… Kailan kaya baba ito ng 23-25k? May ipad clone running android. 6k lang… mas ok pa bumili ng galaxy S kaso wala naman led flash camera.. anu sa tingin ninyo?

  43. phatneglo says:

    bakit tft pa? dapat amoled na lol ano un para meron silang i dagdag pag nag update sila? hehe ang mahal masyado.

  44. phatneglo says:

    @chard > mag samsung wave ka nalang sir, same performance lang diprensyang firmware lang yan lamang pa ung wave may flash and ung quality ng phone medyo mas matigas. and lumalaki narin ung community ng bada so lets expect dadami na ung apps niyan.

  45. Mondeq says:

    Ipad + Mobile phone = Samsung Galaxy Tab

    Price = You need to think about it careful.

  46. Howie says:

    sir yuga, any update on this one? available na ba locally… :)

  47. knox says:

    im waiting for this to arrive this week.. any updates? cant wait to get my hands on this tab… :)

  48. Bullet says:

    I’ve scoured virra mall in greenhills but was told it will be out by the last week of November. May I know the store that sells this samsung tab? Thanks. I’ll be looking forward to your immediate reply.

  49. Louie_18 says:

    I called Samsung Mobile Philippines and according to them no official release date yet. They said before the year ends…(maybe Nov or Dec)
    I’m also waiting for this to be released.

  50. LeIN says:

    better to have this… kesa sa ipad n lawenta..
    pinkamgandang specs so far. hintay hintay pa para sa lalabas n cheaper price ng acer tabets..

  51. jahzon says:

    someone told me from a cellphone shop that they will have it on the 7th of nov. With that same price. :) im so excited. bwahahhahaha

  52. JM says:

    Seeing this video made me want one for Christmas!


    Can’t wait!

  53. Howie says:

    @ jahzon, bro sang store yan… details please… salamat…

  54. Jemz says:

    Talked to a Samsung Sales Rep. He was doing a demo for one of their cellphhone dealers.

    It’s true it will be selling for 35k for 16gb. The 32gb will not be available initially.

    Target launch Dec. No exact date yet.

    Galaxy Tab will be sold through cellpone dealers not from Telcos (initially)

  55. knox says:


    I see, so that’s why one of the guys in Samsung Store in Festival Mall had one of that training material..

    akala ko talaga this november na eto.. well, can’t help but wait.

  56. Louie_18 says:

    Grabe!!! Sobrang tagal naman ilabas tong Samsung Tab…

  57. Mark Aznar says:

    Selling brand new sealed SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB P1000 (16GB internal memory, with expandable slot of up to 32 GB)- Factory unlocked with 1 year Samsung warranty. (can text and call model)- white back case. for 55,000. Two units left. Meet up either at my condo, The St Francis Shangri-La Place or Shangri-La Plaza Mall

    Mark Aznar

  58. Jepoi says:

    @unoberkano – LOL. Your comment made me clap and laugh at the same time. hit it on the head. i wonder if those who are raising a howl on the price of the Tab even considered spec by spec how it stacks up against the other tablets available in the market and why the Sammy Tab actually is a better proposition in terms of “value for money”. i do agree with a few who say that the present android version is not optimized for bigger screens. I guess we will just have to trust sammy’s word that they will upgrade this eventually (gingerbread or honeycomb anyone?)

  59. knox says:

    the galaxy tab was shown in Umagang kay Ganda today.. si atong araullo nagpakita..

  60. Ryan Ang says:

    I saw a store selling the tablet yesterday at Ghills Theater Mall. They are selling for 42k which is relatively cheap-er. I got a feel for the device. I’d say it has a nice feel to it unlike the Galaxy S.

    Unless the distribution channels are already in place, the 34990 MSRP will still be nowhere to be found.

  61. Jahzon says:

    @howie sa theatermall gh. it turns out hindi samsung ang official na nagrelease import lang. 42k sya. medyo namanhalan ako 35k budget ko for it. and android 2.1 ang naka pre install. update mo nalang daw.

  62. Jahzon says:

    additional info yung box is just plain white box no box art or anything

  63. Mark says:

    Had to fly myself to get me the sammy tab?no regrets, it’s damn great. I’m never ever using idumbs ever again.

  64. knox says:

    should i get the tab from GH even though it’s not updated to froyo yet?

  65. Francis says:

    If you dont mind paying an extra 6990, go for it. However, I still have to see that tab in GH. It’s actually wierd that it is running 2.1. Maybe they were talking about the Galaxy S instead of the Tab. Galaxy S comes with 2.1 out of the box.

  66. Francis says:

    Hmm… the shop in theatre mall said their warranty is only good for 1 month

  67. Jim says:

    saw a dummy/demo unit at SM Marikina last nov 12
    The people in Samsung there said that the tab would be released either by the end of the month, early december or early next yr with a retail price of around 35k

  68. Howie says:

    Got mine yesterday. Grabe ang ganda

  69. Mary says:

    where i can buy?

  70. Paolo Gonzalez says:

    I just came from the Samsung Mobile store in SM Marikina. I wanted to get a feel of the unit. It’s nice, but I’m still on the fence because of the price. If I pay with a credit card, the sales rep said it would be P38,590 total (12 mos, 0% interest). If I pay cash, it would be P4,000 less. I like it, but I think I’ll wait for other tablets to arrive, so I can test them out too.

    @Mary: There’s an ad in the PDI with the location of stores selling it.

  71. Francis says:

    @Paolo Gonzalez. Its out now sa SM Marikina?

  72. Paolo Gonzalez says:

    @Francis: Yup. Like I said, there’s already an ad in the Phil. Daily Inquirer with the store locations. There’s even a huge billboard along Commonwealth. I saw two units at SM Marikina. One was being shown to a couple, while the other one I got to hold.

  73. bijz says:

    anyone knows apn settings for samsung tab using globe prepaid sim?

    i used http://www.globe.com.ph as the apn with the provided proxy. but i was only able to surf via browser. applications can’t connect with it.

    apn http.globe.com.ph doesn’t work.

  74. hendrix says:

    bijz, try this one. without colon and slash –> http.globe.com.ph

  75. jerm says:

    go to smart in rockwell, they are offering it for free for the weekend if you sign a new contract or retain. I signed up to retain earlier and will pick up the unit later. I think they sell it for 4K if there was no promo. I have a galaxy s with globe, i have a feeling that it’s somewhat of an overkill, what do you guys think? should i dispose of the galaxy s and get another phone?

  76. pulselab says:

    great device but pretty expensive…online seller now offer apple ipad 16gb wifi for 21k only… anyone? :)

  77. Gilbert says:

    Wow its nice but the price is not competitive… grabe…

  78. Mark Aznar says:

    Given how much an iPad 3G cost, I’d say it’s far far more competitive than you think. I own both and I’d say the galaxy tab slaps it hard, plus it can make calls.

  79. Private says:

    Impractical! All these tablets are very impractical if they will cost me more than 20K. I will rather buy a fully functional notebook…Well if you’re the “porma” type of person why not.

  80. galaxy hater says:

    dont get this it sucks balls the Apple iPad is wayyyyy better

  81. Mark says:

    I saw a demo unit of Samsung Galaxy Tab in Globe SM North Edsa. I tried to wait for my turn but the line is long.

    I’m not sure if there is a free unit tied up to a plan.

  82. I finally got mind! What a great birthday and Christmas present from my husband!

  83. Clarriscent says:

    Bah humbug. I’ll wait for the Blackberry Playbook.

  84. bellajuan says:

    pwede ba yan kung wala ako wifi sa bahay gagamit ako ng globe tattoo sim? pano mag activate? thanks :)

  85. Jane says:

    Spare Change or Spare LEG? :))
    I’m kidding.
    Hmm, it looks pretty impressing but I’m still having doubts about its sensitivity since I had a touch screen samsung before and it was really slow. But I do hope this android tablet or something will make a change, if it doesnt, more people will be encouraged to buy Samsung’s other products, I’m afraid.

  86. Ryan Ang says:


    Sensitivity won’t be a problem. I’ve tried the new Samsungs and, so far, sensitivity is great. especially with the Galaxy S Phone.

  87. Cedric says:

    I bought iPad wi-fi w/ 3g last September 2010 and i also have Samsung galaxy which i bought early 3rd week of December. The comparison between 2 tablets are in each capabilities. Ipad has soft and smooth navigation than galaxy tab, but galaxy tab has better pixels than ipad, in terms of features Galaxy tab is better than Ipad, galaxy can use video call, it has 2 cameras, one is in front for video conference and the other one is at the back w/ a led flash. One thing i observe about Galaxy tab is the adobe flash player that quite impressive in internet browsing and also micro sd card slot which you can put extra space for your other stuffs.

    In terms of best and quality performance i would choose Samsung Galaxy Tablet than Ipad, easy to use, easy to keep, more features, flexible and the best is economical.

  88. Mark Aznar says:

    Totally agree, I have both as well, however, browsing is just not that fluid, the only android browser that is currently out in the market that can compete with iPads fluidity would be the Htc desire hd…the web browser in the Htc desire hd is awesome, ultra fast, and renders flash very well, dye to it’s hefty ram I’d say. Plus, snapdragon is more optimized. Sold the tab for the Htc desire hd.
    Ps. If you calibrate your battery we’ll the battery is good. After a week of usage my bat can easily last a whole day of heavy use.

  89. Mark Aznar says:

    Sorry for the typos, on my iPad. Auto spell correct FTP!

  90. Mimay M says:

    HI GUYS! My friend is selling SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB FOR 30K only, Brand New with 1yr. Warranty and IPAD 3g 64G for 38K only, Brand New with 1 yr. Warranty. ORDER NOW! Just contact 0917 4497319 for details

  91. hokage says:

    Not only that, by using Galaxy tab u can also make and edit MS Applications like; Word, Excel, Publisher and PowerPoint. Augmented Reality is also applicable in our country, Also GPS, accessing route in Metropolis was so great, I don’t know if it is also applicable out the Metropolis. Additional pogi points about Samsung Galaxy Tab are video conference, multi-tasking which is really excellent and gyro sensor for gaming. Multimedia is the best both video and music can compete to an excellent market brands like apple, sony and LG.

  92. Paul says:

    I think there are a lot going around with the 7″ tablet type. I saw a 7″ tablet worth only 3 to 5K only. Made in China though. It’s running in linux. Have you guys seen it? I think it’s called aPad! :P

  93. anna says:

    Pricey considering its Android xa. I thought Android products is cheaper.

  94. Gladys Decena says:

    Visit http://www.MurangGADGETS.com they sell Gadgets in a very low low price..

  95. SoonToBuySGT says:

    Can i ask did Samsung Release a 32GB Version in Philippines and if yes please tell me which area did you see one with the promo sale at Php 21,990 or all Galaxy Tab only Release a 16GB Version please do verify want to buy one this coming April 15, 2011 as a Graduation Gift for my Self. Thanks .

    Samsung Galaxy Tab – for IT People worth the purchase. Can’t Beat Tablet with Android you can Hack it Legally.

    Out please do Reply. Thank you in advance.

  96. Kaloy says:

    hi guys,

    am planning to give up my HTC Desire & BB Curve 3G for this. I would like to know if I can link my FB info to the Contacts list of the Galaxy Tab? I am enjoying this feature on my HTC & BB hope it is. thanks..

  97. Am i allowed to be involved of your respective post to my blog?

  98. CANDZ ALIPIO says:

    I deleted an entry on the CALENDAR apps . Now whenever I open the MESSAGING, PHONE apps, it gets an ERROR re. CALENDAR STORAGE. and then it asks me to FORCE CLOSE. WHAT SHALL I DO! HELP!

  99. CANDZ ALIPIO says:

    I deleted an entry on the CALENDAR apps. Now whenever I open the MESSAGING, PHONE apps, it gets an ERROR re. CALENDAR STORAGE. and then it asks me to FORCE CLOSE. WHAT SHALL I DO!

  100. tech2crave says:

    I like the design of your site.

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